Blackhawks Lose Game, Seabrook in Anaheim

Cheap shot performing piece of crap James Wisniewski

In perhaps the worst officiated game of this season (or any season in the last decade), the Blackhawks lost to the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday night. More importantly, they may have lost another defenseman int he process.

Former Blackhawks/current piece of crap James Wisniewski took a premier cheap shot on Brent Seabrook that ended his night in the second period. TSN’s Bob McKenzie described the hit on Twitter, saying “Wisniewski’s hit on Seabrook may be the Grand Slam: Charging, Interference, Boarding and pre-meditated malice.” Yet, somehow, he only received a minor penalty for the hit and Duncan Keith, who came to the defense of his fallen teammate, received the same seven minutes in the box as Wisniewski.


Then, with the game tied in the third period, a puck popped up about 20 feet in the air. Brent Sopel, in wide open ice, waited for the puck to come down in front of him. As the puck descended to Sopel’s grasp, Corey Perry took perhaps the most obvious shot-in-the-back in the history of the NHL and… somehow… didn’t get called for anything. After a flurry of shots in front of the net, Saku Koivu scored the go-ahead goal as Sopel was getting to his feet.


Considering the defensemen in front of him and the lack of officiating, very few complaints can be made about the job Corey Crawford did in net. Yes, he made a terrible decision and a worse effort in playing a puck 20 feet from the net in the second period that led to a short-handed goal for Todd Marchant, but overall the effort was solid from the youngster. He stopped 32 of 35 shots (.914 save percentage) in his first NHL game in 11 months, and first start for the Hawks in two years. Without Brian Campbell, Kim Johnsson and, for most of the game, Seabrook, the effort it took from Crawford to keep the Hawks in the game was commendable.

Also making his first appearance for the Blackhawks this year was Nick Boynton, replacing Campbell. Not much of his 15:29 on the ice was impressive, but his willingness to be the only guy on the ice to step up and throw down with Wisniewski is honorable. If there’s one way to win a locker room, it’s standing up for teammates and Boynton did precisely that on Wednesday.

If Alexander Ovechkin was suspended for two games for his hit on Campbell after already receiving a game misconduct at the time, Wisniewski shouldn’t see the ice for a long, long time.

Seabrook and Marian Hossa scored Chicago’s two goals in the 4-2 loss.

4 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose Game, Seabrook in Anaheim

  • March 18, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Great quote from Mac.

    I can’t go to bed.

    This was a crime. I have been a fan of hockey since 1981 and this is a top 3 hit I have ever seen. Bertuzzi was worst, McSorley bad. This was utterly on purpose.


    If anyone at the Hawks reads this, can you let us know. I mean that was awful and the new guy has to beat him up? Did we not know how to handle such a bad event. I mean we can play physical but maybe we can’t act like cops?

    Coach Q is about to be on Sports Night. Let’s see if he called off the dogs. He better explain why we did JACK to him until the end.

    Great blog, thanks.

  • March 18, 2010 at 12:34 am

    I completely agree, Steve. There is NO reason that someone didn’t beat the crap out of him other than nobody on the Hawks has the stones to handle their business. Ben Eager has lost his balls and has become a wasted roster spot. Adam Burish and Colin Fraser aren’t on the ice enough to handle it, and we have too many pretty forwards to throw down. I’m disappointed that Q didn’t have Boynton or Ladd or Burish on the ice with the green light in the third period w/ Wiz, but I guess that’s the difference between a Quenneville-coached team and the crap from Boudreau in Washington or Los Angeles tonight. We have too many soft players and a coach with too much class to send a headhunter out onto the ice to settle a score.

    It might be time for Richmond or Cullimore to come up so people don’t take advantage of us any more before a playoffs that are now looking further and further from being a winnable proposition. Are we going to have any healthy defensemen left by April 12?

  • March 18, 2010 at 7:37 am

    That is sick. Wiz runs at him from the blue line. 2 mins is all he gets? We see our guy get knocked out, Keith gets beat up and our guys do NOTHING.!? What? Eager/Frasier/Burish why are you on this team? Do we have no balls, are we yellow? Are we mentally little girls, which is why we imploded vs Detroit in the playoffs last year? It takes a guy who basically isn’t even a Hawk to fight em?

    10 years ago these type hits didn’t happen because the on-ice retaliation would be swift and brutal. We see these hits more and more and where are the teammates? Where we Savard’s teammates…….is everyone afraid to get a penalty…I’m all for discipline but this is a different animal. This is at the level of honor and respect for your fellow teammates. We did jack. Nick Boyton did something.

    The league will deal with Wiz but the fact that we didn’t immediately go after him until the game is over actually causes me to lose respect for the Chicago Blackhawks.

    We’re Chicago, beat us up and we’ll take it………

  • March 18, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    I’ve seen the hit a few more times. Wow. The most malicious hit all year and perhaps all the way back to Bertuzzi, like Steve posted above. Okay if you are going to get Seebs back for the Perry hit, a hard shoulder in the chest/crosscheck…..fine. From the blue line Wiz launched himself into Seabrooks head like someone was paying him money to see if he could remove it from his body.

    At first take, didn’t watch the game, I thought yes bad but seeing it a few more times, it blows you away. This was vicious. If Seabrook was knocked out for a longer period of time, Wiz gets more penalty minutes. But that should not matter! You cannot have guys taking head shots to opposing players!

    The integrity of the game is on the line awaiting the suspension verdict. Wix should get the rest of the year off, imo. This hit is a premeditated, full frontal, blow to the head.

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