Blackhawks Lose Game to Dallas, Fall Further Behind Nashville

Here’s what you need to know about Thursday night:

Dallas 5
Chicago 1

Nashville 7
Detroit 1

The Predators hammered the Red Wings, improving to 9-1-0 in their last 10. The Blackhawks absolutely soiled themselves in the second period, giving the Stars an opportunity they didn’t waste.

It didn’t start badly for the Blackhawks. In fact, the first period was relatively competitive. Roope Hintz scored a power play goal to give the Stars a 1-0 lead at 9:19 into the game but the Hawks tied it up less than five minutes later. Dominik Kubalik’s 14th of the year brought the game even at one.

Chicago had a 16-12 shot advantage after one period of play. Kevin Lankinen was playing well and the offense was generating chances. Kirby Dach looked strong and confident and the Hawks were doing a good job with the puck for the most part.

During the second period, Lance Lynn finished off a historic complete game shutout for the White Sox in their home opener. The Bulls also won a game. The Cubs won earlier in the afternoon. Do we need to discuss the hockey? Really?

The Hawks took two penalties in the second period. Dylan Strome went off while the Blackhawks were on the power play early in the second and Jason Robertson scored while the teams were skating 4-on-4. Dallas took a 2-1 lead. Hintz was credited with an assist.

Ryan Carpenter went to the box at 13:14 and Dallas made the Hawks pay again. Miro Heiskanen scored a power play goal to extend the lead to 3-1. Hintz was credited with another assist.

Blake Comeau scored 105 seconds after the Heiskanen goal and the wheels were completely off.

Blackhawks skaters were falling down (Duncan Keith), whiffing on passes (most applicable), giving the puck away in front of the net (Nikita Zadorov)… it was a complete disaster.

What had been a promising first period disintegrated into a dumpster fire. The Stars out-shot the Hawks 14-8 in the second period, out-scored Chicago 3-0 and went to the third with a comfortable lead.

So of course coach Jeremy Colliton would pump the team up and get things together before the third period, right?

Less than one minute into the third period, another ridiculous sequence ended with Comeau’s second goal of the night. Keith was looking to give the puck to Adam Boqvist, who decided to go off for a change and nobody on the bench knew who was supposed to come on. So Boqvist turned around even though someone actually did jump the boards (too many men) but it didn’t matter. A fifth goal was in the net and the Blackhawks looked clueless and lost.

After Dallas’ fifth goal, the final 19+ minutes were good for the individual players’ cardio. Lots of skating, a few shots here and there, but nothing of consequence. Frankly, both teams looked like they were trying to get out of this one as healthy as they were when the game began.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the additions of Vinnie Hinostroza, Brett Connolly and Riley Stillman (all taxi squad players on a legitimately good Florida team) aren’t going to suddenly shift the course this season has been on since the beginning of March. We haven’t seen consistency from one game to the next in six weeks.

We all need to take a deep breath and remember this is a learning curve season for lots of the young players on the roster. It’s okay to see some tough shifts from the Boqvists and Hagels and Kalynuks and Kurashevs.

And to be clear: this is not a Kevin Lankinen problem. He’s busting his ass to keep the Blackhawks in games while the defensemen in front of him give it away faster than the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But watching Zadodov perform a figure skating routine in front of the net after hand delivering the puck to the opposition ten feet away from the net can’t happen. Having a defenseman going off and not communicating who is replacing him, much less that he’s leaving the ice in the first place to the teammate with the puck, is inexcusable. The guys on this team who have appeared in more than 100 NHL games have to know – and play – better.

The Blackhawks’ climb to catch Nashville added two more points on Thursday night. And unless something changes soon, they’ll be looking at the draft lottery this summer and not the playoffs.

39 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose Game to Dallas, Fall Further Behind Nashville

  • April 8, 2021 at 10:27 pm

    I cannot disagree with a single point. You used the exact word I was thinking during the 2nd period. Dumpster Fire!!! The veterans, Carpenter, Keith, Zadorov, were just bad. Boqvist…more .10 cent head plays. Now, I was listening to the game, so I didn’t see Colliton’s reactions. Was he firey? He’s never really been a “firey” guy. That doesn’t seem to be his M.O. Even Hagel wasn’t inspiring. It was just a really uninspiring game devoid of any player or coaching answers. Troy Murray was pissed about the PP being so pedestrian.
    Okay, so what to do? Suter has been all but invisible since being taken off the Debrincat and Kane line. As much as I am not a fan of a small line, they were effective. So, Debrincat-Suter-Kane. Kubalik-Dach-Strome. Janmark-Kurashev-Hinostroza. Hagel-Kampf-Carpenter. Although, with the acquisitions from Florida and the signing of Hardman, where do they fit in? I’m sure SB is going to deal other players. So, seeing this season play out has been interesting. I will like to see where they finish, especially with the draft positioning. Ah well. NEXT GAME!!!

  • April 8, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    Nobody should expect Hino, Connolly, or Stillman to make a difference or to be part of the long term rebuild plan – just like nobody should have expected Carlsson or Wallmark to be part of the long term rebuild plan. The trade made today was to give Florida cap space to make another TDL move and for that the Hawks get a player with a chance to be part of the long term rebuild. Cap space for Florida and Borgstrom for the Hawks – it’s really just that simple.

    The two best d-men for the Hawks tonight were Kalynuk and Boqvist – the 4 veteran were either bad (Murphy and deHaan) or down right awful (Keith and Zadorov). And no, the 5th goal at the start of the 3rd period was in no way shape of form Boqvist’s fault as he was going to change the same as other Hawks when KEITH DECIDED to play hot potato with the puck by passing it right into the bunch of players trying to change. The play he should have made was to curl back and let his teammates change. Keith was fighting the puck all game long – poor pass execution, unable to catch the puck on ring-arounds, having the puck bounce away from him just out of his reach. Even when he fell down he could have made a better play than the weakly pushing the puck toward Boqvist with no hope of it going far enough. That had to be the worse game I’ve seen Keith play in a long time.

    And Zadorov wasn’t much better. The only difference there is we kind of half expect it from him now and then, but Keith … OOOF!

  • April 8, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    The Hawks overachieved big time in their first 30 games and have now settled into what they truly are, a non playoff lottery team.

    I am surprised by the angst over the trade. Hinostroza is a decent player. Connelly is a better scorer than Janmark who has hit a wall big time. Stillman for Carlsson is a push, drafted in the same round four picks apart. You could make the point that Stillman is ahead of Carlsson in terms of NHL experience. Wallmark for a 7th rounder =found money. Keep in mind Josiah Slavin was a 7th rounder who looks extremely promising, as does Louis Crevier.

  • April 8, 2021 at 10:47 pm

    3 goals against in non 5 on 5 play was the difference
    I like Zadorov but that giveaway was brutal and then he didn’t cover his man in front – two basic plays that just leave you shaking your head
    Even though the fifth DAL goal was a non factor in the game that was a shit show wrapped inside a dumpster fire
    They looked like the keystone cops there – it’s hard to know who’s more to blame but Keith ended up looking like he was in his first NHL game – yikes
    Boquist and whoever should have jumped right on (Murphy) and the coach (Brookbank) who should have had the player ready to go can also share the blame
    Too bad after a promising first period that they checked their brains at the door to the rink after that
    Like Hino’s speed – looking forward to seeing if Connolly can give us a power forward
    Put him in Janmark’s place when Janmark gets traded or move Hagel there and Connolly can start on 4 th line

  • April 8, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    Ed, please detail Boqvist’s “10 cent head plays” because maybe I missed them because I didn’t see them. Or, maybe his play looked better than it actually was relative to Keith, Zadorov, Murphy and deHaan.

    And before the “everyone’s opinions are equally valid and should be heard” crowd shows up – I’m just going to (re)state that I don’t want to silence anyone’s opinions on this message board but if I disagree with an opinion I’m going to speak out and if that hurts some sensibilities – too bad.

  • April 8, 2021 at 11:23 pm

    ER – that’s the spirit – I think any of of the regular posters agree with your attitude to discussing opinions as long as the debate is civil and for the vast majority of discussions here it is – it’s only hockey after all

    Boquist IMO decided to change at a strange time but nevertheless Keith had plenty of time to figure out what to do other than turn the puck over

    Other than that awkward change Boquist had a good game – creating way more chances for than giving up chances

    Still liking Kalynuk

    Would like to see Hagel with more ice time

    I expect Janmark to be traded so maybe hold him out on Saturday move Hagel up to his spot and Connolly to 4th line

  • April 8, 2021 at 11:39 pm

    Unfortunately the more I get to see of Zadorov the less certain I am of his future. He has made a number of bone head plays, taken too many bad penalties and doesn’t use his physical advantage on a regular basis. His worst plays seem to be when he has time and he just can’t make a simple straightforward pass. Enough of my rant. I did like Kalynuk’s game and I thought Dach was skating much better than his first few games.

  • April 8, 2021 at 11:59 pm

    Dallas was the desperate and prepared team for this game and they were rewarded with a Skate in the Park game against a soft,undisciplined,and disinterested Blackhawk team. Keith was terrible and should have been stapled to the bench long before the 3rd period,yes I know it will never happen. Same thing for Zadorov. They were both beyond bad. Shoving Hagel and Suter down the lineup and decreasing their icetime was stupid. Let,s get on with the rebuild. Given the now devalued worth of Janmark,Soderberg,and DeHaan,I would imagine 7th round draft picks and a couple bags of pucks will be the Hawks reward at the deadline. I save the best for last. This entire coaching staff needs to go. There is no discipline or accountability as this team often looks very confused and dazed. Solid play is not rewarded. When anyone is having a bad game they should be shoved down the bench. Tonight the Kurashev line with Hino and Kubalik was flying and effective. Kalynuk,Murphy,and Boqvist were playing well. Shorten the damn bench and roll with the hot hands. Move Hagel up for the energy that you needed,its not difficult. 2 times tonight after Dallas took penalties Colliton left an exhausted Kane line on the ice to begin the powerplay. Miscommunication on the bench at this juncture is inexcusable. Get a Gerard Gallant type in here with an entire new staff for training camp next season.

  • April 9, 2021 at 12:13 am

    I don’t think the lottery is a bad fate for this team. They’ve obviously regressed greatly over the past month and I can’t envision this Hawks team making any noise in the playoffs with a pp that’s gone cold and a pk that will probably finish as one of the worst in the nhl..Lankinen’s hot start and a pp that was top 3 in the nhl for the first half of the year covered up a lot of this team’s deficiencies. If the Hawks finish 7th in the divison, which is a very real possibility now, they’ll end the year with the 9th or 10th worst record in the league and they’ll have a shot at moving up in the draft. That’s not a bad fate for a team still looking to add young talent to their roster. There’s a lot to celebrate about this year but a lot of work still to be done, and it starts with adding another elite player-defenseman, winger, or centerman..doesn’t matter. Draft another high end player and continue to rebuild. Now, here are a few of the positives to take away for this year, regardless of what the Hawks record at the end of the year is:

    1. Lankinen looks like a keeper. Even if he ends up not being a cornerstone goalie, he certainly can keep his team in games more nights than not. From 3rd on the depth chart to a solid nhl goaltender. For 800k, I’ll take that all day.

    2. Suter has had a very solid first year. To find a forward who can play center or wing effectively is not the easiest task. He should be part of this new core as we move forward. And I still think there is another level to his game. I’m a big believer in his top six potential even if he plays on the third line next year.

    3. Kurashev looks to be the type of player that can strengthen a bottom six. Again, finding a forward who can give you reps at center(even though I like him more as a complementary winger) shouldn’t be taken for granted. He’ll continue to improve and there’s definitely more offense in him.

    4. Hagel reminds me of Shaw. The type of player who can add intangibles to any line he’s on. A great find, and a swiss army type of player who can fill out any line.

    5. All of the young defensemen..from Mitchell to Beaudin to Kalynuk, they’ve all shown that they are nhl defensemen..they should all have a place on our blueline next year.

    So, that’s three blueliners, three forwards and a goalie..none of which we were certain would be regular contributors when the season started. Here’s a list of some of the forwards we could/should see next year:

    Lot’s more youth is on the way. Get lucky in the draft, have another successful European and college free agency, and this rebuild could really begin to take shape as soon as next season.

  • April 9, 2021 at 12:36 am

    I made my comments regarding the pairing of 2 and 27 about 17 months ago, have reiterated them plenty of times, and I stand by them. They keep proving the obvious.

    Kalynuk makes me smile. He may not even need to change sides, but I love him when he does. Very solid – so far. We have some offensive playing kids that are gonna be fine, once they physically and intellectually (hockey) mature. 8 is gonna be a sniper for sure, but needs a setup guy. Suter – I still feel he will get better and better and be a quality NHLer. Lankinen has proven himself to me.

    I can’t figure out Zadorov. Every time I get satisfied with his play…. the guy who showed up tonight reappears. Yes, still time to grow. But a crowded left side needs to fixed.

    Let’s move a couple pieces and make some space for more tryouts. And do it now.

    Get Subban in the net more often. He deserves and needs it. The playoffs are now about done. It was fun while it lasted, but reality is setting in.

  • April 9, 2021 at 12:44 am

    A one and done game, good first period that was it. Looked like Zadorov fell for the old opponent calling for the puck trick and it was on Stars players stick before he realized what was happening. That got in his head and he lost all focus, shouldn’t happen but it does.
    In hindsight Boqvist shouldn’ t have changed when he did but nobody ready to jump on the ice is a breakdown on the bench for whatever reason. Also as mentioned Keith for some bizarre reason chose not to try and buy some time for them either. Agree Kalynuk, Boqvist and Murphy were their best defensemen tonight. Connelly, Hino are likely replacements for Janmark and Soderberg when they get moved and Hardman gives another body to try and add a spark, rather than running an ineffective Highmore out there every night.

    With Hardman, Connelly already signed and Borgstrom, Reichel in the picture too next year, should be an interesting group of forwards in camp.

  • April 9, 2021 at 5:59 am

    Fortunately, I had a good book to read last night and The Masters replay was on. That, and a few nips of Garrison Brothers bourbon, made for a very pleasant evening for me.

  • April 9, 2021 at 7:22 am

    Game 41 complete.
    8-13 in their last 21.

    So much for that crow I was ready to eat after game 20.

    In 2018, didn’t the VP of Hockey Operations (then he was merely a GM w/o such a lofty title) fire a HOF coach with 4 Cups under his belt after missing the playoffs in 2017, and then losing 5 in a row early in 2018?

    Am I wrong, or does this show an apparent double standard when it comes to coaching performance in the eyes of the VP of Hockey Operations, because he did not hire the HOF guy, but he did hire this current coach?

    Would love to hear clear, lucid thought (not fan boy reactions) from the masses.

  • April 9, 2021 at 7:51 am

    Perimeter this was a middle of the pack team that played inspired, high energy hockey that put them in a chance to make the playoffs. Lots of youth, unproven players who have this year to prove their longer term future. As I said before when Kane and Lankinen (and also Hagel and Debrincat) start to tire and the youth begins to show more of the youthful mistakes the team comes back to where they should be–it will be a let down.
    You couldn’t wait to start re-hashing the same old, tired Bowman-Colliton diatribe-well you are probably going to get more of a chance-God help us.

    They need to get better to compete with the big boys. Some key things to continue to fix.

  • April 9, 2021 at 8:10 am

    PP, apples and oranges. Equating/comparing the state of the Hawks when Q was fired with now is ignoring the transition from “win now” to rebuild. That kind of makes a big difference. You are entitled to your opinion of Stan and Colliton. of course, but blaming Stan for being inconsistent isn’t supported by the facts in this case.

  • April 9, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Just shuffling next year’s dollars with next year’s players while watching the “JR” led Masters.

    Connelly takes Smith’s money with about 850k left over.
    Believe we have to offer Z a 550k raise so there it is.
    Soderberg Janmark Vinnie will be gone or can be gone. You have 4.250mil.
    You can make Kampf Hagel Suter all 2mil players.
    We can retain half of deHaan’s money to make him an attractive addition at TDL or expansion.
    Split up the extra 3 plus mil to Hardman and Riechel on ELCs and we got a roster.

  • April 9, 2021 at 8:49 am

    Q is a hall of fame coach but in my view, the Hawks did him a favor but not making him coach a rebuild. There are legitimate questions or criticisms that can be leveled about the current coach’s defensive scheme, his in game coaching decisions (or indecision) and ice times, but he has a young team playing over their heads and at times inspired hockey. He’s taking the team from point C to point B in a rebuild. We aren’t at point B yet. Whether he’s capable of taking them from point B to point A is yet to be determined. He’s trying to balance player development with making the playoffs, but I hope that as the playoff hopes fade, we will see more of a focus on development in terms of his pairings and ice times.

  • April 9, 2021 at 9:19 am

    Steve, I agree with your post. I would add that there needed to be a break from the past in order to more fully invest in a rebuild. Q spent a decade invested in the core group winning the Cup and was obviously very successful but the connection between Q, 2/7/19/88/50, and the mindset of win now had to be broken to do something different. Crawford’ contract ended so he was the easy one to move past from, but 2/7/19/88 could not just be jettisoned due to their NMC’s so the only other path was to break from Q and hammer home the new rebuild objective to the old core group. There would be no conflict of interest between coach/players and the stated objective to rebuild with a youth movement. I Colliton the best option? I don’t know but he met the requirement to start down the new path the Hawks want to take.

  • April 9, 2021 at 9:40 am

    ER/Steve – agree on your JC take
    He’s fine for now – perhaps even more than fine given that the objective is young player development and whether he’s grows his own game enough to coach an eventual playoff team and hopefully contender remains to be seen – one step at a time

    However he is young and there is reason to believe he’ll become a coach who can lead a contending team – his contract is up in 2 years by then we’ll have a pretty good idea of whether a different coach needs to be brought in or not

  • April 9, 2021 at 10:06 am

    Ryan Pace and Stan must do pilates together while they discuss their teams. Similar the Bears, the Haws seem to have unexpected success, don’t know what to do with it and ultimately mess it up. Hawks were playing well with Soderberg, Mitchell and Beaudin in the lineup. Or at least, scoring more goals. I don’t get the reasoning when JC decides to make changes. Feel he has this cryptic and subversive “dog house” for players. And, without much justification. Without Soderberg, you have no net presence, no “body” to do the dirty work and win battles. These forwards cannot sustain pressure in the offensive zone. Carpenter, Kampf, Highmore – they all give up the puck. Suter, Cat, Strome are not strong enough to do that work. Sad to see Cat have to dig out the puck against a Jaime Benn, or on D, a Pietrangelo or Hedman.

  • April 9, 2021 at 10:11 am

    The goal this year was to develop and that has happened in all areas, in goal, on the blueline and of course the forward group. Most people i think are happy overall, considering the team was written off to be a bottom dweller all year the playoff talk to this point made the year alot more fun and easier to watch. As in any year of this type, the downs shows you can’t live in mansion as soon as the foundation is built, you have to wait until it’s done. Colliton was brought in to bring the youth into the fold, he is doing a good job, personal beefs aside, of doing that and being much more competitive than any of us expected. There is times when playing well the defense has played well as team effort and when struggling they don’t play well as a team and missed assignments and mistakes cost, some good progression from young players, comes with growing pains and regression from veteran players creates another issue that will have to be dealt with sooner than later. Look forward to a strong finish, Preds have a tough schedule so not out the hunt yet but becomes a much harder route with every loss. I said at start of this season, it’s not where the team is at the end of this season but where it is at the end of next season with alot of expiring contracts and who earns another one and how ready this team is at that point to really focus on being a contender again. This is a 2 year process to assess where this team is, i’d feel this year was a success in that regard and with some promising new adds coming next year, things are headed in a right direction for sure and Colliton has earned another year to continue that process.

  • April 9, 2021 at 10:24 am

    Lottery? Yikes . . . watching the Frozen Four I’ve not seen any player really stand out. The talent is already in the NHL, it’s there, today it’s more trading for contracts around a salary cap than TALENT. Teams in the hunt can find that one forward or back up goal tender easily to make a run at the Cup.

    Lankinen as I sort of kind observed ( just me? ) continues to drift in the net, when he comes out to cut the angle ( hockey 101) he drifts forward ( pushed off hard) and is not able to get back to cover the back end / blue paint /crease. He also does that when he goes post to post often drifting out 3 fee or so losing the net ( and stick) . . . .leaving the back end open for those “off the board” type passes I saw 4 last night. That is a trend, these guys all watch film. Plus on the better teams they will HOLD the PUCK wait, let Lankinen go down and drift and wrap it around him.

    Vinny still looks great to me. For got how good he is. His speed north to south is more than noticeable. He made 5 or 6 plays that show what he can do on both ends of the ice. For all the blogs gurus? Vinny is 5 foot 9 and 175 pounds, he plays hard, heavy as they say, don’t need pounds need grit and a set of balls. He has a great stick, great passer, and not only gets in the greasy corners but if we pay attention “he comes away with the puck and then has composure to make a great pass.” He holds the puck and is able to skate away from pressure to make a great pass. What a set up make for Dom! He made a small play off a face off to step in, help out, used his stick and hips and angle to get a lose “lost face off” HE DOES NOT NEED TO SCORE . . . do what you do best and do it every night. He doesn’t need to score next to Dominik Kubalik, just keep Vinny setting up Kubalik’s and his production will double. 40 goals easy for Dominik. They got chemistry.

    This game is about Chemistry . . . Hawks had it for awhile this year. I cant say enough that Strome and Kirby’s return might look good to a few “crossed eyes fans” but to me their inability (weak) to fore check, no grit and grind and the don’t use their size to the max has set the Hawks back, changed the team for the worse. Before that we had four lines just grinding, now we got skaters who like the perimeter and are allergic to the corners.

    Kirby on closer inspection also looks slower? 3 times he had the puck on the wing and looked like he’d blow by the defender, but twice was just rubbed out and the other he just had to drift off to the corner and then lost the puck. He seldom takes the puck to the net with his reach and size it should be his trademark. Strome is smoke and mirrors.

    Hawks looked dreadful. The defense was in scramble mode once Stars grabbed the lead. We don’t have one “offensive minded” hard core defense man. Doug Wilson comes to mind. In 2015- 2016 Mr. Seabrook had 14 goals. Erik Gustafsson had 17 on 2018- 2019. The trend is obviously having one or two – two-way defense men on the top two lines. Not sure who that is, but it will be obvious to everyone when he hits the ice.

    Go Hawks

  • April 9, 2021 at 10:38 am

    re: Craig’s comment about the Hawks overachieving in the first 30 games – they didn’t. They spent the month of February playing the bottom half of the division and did what they should – won more than they lost. Then March handed them the top 3 in the division over and over again and here were are, struggling. Carolina, Florida & Tampa are all legit Cup contenders. The bottom 5 in this division are mediocre at best. The Hawks are part of the bottom 5. No real need to react too big either way. Look at who they played and how they played. We told you this was coming at the end of February.

  • April 9, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Question- what’s the groups take on Toews coming back next year? I’m not suggesting that we poke and prod but realistically what are our chances of having him suit up? That can and will impact what moves are made between now and the TDL.

  • April 9, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Hawk One i doubt we’ll hear anything definite until after the season other than speculation on both sides. Should get an update as what his future plans are then hopefully. Saying anything right now only distracts from what the team is doing on the ice, unless he is planning on playing this year which is unlikely now. Wish him well.

  • April 9, 2021 at 11:50 am

    Tab hit the nail on the head. We got fat early on the bottom teams, Detroit especially. We cannot compete with the best in our division or the best in the league overall. Not yet. We just don’t have the personnel. That said, this season did hand us a few nice surprises with our young players, especially Lankinen, moving forward. I don’t think JC is the coach to take us to the next step, but agree with those here who have said he is okay for now. Not a huge vote of confidence IMO, but no one ever said this rebuild would be painless.

    One more note, it is obvious to me now that we got fleeced in the Saad for Zadorov trade. I wanted to give it some time, but time’s up. Maybe it’s the system we play on D right now that makes him look misplaced to me, but he is not a great skater, passer or stickhandler, and him trying to prove the opposite is painful to watch. At least he got rid of the ridiculous man-bun, so I give him credit for that.

  • April 9, 2021 at 11:59 am

    Agree Tab about the scheduling and Hawks record reflecting that
    In fact you could make the case that the Hawks are playing better now especially 5 on 5 than when they were winning more games mostly due to a hot PP and goaltending that caught everyone by surprise

    Not only is schedule tougher now but teams are playing harder as playoffs approach

    I think they’ll continue to make it interesting regarding the playoffs but hard to see them getting in – still it’s a bonus for this team to be in the mix

  • April 9, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    As for Toews;

    We don’t know ANYTHING about his condition. Not saying we should. It could be something minor that just a lot of time to heal. Or, it could be something that prevents him from ever playing again.

    IF, IF, IF, he has something that prevents him from coming back, could the Blackhawks leave him unprotected in the expansion draft so as to use that spot for another player?

  • April 9, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Perimeter Player…Lucid thoughts are not generally my strong point, but…

    After losing Toews and Dach at the start of the season and having a roster full of kids, my expectation for the year was competing for second last in the league after the Dead Things. Yet, we are two thirds of the way through the season and fighting for a playoff spot.

    I am not sold on Colliton…prefer a coach with more than one expression…but I have to think he has gotten a lot more than expected out of this team.

    If anyone is going to blame a coach for under achieving they have to give him credit for over achieving.

    Now back to Non-Lucid thoughts

  • April 9, 2021 at 1:00 pm


    resigning zadorov. i like what he adds to the team when he brings it, but he certainly doesn’t bring that edge the hawks need every night. this is a guy playing for a contract. if he can’t bring the “hagel effort” every night when playing for a contract what will his game to game consistency be when he is sitting on a three year contract. imo….. i don’t trust him to be what the hawks need every night and hope they walk away from him. just another player who looks like he has the tools the hawks need, but is pedestrian. strome in the same class. i want guys who fly around the ice like hagel and vinnie. the nhl is not a league where a veteran finds that part of his game several years into his career.

    florida trade……. florida definitely got what they wanted. cap relief. and moving players who mean nothing to them. additionally a flyer on carlsson who now has an opportunity to show he is an nhl player.

    hawks get stillman who has shown that he can’t crack the lineup on a cup contender. same with connolly and a bad contract to boot. the kid center a long shot at best although i am not opposed to throwing another iron in the centers of the future fire. i don’t care what cap space the hawks currently have in 22-23. having connolly now take up $3.5 million of it is bad business. none of the three players acquired in the trade are guys likely to be blackhawks on a cup contending team. no way i make that trade unless something more than a flyer on a failed (so far) first round draft pick center comes back to the hawks.

  • April 9, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    What facts?
    You cannot make a an apples/oranges statement like that without backing it up with the facts you note.

    Who is a middle of the pack team?
    Hawks Now?
    Hawks Then?
    What are you talking about?

    And if you think my statements are tired, then you wish not to see what is obvious to those who have studied this game for decades, or simply know the game from study and play.

    Your points about taking a team from C to B make sense.
    So who is gonna advance them from B to A?
    Surely not Colliton.

    If any of you were around before 2008, (shut up Ebony and Morrison. I know) you should see a correlation between Jeremy Colliton and Denis Savard.

    So who replaced Savard again?
    (And we come full circle. Right Noonan96?)

  • April 9, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    So Perimeter if they aren’t a team that’s too good to be at the bottom of the barrel, but not ready for the top tier what are they?
    They are a middle of the road team, that did pretty well for over half of a (short) season. Now they could finish in the lottery or be right there at the end for a 4th place finish- doubtful.

    “And if you think my statements are tired, then you wish not to see what is obvious to those who have studied this game for decades, or simply know the game from study and play. “

  • April 9, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    Hawks29, Borgstrom fits right on the mold of players like Suter and Kubalik who came over and went back to Europe to return as 23 or 24 year olds to be very good hockey players. Even throw in Panarin who wasn’t drafted and didn’t get a offer to come before he was that age. I confident the same scouts who recommended those guys are bang on again with this guy.

    I am not convinced Zadorov won’t be moved. If the plan is to get all of Kalynuk, Mitchell and Beaudin maximum amount of ice time in Nhl next year, could see Zadorov and his 3.2m qo and arbitration rights traded if contract talks don’t go the way Bowman wants. That said the way Keith is playing right now, gotta wonder if he wants to play another year or is it time to drink up his beer and go home. Bowey and Stillman under control can provide size and muscle when needed as 7-8 guys for half the price Zadorov likely to command. Time will tell i guess. I don’t mind Connelly he was a contributor pn Caps cup winner and along with Hardman should upgrade the bottom part of your forward group, while Borgman along with Reichel are promising upgrades to the top group.

    I think your going a lot of improvement and much more all around competitive team next season. If you listen to Murphy’s comments on players not picking each other after bad goals and Collitons response, should tell you how much Toews leadeship on this team is missing and how his presence could make this team better.

  • April 9, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Ian – thought of the missing captain as well after hearing those comments from Murph and JC
    Not sure who on this team would at least try to fill the void left by Toews leadership
    Kane has done an admirable job but he’s not the same kind of leader IMO – someone who can rally the troops when times are tough- maybe Connolly can provide a little of that idk – Keith doesn’t strike as that sort of guy either – Murphy obviously tries but doesn’t have the reputation or bona fides to really pull it off IMO and Seabs is retired

    Hopefully next year Toews is back

  • April 9, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    I’ve rethought my negativity towards the Florida trade yesterday. If Borgstrom turns out to be a productive scorer then we win. If not, the trade blocks young prospects playing time and we lose. Not a huge loss!
    Lankinen doesn’t look like a top line goalie. I don’t like the Finnish style of blocking the bottom third of the net. Other teams have caught pn and are roofing the puck on his glove side for a goal. My ideal goalie is 6’4 weight 225 lbs. In stature.
    Last, Colliton frustrates me with his constant in game line changes. The team can not develop any consistency. Bowman never had any training in scouting. It shows when he keeps trading back for players he’s familiar with. The Wirtzs need to take a hard look at management of this team and hire the best. All said, I’m still excited with the youth and their development!

  • April 9, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    Donot worry about Zadorov if hes not top 5 for us when were ready/or before we can trade him for something decent or part package.

    So Fing glad for Kaylnuk some people here? I forget who said he would be best/or one of the best Horsemen/other Defensemen we have. Good job in declaring that it was a good omen to say it know it love it.

    Now lets trade whoever even Zadorov in next two yrs and keep figuring out whos what we need for that 23man roster we all here want.

    Keep wheeling and dealing thats how we score a gem/gems along the way.

  • April 9, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    Perimeter: I’ve seen growth in the current coach from when he was first promoted but I’m not willing to say that he can take a club from point B to point A. But I don’t know where he will be in 2 years when I hopefully think the team will be ready to start begin competing for championships. Will he still rely on the same defensive scheme, will he learn to use a timeout at a critical moment, will he be flexible enough to be able to adapt a different styles of play from series to series. That jury is out but I’m going to watch the next few years with interest. I do think the right coach can make a difference between winning a championship and merely making the playoffs. But we are a couple of years from that point in the development of championship caliber roster.

  • April 9, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Lots of good points by everyone/no matter who likes agrees with who more.

    We know wahts next and thats more moves and keep loading young wave. Thats the key to the whole thing. Sure we need to add elite playters through ufa because were not drafting/or trading for them while keeping what we have.

    Thats maybe two top pair Defensemen/or we draft a gem from this draft in top 8-12 and get one of those five good ones. Then just one.

    Other is another Hoss caliber player. Saad could have been that player but Tortilla messed him up.

    BAsically load young wave/fill in spots needed/the right kind of players no weaklings and get a Hammer and Hoss from ufa back.

    Then were ready.

  • April 10, 2021 at 10:37 am

    A question regarding Colliton …..
    Prior to Zadorov making his goof to give up the third goal, he wasn’t too stellar on the one that put the Stars up 2-1. WHY was Zadorov on the ice in 4 on 4 hockey? He has no place out there in that situation. Am I alone in that assertion?

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