77 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Dylan Sikura

  1. Would like to see these lines:
    Caggiula – Toews – Kane
    DeBrincat – Strome – Kahun
    Saad – Anisimov – Sikura
    Perlini – Kruger – Hayden

  2. Interesting. We’ve seen positive results with other guys that come back from Rockford so let’s hope the same is true with Sikura. It would be a real plus if he plays well enough to be a fixture in the top-9 (obviously) – it would mean Stan can use more of the cap space to improve the defense this summer.

  3. Or perhaps Perlini gets flipped for a mid round draft pick at the deadline, Sikura takes his spot on the third line and Stan is content with Strome and pick for Schmaltz. Or I’m overthinking this.

  4. Spot on Moonshiner and let’s hope he gets enough ice time as well.

    I think Sikura is a very good hockey player. Unfortunately though, by NHL standards he is awfully slight and not especially fast which will really make it hard for him to stick. A lot of guys like him have good careers in one of the European leagues and if I had to bet on it that’s where I think he ends up.

    Nothing wrong with that at all and whatever happens he was certainly a good late pick. In any event, let’s hope he proves me wrong and fills our third line hole for years to come.

  5. Hmm. Interesting move. He’s pretty slick with the puck but so far I did not see anything special. He’s also an RFA. Maybe to see if he’s worth a contract? One other thing. Saad needs some help on the third line. Perlini is really fast, looks strong but looks lost, taken a number of foolish penalties and can’t put the puck in the net. How’d he score 17 goals last year? As far as AA..as Q used to say about a player.. is just ok. His release seems to be slower. Maybe he thinking too much. Kruger never a threat to score looks better than AA in my eyes. Loved JC’s comment about needing to keep the pressure on the Wings. We took our foot off the gas. That 5-2 score was very misleading.

  6. I would like to see these lines:
    Caggiula – Toews – Kane
    DeBrincat – Strome – Kahun
    Saad – Luke Johnson – Sikura
    Perlini – Kruger – Hayden

    Trade Anisimov for prospect/pick and get Luke Johnson back up to the NHL roster. I like the kid’s game but he’s in the same front-office-can’t-decide-if-I’m-good-enough-yet territory that Dahlstrom was last year/beginning of this year.

  7. Tab, I like those lines – most because it means AA is traded which I think is a good move for the rebuild to be successful. I liked Luke Johnson too but it’s a shame Highmore got injured because it would have been a great opportunity for him.

    I’m guessing Sikura will play against Boston tomorrow with Kunitz sitting out so that Kunitz can play his 1000th game at home on Thursday.

  8. I agree Moonshiner, good lineup. Maybe Kruger’s hard work can rub off Perlini who seems unmotivated each shift. Apart from his good performance at the cold Winter Classic, his worth ethic is non existent. Sikura’s perimeter play with Saad and Anisimov can also work as they dig out the puck for him.

  9. @Tab, is there any sense out there how likely Anisimov gets moved by the deadline? I’m concerned that either the length of his contract or his ten team trade approval list will prevent a deadline deal from happening. Bowman has proven that he can move guys who seem immovable (Manning, Rutta etc…) so I guess I shouldn’t count it out, but I also don’t expect that happening.

    Is there any sense of who on the Hawks is garnering attention from potential buyers?

  10. It will be interesting to see if they are showcasing him or are there other shakeups ? Personally, he is a good AHL player, just won’t cut it in the NHL for some reason. Plus playing 3rd line is not what he should be doing, sad we don’t have room in therapy six to see what he can do, not to mention some PP time as well.

  11. Sikura seems to be more of a niche player than a guy you can just plug into the lineup and he will produce. If true, other teams will see that too and his trade value won’t be much. If he gets in enough games and can average around 0.5ppg maybe he would be attractive enough to a team where the Hawks can package him with a draft pick and get a nice return. If the Hawks end up with a mid-1st round draft pick, maybe package that pick and Sikura in a trade to get Kapanen from Toronto – that would essentially be our 1st round pick which would be very nice considering Kapanen is already playing well in the NHL – no waiting for a mid-1st rounder the mature for a year or more.

  12. I believe Colliton said they did not call anyone up before now because both the Hawks and Rockford were home so if they needed someone they could get them there quick…and that they wanted prospects to be playing not watching. He said if we were on the road it might be different…so I was wondering who would get called up before they headed to Boston. Question answered.

  13. What Craig and Tab said.

    Perlini gets flipped for a mid round draft pick at the deadline, Sikura takes his spot on the third line and Stan is content with Strome and pick for Schmaltz. Or I’m overthinking this.
    Trade Anisimov for prospect/pick and get Luke Johnson back up to the NHL roster. I like the kid’s game but he’s in the same front-office-can’t-decide-if-I’m-good-enough-yet territory that Dahlstrom was last year/beginning of this year.

    I am guessing Sikura plays at college home, even thought Colliton meant-at home theres no reason to bring a guy up unless he goes right in. So on road-would be there for having 13 FW. Thinking 95 plays in MASS and 14 plays in NWJ. We stil are allowed to make a couple trades at deadline and I am thinking its those kind.

  14. Crow, said he didnt ever even consider retirement at any point last yr or this time. He knew he had to go through what ever it takes to get back, like other injurys do. Good on him, to not let other people make/sway decisions for him. Its his life career and always what he wants to do. Man do I like this guy.

    Crow Dealya are going to be rolling!

  15. I mentioned after the, nobody would take Manning/any of the tank ufas for a bag of pucks, Manning for Caggiluia trade that Bowman can makes moves now with no other peoples/wants-likes across the board. It wasnt Q or anyoneelses fault, its just doing something across the board one way.

    Thats why I think we are going to see Bowman keep pulling rabbits out, like a bunny and on and on and on and on.

  16. Blackhawks have an abundance of Sikura type players, with Hagel, Barrett plus Kayumov indicated last summer he was signing this summer, possibly Soderlund to come. Sikura obviously brings the most interest.

    They are going to have to address the amount of potential performance bonuses vs what they are allowed to carry, next year. Bowmans comments around be better if kept roster the same but won’t be coming doing that, could be a reference to this. Keeping both Strome and Kahun makes Sikura or Boqvist making the roster almost certain not to. Plus also limits ability to sign a Kubalik if his demends are to have potential to earn them. If he’s comparing what Kahun signed to what he wants, he does. Could also limit what rookies make the roster too. Be watching when Mitchell signs to see if he has bonuses or not, may allow him better opportunity to make Nhl roster if he has none.

  17. Are those locked in for the whole season, or can they have a elc guy up and another down, at same time. So were not over the limit at any point in time.

  18. Would they be allowed to play that 10 game thing, not more with those player bonuses being over limit. just for up to 10 games.

  19. Tab,
    EXACTLY!!! I really like Luke Johnson’s game. Not sure is Sikura is an NHL talent. Anisimov is a good guy. It’s just time to go. Kruger is hanging in there, but only because Kampf is injured.
    If the Blackhawks can also trade Rutta, it just gets better. Kunitz has one more game, I think, until he hits 1000. Then he can sit the rest of the year.
    I’m not too bent out of shape, this year.

  20. Ian, Sikura is RFA after this season so he won’t be eligible for performance bonuses next season, if my understanding of perf bonus eligibility is correct.

  21. IMO Sikura in for Kunitz in Beantown, hopefully on 3rd line to give Saad a playmaker to work with and Kunitz gets his 1,000 game in CHI – a no brainer

    Cautiously optimistic re: Sikura but IMO he has to show something more than last time and right away – no easing in, make an impact (whether you score or not) take advantage of your opportunity, make it obvious you want to stay

    Unless they’re showcasing him I don’t think Colliton’s leash will be too long with Sikura

  22. Again, partial NTC or NMC can be worked around if the player waives it. So let’s please not think Anisimov isn’t touchable because of his contract having one.

    Also, I don’t think his cap hit is unreasonable. He’s due $4.55M per for 2 years after this, which isn’t ridiculous for a 3rd line center. It IS ridiculous if you’re skating him as a 4th line wing, however… I think the Hawks could find a taker, and I would be completely comfortable using Forsling as bait to make it happen.

  23. Tab, agree with willingness to part with Forsling to get Anisimov traded. In both cases the roster spot they’re currently occupying is needed and in the case of Anisimov the cap hit can be better spent.

    Looking at the d-corps and projecting what it will look like next season – start with Keith and Seabrook who will probably be here whether we like it or not. Murphy should be here and probably Dahlstrom too. Gustafsson? who knows but I’m going to guess yes. Depending how well Koekkoek does down the stretch, I’m going to guess that he’s still with the Hawks, That’s 6 d-men and we haven’t even factored in Jokiharju, Forsling and anyone else who may have a chance – like Boqvist or Mitchell. Something’s got to give.

  24. I’m with you Tab – I think AA goes at the TDL – before July 1 he has to give a list of 10 teams he’d accept a trade to

    If he waits until the summer (after July 1) he’ll have no control over where he goes (his NTC comes off) so chances are good he’d be reasonable now to accepting a trade to a contender

    Also agree if it takes Forsling to get it done I’m OK with that – KK is capable of filling his role

  25. Forsling, Krys, Kayumov or any of the second tier prospects would be fine to include in order to move AA. Then keep the space in order to extend Debrincat and Strome and add an affordable UFA or two without blowing the budget. Debrincat is our shooter now and for the forseeable future. We do not need Panarin and having finally gotten out of cap hell, let’s stay out.

  26. While it’s great that our top offensive players are all having very good years, the elevated point totals will probably drive up the cost to resign DCat and probably Strome too. Both have 1 more year left on their ELC so they can agree to extensions after July 1st. Does Stan try to extend them after they just completed very good years or take a chance that their 2019/20 point totals are a little less so maybe he can sign them for less?

    DCat has 53 points in 56 games and Strome has 30 points in 32 games – both a tick under a point per game. Players that score at that clip are probably in the $7M-$8M range. Maybe it can be argued that Strome hasn’t proven it long enough to get that type of contract but if he isn’t extended this summer and then goes on to put up almost a point per game in 2019/20 – he will command more than he would this summer.

    Both players would probably want the contract length to be 5 or 6 years or whatever length of time it takes to get them to UFA status. I’m guessing it will take somewhere between $12M – $14M to get both of them extended for 5 or 6 years.

    And it’s not just DCat and Strome – Kahun, Caggiula and Hayden are all RFA after 2019/20 too.

  27. Mo apparently you have option to have bonuses count against cap if you have the room. So that would mean leaving 6.2m so you wouldn’t have bonus overages and if you went 1 or 2 m over by having cap space it could cost you up 8m in cap spaces for bonuses if you don’t want to get burned. Sikura is off bonuses next year but really doesn’t mean much though. With Kahun, Strome, Jokiharju and Debrincat taking up 5.855 of the 6.2m space if cap 83m. Boqvist $850,000, possibly Kubalik or high draft Pick likely puts you well over. Most elc if on roster often have between $100,000 and $200,000, some may be 3 or 4. So bottm line could leave very little money for any fa signings. Be interestingvto see how its approached.

  28. ER, I say its not going to matter. They ll get about the same no matter when they do contracts. Prob not going to be higher then ppg on 20 season so maybe a little difference there doing it later. Look at De bob lee swagger cat as a Hoss/Sharpy goal scorer. Scores 40 a yr and then 30 on every yr he doesnt get 40 like Hoss did. Caphit wise go by Sharpys something like 6 and 6 if hes willing.

    For Strome he prob not score as many point over longer timeframe, so you could wait on his. Stromers is harder caphit to figure but between 4-6 prob is right.

    They do not have to be same time but might be because thats kind of cool for them.

  29. Really these guys arnt getting raises, there just taking certain guys spots, caphit wise. 12 is taking 10 spot and 17 is taking 81 spot. Caphit wise. So its the same.

    Where we have 15 caphit/if he doesnt stay longterm, salary cap going up-every yr, player bonuses paid off and on sch., then you have 50, eventually 7. So no need to go that far ahead, just that were going to have lots and lots of cap space to do what we need to and want to, when we want to do it, because Bowman set it up right by paying all our dues at once so we can reload/just like half way through 2012 and on.

  30. Mo if Bowman continues with the bonuses next year, plus the rfas un 20 to sign. Doesn’t look like alot he intends spending alot on big long term fas in next couple of years.

  31. Wrap, good point/15.

    Ian, Yea I knew about the ‘paying off’ the player bonuses for each yr and stay on track of it, sch. wise. What I was asking is the player bonuses you ve been talking about. In terms of having a limit on them. What I though you said the other wk was the total possible aloud has a limit for the whole team for each yr and we couldnt start with ‘over’ that amount on 23man. or

    Is that just at any one point in time, not right at beginning of season.

    So what I was thinking/asking was say we have 4 or 5 guys that add up to over the limit. Are we allowed to swap them, to ‘stay’ under limit but actually have more total then allowed, as long as there not on 23man at same time.

  32. Thinking of all these defensemen, having too many 5-7 guys and not enough 1-4 guys, people have said the last 12 mths. These guys the ones not staying longterm or arnt 1-4 s are bringing back good returns and going where they might play/will play. Thats pretty smart and good doing on Bowman.

    It might be planned and why it ‘looks’ like we overpay for players some times in trades, when really were setting up good trade relations when we need/other team needs. Did we really overpay for Rundy with a 2nd or did we do a favor to get one back later. We got 80 not another team, that 2nd in that trade was a ‘good trade relations’ favor to work with another team, more often then normal. ARI, CAR, MTL? EDM?

  33. Speaking of RFA’s, Dahlstrom is one at the end of this year – we need to get him signed. He has quietly been very solid and should be playing every night. His stick has really improved which is a great asset for a tall guy who can break up a lot of zone entries. He and Murphy have become a strong pair and have proved they can handle significant minutes. This will help us going forward to take pressure off the young prospects having to play big minutes.

  34. Economic realities are starting to sink in. These guys (GM, other management) earn their money because one bad move can cause a chain reaction. Seabrook was an example.
    Too many people want this and that player and it just can’t happen. Parity, as we see in the standings, especially in the west is the result.

  35. Noonan, you’re right. Myself and others have suggested a better plan is to get a couple $5M players instead on one $10M player but the economic reality may be that we can’t afford to add $10M to the cap regardless whether it’s one player at $10M or two players at $5M each. We have cap space to do it in 2019/20 but when new deals for DCat, Strome and others kick in in the 2020/21 season we won’t have enough cap space unless other changes are made.

  36. Another thing about Stromer is those style of players are even better in playoffs. We know the kind, people rip on during season/29 20 65 32 26 80 16, how much faster they look in playoffs and the ‘fast’ guys in the season arnt as they were in season/25. This is why we need guys like Dzingal and Franson and not a smurf like Nikequist/even though hes fast and good at OFF.

  37. Mo its on the 23 man roster so not sure how moving players up and down would be calculated. Its the double edge sword if you stay well under cap, no big deal. You live on the edge and have to pay big overages, your losing players you don’t want to make up the difference. Tdl deals for rentals when you got a handle on how much you have to pay of bonuses may be what it will be next year or 2.

  38. Bowman and crew are going to be creative. Were allowed to add really good ufas. Were not going to sit and add nothing these coming 2-3 yrs while we get deeper roster. Cap will go up approx. 3 every yr., in two yrs of that thats a 6m caphit player right there/for every team. We have the space now, the other top teams do not and some will be doing what we have done 3 times already/shedding players left and right.

  39. Montreal trade for its fourth line Center today in Nate Thompson. So that will not be a destination for Kruger or Anisimov.
    Billy Jaffe raving about Hawks prospect defenseman Ryan Shea of Northeastern at the Beanpot tournament saying he is the rock of the Huskies defense who plays at least 25 minutes a night. Shea blocks a ton of shots and is seemingly always in the right place defensively, never panics and makes really clean exits out of his own zone.
    I believe it was the Athletic’s Scott Powers who recently reported that Kayumov will be staying in Russia for one more full season and not coming over this fall.

  40. Shea is 22, get some games in spring. What are you thinking, see how is and is here at training camp or people talking about him to get from us.

  41. Thing is Mo if Debrincat, Strome, Kahun and Cagguila will need 20m to resign them in 2020, likely. Caps don’t go up that much and get caught with overages on top of that. End up dismantling everything in a hurry because of some long term signing(s). Be careful what you wish for.
    Craig thx last i saw, was last summer where he may want to sign this summer.

  42. Watched some of that game Craig, Shea looked pretty solid. Wonder if he signs or goes back for senior year or not. With Mitchell and Krys likely to sign too and Beaudin and Boqvist already signed, defensive spots will be a premium both Chicago and Rockford most likely unless something changes.

  43. Jr-it will vary with age/points etc. but it will be tough to get a first line guy for 1.75, even if he is the ‘meat and potatoes’ guy.
    That may change, of course, if someone else added.

  44. When the Hawks are contending again I think we’ll see Caggiula on the 4th line

    Him and Kampf could be 2/3 rds of a great 4th line on a Cup team IMO – a la Frolik for example

  45. Jr good luck with that. Hope your right, but doubt it. Even good bottom 6 guys now getting 3 to 4m range.

  46. 6m that was standard for Saad is likely now closer to 8 with all these 10m + contracts being signed. Look what Nylander just got, you think Debrincat is worth 2m less, i don’t, maybe 1 or 2 more be closer to reality.

  47. Looking for a good comparable for DCat who was just re-signed …

    Jake Guentzel on Pittsburgh just get extended – $6M for 5 years. He’s 3 years older than DCat but plays wing and has very similar scoring stats. His rookie year he split time between the AHL and NHL and scored 33 points in 40 games with Pittsburgh. The next year he played the full season and scored 22 goals / 48 points in 82 games. This season he has 27 goals / 52 points in 56 games.

    That gives me hope that maybe DCat can be re-signed for closer to $6M than $8M.

  48. If Dcat hits 40 goals, he won’t be able to be signed for less than $8 million I think. But if he doesn’t, I think if you can sign him for $6.5 million would be about the best you could do. And he should get done this offseason.

    Strome, I would try to extend for $4.5 million per. Maybe on a shorter length deal. Or they may wait another year and see if he can keep this up for an entire season. But I would try to do him this summer to to get some cost certainty. He just hasn’t done it for very long.

    Caggiula, if he sticks on the first line, I don’t think you can resign for less than $3 million per. That would be good. He is a good fit with those guys too.

    Kahun I would peg at $2.5 million. If we get those cap hits on these guys, then I think Stan could do some planning and convert a traded Anisimov’s salary plus a million or two into one UFA. But that is all we would have room for capwise.

  49. Ian, know what your/others saying, not to max out every time. Just as long,w e do max out the salary cap when were deep, which we always do. I do think cap will go up about 3m each yr, and most yrs it has. So I am counting on 6m in two yrs.

  50. If Kubalik comes over and works out and the next year Shalunov does the same that could be two top 9 FWs on reasonable cap hits joining the team in the next 2 years

    If that’s Stan’s play then maybe you get a reasonably priced UFA 3C this summer and that fills out your top 9 for when the Hawks are ready to seriously compete in 20-21

    That gives until TDL 2021 to fix the D and see which of the young D prospects are going to contribute by then

  51. EB if your going to ask your boss for a raise do you compare yourself the higher wage earners or pick out the lower wage earners. Next year likely decides a big part of what the other 3 ultimately get, but you got to be prepared to pay them if they earn it.

  52. Lets hope Debrincat and maybe others put a high value in money up front and signing bonuses and Bowman can use that as chip for taking a little less.

  53. Ian, I hear ya. Using Guentzel as a comp is a pretty favorable comp for the Hawks because $6M would be a steal. After I posted that I saw Powers had written an article on The Athletic on DeBrincat’s next contract and he listed a bunch of guys with Nylander and Pastrnak the most recently signed. Nylander had that strange holdout deal that paid him a bunch this season but his ongoing AAV is just a tick under $7M for the next 5 seasons. Pastrnak is $6.66M for 5 years. Powers made the point that goal scores get paid more than assists and DCat is definitely a goal scorer.

  54. re: JR Roman’s numbers

    DCat $6-8M
    Strome $3-4
    Kahun $2-3M
    Cage $2-3M

    And these all depend heavily on term. I think the Hawks could probably lock up DeBrincat + Strome together with mid-term deals (5 years) but that might cost them… you might end up with a combined AAV of $12-13M for the two if you go to 5 years on each.

  55. I think AA is a good option for many teams at the deadline that need to acquire a versatile 3rd line center. Obviously, AA has to agree to accept a trade. The Jets, the Islanders and even the Lightning may add depth at the deadline. Boston as well! I think Sikura, who I agree is too lightweight, if he wants to stick in the NHL, he needs to put up numbers. He has good hockey sense but his style of play is too soft for an everyday NHLer. Let’s see what he brings and if he’s hungrier that his last 2 stints.

  56. AA has a modified NTC

    He can be traded to anyone on a list of 10 teams he submits – if a trade is worked out with one of those 10 teams AA wouldn’t have to agree to accept the trade, the trade is simply made

    Hypothetically he could put all non-playoff teams on his list to avoid getting traded at the TDL but then his 10 team clause comes off the contract as of July1/2019 and at that point he could be traded anywhere and has no say where

    If I’m AA and I sense that the Hawks are going to trade me (either before the TDL or after July 1) then I probably put Cup contenders on my 10 team list now so that if I do get traded I’ll have a shot a long playoff run and maybe a Cup.

    This is a long winded way of saying I don’t think AA’s modified NTC will be much of an impediment to his being traded at this year’s TDL

    The bigger impediment I think is will there be any legitimate offers for him?

    It could go either way IMO but if there are legit offers I expect him to be traded.

  57. 15 should just go to CLB and help them. Then they can trade him to where Bread Man wants/has to go to. I like to see 15 and 16, if they go, to a team like that and help beat other teams.

  58. AGAIN, because the Wraparound wanted to explain the NTC….

    If a player is willing to waive his NTC to go somewhere that isn’t on his list, that can happen. The team simply has to ask. It’s not impossible and happens far more often than it appears many here realize.

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