21 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Erik Gustafsson

  1. That makes four Swedish defensemen on the same NHL team at the same time. If not a record we are in striking distance. I wonder what the TV ratings will be in Stockholm when the Hawks play on the NHL network?

  2. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean he plays….I’ve got decent money on Rundblad sitting.

  3. Apparently in practice Gustaffson was skating with Rozsival, so he (Gus) might not hit the lineup right away.

  4. I hope he gets plenty of minutes to give him some meaningful NHL time. Then bring up Pokka and give him some minutes. Spread the time so everyone gets some NHL seasoning while Dunc is out.

    Go Hawks!!! Two big divisional games coming. We can’t afford to let any of these divisional points slip away. Looking at the Central standings, it looks like the division this year will be tighter than last year…if that’s possible.

  5. The Central sure does look tough Booman. I would not be surprised if 6 teams reach 100 points. Any team that gets out of the Central come playoff time probably has an excellent chance of winning the Cup.

  6. Seems to me that Stan usually brings multiple guys up pre trade to show potential, here is to hoping there is a substantial deal where BB is moved. Can’t imagine another team taking his hit but packaged w/the proper other pieces and retaining some salary who knows – stranger things have happened.

  7. There be a trade brewing. Book it. I really have no idea on Gustafsson. At least at this stage of his development curve. He’s either up here as insurance policy for a week or two, or he plays and Runblad sits. Or praise heaven Bowman is able to dump Daley.

  8. “There be a trade brewing. Book it.” Ha ha ha ha ha. Daley & Bickell for Brandon Saad, right Mr. Rufus? Columbus needs help on ‘D’, and Bickell will slot right into Saad’s slot.

  9. I don’t think the idea that Stan is shopping right now is at all far fetched. I’m not sure Gustafsson coming up to be a 6/7 dman is much of a showcase, however…

  10. I was at Hogs game last nite… Gustafsson- literally gifted the Checker/player a goal- with a TO right in front of the Helpless Leighton…

    Really bad…

    Hino was the best Hog, followed by Hartman/and Dano… But plenty of Mishandles by Dano… Dano does appear to be skating better…

    This Hogs – based on 2 games seen… is no where near as good as Last year…

    McNeill and Ross- have been pretty invisible in 2 games I’ve seen…

    Ross- was really a pest last year… But Usually skated with Danault… Danault and TT really carried play last year in O zone

  11. Rosival is close to being back. In the absence of Keith then Rosy and Runblad will split time. When Keith is back then likely a decision on Svedberg in terms or sending him down. Or not. Don’t think Gustafsson is up for more than a few games at this stage. I do think trade is coming very soon.

  12. Wouldn’t mind seeing 65 move up to the 3rd line to play with TT and Kero. Move 28 to 4th line with 16 & 11.

  13. ^Good call. Hoping Kero will make an impact and help TT break out. Shaw could certainly help that, too, with his net front presence and tenacity.

  14. Quenneville loves the righty/lefty pairs when it comes to defense. The exception being when Nik H. , who can play the right side as he has done with Keith and Oduya.

    Rundblad is a right defenseman. He will not come out in favor of a lefty like Gustufsson. If anything Rundblad will be replaced when Rosy is ready.

  15. Last year the top 6 teams in the central had 606 points. An improved Dallas team coupled with the West’s continued domination of the East and I think it is not out of the realm of possibility for 6 teams to have 100 points. maybe a math guy can figure out the probabilities.

  16. re: the discussion around number of teams at/over 100 points – if indeed Dallas gets better, their additional points will obviously have to come at the expense of someone else & odds are that other team is, at some point, in the Central. Averaging 100 points per team for the top 5-6 in the division isn’t unrealistic, but all 6 teams getting to the century mark is harder to envision

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