Blackhawks Recall Nicolas Beaudin

On Tuesday afternoon the Blackhawks announced they have recalled defenseman Nicolas Beaudin from the Rockford.

Beaudin, 20, has scored three goals with 12 assists in 59 games with the IceHogs this season. He was selected in the first round (#27 overall) of the 2018 NHL Draft by the Blackhawks.

Beaudin joins former Rockford teammate forward Brandon Hagel, who was called up on Monday, as replacements for the wounded Blackhawks. Adam Boqvist (concussion protocol) and Drake Cagguila (right hand) are currently missing; Lucas Carlsson (concussion protocol) did practice with the team on Tuesday.

57 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Nicolas Beaudin

  1. Carlsson practiced on 2nd pp too, wonder if he had a setback hope not, was looking pretty good, not hurting the team too much. Maybe get a chance to see how Beaudin looks in nhl environment.

  2. hope beaudin shows some positive stuff, but have my concerns for his health. when a guy like boqvist can look at beaudin as a mini me i am questioning how he survives against very scary men. especially when he will be wearing the same sweater as a bunch of sissies who won’t stand up for him if he is physically abused.

  3. Oh wow here comes one of the “small horse man” for defense.
    Can’t wait for him to shy away in the corners and get man handled too.
    Where is Mike Smith to draft defensive players?

  4. Hopefully Carlsson is OK to play and Beaudin draws in for Seeler – they’ve got nothing to lose at this point and only draft lottery odds to gain

  5. Ian – Do you know if this is also considered an emergency call-up or is this one of the two remaining regular call-ups? Also if Ian Mitchell’s season were to end before the Hawks does does he require a call-up to play any games?

  6. Actually Ms may not be, thought it reported it was not showing it was, must be one of regulars

  7. ian

    is there a once a decade off season reversal where a team can reverse every player transaction their general manager made the previous off season and then tar and feather the vice president and gm and send them to saint louis on the backs of donkeys?

  8. He is described as “Diminutive and Cunning,Tricky” At 5 ft 11 and 172 Lbs . If that doesn’t impose fear in the opponent’s and inspire confidence,I don’t know what will.Good luck young man.I challenge Bowman to find smaller Defensemen.

  9. Beaudin is not a emergency call up. When Mitchell signs he would not count as a call up.

  10. 5’11” 172 pounds??? Seriously?

    Sounds more like a ponyman than a horseman.


    Anyone ever follow the comic Far Side? There is one with a deer that has a giant bullseye on his stomach or back. One Deer saying to another – One heck of a birthmark!!

    The bullseye on Beaudin will be bigger than his sweater.

  11. If Mitchell goes to frozen 4 season be over before he can sign. Even if they lose at regionals be only 2 or 3 tops games left. Prospects signing elcs aren’t callups. Possibility could sign an ato with Rfd and play in playoffs with them before signing elc also, but if he gets opportunity to burn elc may opt to do that if available after regionals.

  12. Makar having a real tough time staying on the ice.Teams are targeting him physically.

  13. 13 games missed with shoulder injuries for Makar.Not expected to be back this week.The Avalanche are a Mash unit.9 regulars out now with McKinnon getting hurt last night.

  14. Rusty good point-when people have their mind made up you can’t change it-yes I to believe they need a couple of big, talented, gritty players for the future but some have missed that the new prototype DMan in the NHL is about 6 ft. 185, quick, mobile etc.– (Beaudin will fill out and end up just about the above)

    We could bring in the Bears to play the rest of the year.

  15. Has anyone seen McCoshen play in Rockford. He`s a former second rounder ( 31st overall in 2013 ), a big body at 213 LBS and 6`3″. I think he`s still only 24 years old. I`m sure he`d be better at handling bigger, heavier teams in the NHL than Beaudin will . Any thoughts here.

  16. So refs/league allow other team to elbow our players heads and even fine that player but we cant use this a am emergency callup.

    Not know the rules. Should be for any deliberate attempt to injure/with penalty-fin-suspension-getting ass kicked by other team for cheap shots to be used for emergency callup.

  17. If you reverse a decade of trades moves other you have to reverse the Stanley Cups and a Dynasty-only one in salary cap era.

  18. If you reverse a decade of trades moves other you have to reverse the Stanley Cups and a Dynasty-only one in salary cap era.

    Rusty, Grisly Adams did have a beard.

  19. What about getting some of the prospects some games, to help them along with development. Change of pace and stuff. Then go back and you do things faster/games slows down for you?

  20. No Jim,Let’s just stick with the 170 pounders,that has been going so well.I missed the memo,the league is getting smaller.Let the goalie clear his own net front.

  21. It doesnt make any difference after we wnt 5-8-3 from that 10 day layover (and not go 9-2 in the games after that-were 4-2 now) and we werent deep enough/physical enough to win with these 23man/system. So who cares who plays now.

    Were not picking 1-4th or 10-15th, pre ping pong ball. So might as well get closer to 5th pick so we get 7th pick if not lottery. If lottery is from 1-4th and 10.15th picks were not getting that anyways.

    Were 100% chance of getting 6th-9th pick, pre ping pong ball.

    So try to get higher or maybe not. Last yr 12 and 6? won ping pong balls so 6 7 8 9 could this yr and routing for a certain spot or to go high or low could make a difference.

    Going to laugh when LA wins games to get to 4th pick pre ping pong and gets the top pick.

  22. Another shrimp in an Indian sweater that will get knocked on his ass, man handled in front of the net….. and end up concussed.

  23. Hey Rusty , Makar plays on a pretty tough team , Quinn Hughes team can roll with the rough stuff as well …..Can`t say that about the Hawks .

  24. Yes Tim W. a league memo was sent out-lol. No, but have you been around the last 3 years?-teams’ are (this may change again as trends do shift) are sacrificing some size for D-men, to gain quickness and getting the puck out quickly. That’s why the Hughes, Makars, Foxes, Krugs, Girards and Boqvists are so coveted.
    We heard it from the hockey pucks over and over again-but they just came out and said it, no need for the memo.

    But to repeat I’m all for some size, grit and intimidation in this teams’ line-up. If they can play and move well.

  25. Yeah the smaller Blackhaeks like Crawford, Dach, Seabrook and Toews all havubng dealt with concussion issues and the bigger guys like Kane snd Debrincat show that size means you don’t have to deal with them.

  26. @Jim Ross…I went to the IceHogs game last week against the Texas Stars, and McCoshen was a very solid, stay at home defensemen, He was a leader, yelling instructions, tough in the corners, solid on the man, but he was not a particularly great skater, nor was he adept with the puck. He was better than Gilbert and Beaudin! Speaking of Beadin, while he was excellent with the puck on his stick, and a very good passer, his defense will make you miss Gustafson on the defensive end. Every time he went in the corners, I felt that the Stars players should have been given 5 to 10 in federal prison for child abuse! Moreover, that McCoshen trade is going to be talked about like the Panarin or Tuevo trades, because the guy we gave up, Antii Saarela is kicking ass in FLA, and has great size, and is an excellent center. Just another day at the office, huh Stan?

  27. Ian,When you don’t check,play defense,or go to the hard areas the odds of contact drop immensely.Whats the theories on Shaw,Caggiula,Boqvist etc..Crawford,s issues stem from the team that doesn’t protect his net front hence he is run into on a nightly basis.I just ask that all of you out there take a look at the other rosters,its easy to pull up,and compare the Hawks with them side by side.Most importantly use the eye test and tell me that this team is not undersized and soft on the puck.Use common sense and not search for exceptions to reality.

  28. Noonan,Exactly right.There is a balance there and we have the smaller skilled sized players covered.I believe it’s time for the grit to be acquired.

  29. It’s widely held scientific theory, with good research to back it up that some people are more prone to brain trauma than others, and part of that could be linked to genetics-

    “Several different brain injury studies reported by the New York Times recently show that certain individuals are more susceptible to brain injuries. These individuals share specific characteristics that allow researchers to forecast the propensity for some athletes to sustain concussions in sports.”

    Strength isn’t one of the characteristics, but one is probably how you play the game, which brings in someone like J.T. or Caggs. And of course one injury makes you more susceptible to another , but the severity of that effect varies due to certain conditions. Doesn’t matter if you are 235 pounds or 180.

  30. Agree Noonan that it doesn’t matter if you are 235 or 180 pounds, but if the risk of both players is identical, a collision between players of those sizes likely favors the outcome to the 235 pounder.

    Hawks Dmen for years have avoided as much contact as they can, and that is a statement of observation that each person can judge to be a good thing or bad. Our guys have chosen to be second into corners chasing the puck for years. After winning the first cup, we almost never saw physical defense. We have played – and still play – the AVOID contact defense, particularly in the corners chasing loose pucks and directly in front of our net (thus my term the safest 10 feet of ice). If I had a dollar for for every hit side-stepped in the past 10 years by one of our Dmen, I could stop worrying about my retirement account and the daily gyrations it is facing. TAKE A HIT TO MAKE A PLAY doesn’t and HASN’T existed in our DMen for many years. Stick checking, reaching around and side stepping is our approach, and has been. One can actually argue we have been more physical the past 2 years than in the previous 8, mostly because of the change in defensive corps. Unfortunately, we are seeing that the younger kids coming up – Dach and Boqvist are perfect examples – are not able to protect themselves when first getting to the NHL level. This needs to become a priority in our system and likely throughout the league as players get faster and more physically sound.

    Clutch and grab would slow this down quite a bit, but do we really want to do that?

    While I don’t like the approach of being soft into corners, I understand that it allowed our players the opportunity to avoid contact injuries, especially when we had players mostly on the medium or small size as defenders. Hammer, Oduya, Keith, Rozi – these are not big guys. Seabrook has/had more size, and he was more physical at times. And look at the price he has paid. These guys have a lot of miles on them and have worn down, be it hips and shoulders or knees.

    I see the need/reason for smallish defenders who can move the puck. Buy I also see them getting massacred every night, on most every team. They need to be SMARTER players before they get up to the NHL level so they are prepared to protect themselves when run at.

    I hope Beaudin is ready to be run at. His future, and perhaps a part of the Hawks future, depends on it.

  31. proper positioning, a good gap, quickness in changing direction, and having a good stick allows a d-man to play above his size without having to take the body.

    i agree with what silent spot said about dach and boqvist. neither belongs in the league because their bodies are not strong enough and their game awareness is not yet developed to a point where they can protect themselves. even at dach’s size he is handled like a rag doll and boqvist doesn’t have a chance.

    neither would ever have played for any of the “core era” teams that were successful. they were on this roster for one reason only and that was to help the team squeeze into the playoffs and save bowman’s job.

    i will not argue that dach is not one of the top nine forwards and boqvist is not one of the best six d-men on the team. but that is damning them with the faintest of praise. they are in those categories because the team is garbage. if they were both 26/27 years old they would be candidates to be replaced on the roster next year based on their production.

  32. I realize this is 2 years old….. I’m going to hold comments back until we see him in the NHL.

  33. Silent hear your point on who is more likely to get a concussion in a collison between a big player and small player, not up on tests done around that. If you look at Nfl stats, the running back not fullbacks, who are the target of bigger players every time they touch the football, show considerably less concussion rates than linebackers, tightends and some lineman positions who traditionally are much bigger. Recievvers who expose themselves trying to catch the ball when taking most of their big hits are obviously no.1 but other than that not sure your argument holds up.

  34. The article in the Athletic this morning opens up a little doubt about Ian Mitchell if his team doesn’t win the NCAA Championship this year.I guess we will find out soon enough.

  35. Imagine the Hawks playing without Toews,Kane,Saad,Keith,and Crawford. That’s what the Avalanche are going through now.

  36. a for what it’s worth posting >>>>> also in the athletic today ….. an article by scott wheeler who covers the leafs and the nhl draft for the athletic about the risers and fallers from the 2019 draft.

    alex vlasic, hawks second pick at #43 who wheeler had rated at #78, listed among those who’s stock has fallen. writes “he’s not the kind of player i’m using a 43rd overall pick on.” mentions a few players taken after him that the hawks might “have major regrets” about passing on in favor of vlasic. calls him a third pairing d-man at his ceiling.

    his answer of a question about dach ….. “i wouldn’t have taken him third overall then or now either….. a lot to like about his upside….. hasn’t looked out of place…..still think another year of junior + the wjc was probably the better path.

  37. Time will tell on Dach, he may be right or he maybe just doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. So far happy with what i’ve seen and see where it goes. Be nice to have a crystal ball but we don’t.

  38. Given an option in a collision of 2 players exhibiting the same speed at impact, do I want to be the 185 pound guy or the 3 inch taller 230 pound guy?

    Given an option in a collision of 2 players where the 185 pound guys is stationary and the 230 pound guy is moving at a reasonable checking pace, which player would I rather be?

    Given an option in a collision of 2 players where the 3 inch taller 230 pound guy is stationary and the 185 pounder is moving at a reasonable checking pace, which player would I rather be?

    Physics comes to mind in forming my answers.

    I suppose asking Bob Probert (6’3″ 230) or Beaudin which they would rather be would be an interesting conversation! But then, one already has seen how the net results work out for some people. Hopefully the other doesn’t get the same result.

  39. I am hoping for the best for Beaudin as his stick handling and passing are excellent. And, the Hawks are drafting some smaller dmen as is the latest trend but the model the Hawks are using to define ideal smaller dmen is questionable. I mean, using Eddie Gaedel, Billy Barty, and Herve Villechaize as the “ideal” model for Hawks dmen?

  40. Probert played with more heart and soul than most on our current roster Silent Spot, Your comparison is not amusing and uncalled for .

  41. Keith Primeau 6 ft. 5 220, and Eric Lindros 6ft. 4 240 are two of the biggest and most concussed hockey players in that generation. The skull and brain don’t care much how big you are.
    Let’s hope all players stay healthy and make wise decisions.

  42. Well said Noonan. We don’t need any more concussions on the Hawks or anywhere in the NHL. The league needs to get serious about this.

  43. Goos posts by people here. Shawzer 5/10 180? right. Its the player. Sure we donot need anymore shrimps. 88 12 are enough at once.

    For right now who cares. Let these dudes get some good coffee, it should make them better-development.

    We do need to add what were missing and they have to be able to move fast enough.

  44. Tommy,
    I felt that the Stars players should have been given 5 to 10 in federal prison for child abuse!

    hild abuse is ok, the memo has gone out, if its gaay child abuse.

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