Blackhawks Recall Ryan Hartman

On Friday, the Blackhawks announced the team has recalled forward Ryan Hartman from Rockford.

Hartman has posted five points in the opening eight games of the season with the IceHogs. He was the Blackhawks first round pick (30th overall) in the 2013 NHL Draft, and picked up two penalty minutes in five regular season games with Chicago last season.

14 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Ryan Hartman

  1. This lineup will be very interesting tonight in Minnesota. The coaching staff could sit out any of 4-5 players and be justified in doing so.

  2. Before we all go into full PANIC mode, let’s remember that it took quite a few games for Brad Richards to get used to playing the Hawks style. It took TT awhile, too.

    As this season goes along, Anisimov, Panarin and a few of the new kids will get used to playing our style and things will get better. The center position is difficult to play and it will take time for things to gel with Anisimov, Panarin and Kane. Toews and Hossa aren’t even at full speed, yet. After another Cup run and victory, these guys are still beat up and not at the top of their game.

    Crawford has been standing tall and our defense is still learning how to do things the NHL and Hawk way. Svedberg and TVR look better every shift, to me. Seabrook looks a step slow too, but he, like the others, stood tall with the Cup and took a beating along the way.

    As usual, Q is shuffling his line up looking for any type of chemistry or any kind of consistency other than Kaner and Panarin. This team will get better as the season moves along. As fans, we must be patient and believe in our GM, our coaches and our team. After all, you don’t have to come in first place to win the Stanley Cup.

  3. HOF…….I just saw your post and could not agree more. This team needs a “jump start”!!

  4. What the team NEEDS is significant help/improvement at LW. The correlation between our offensive woes and the hole at LW is significant. Again, the problem we have a collection of forwards that don’t call go together neatly. The symmetry of skills, specific roles, etc. has been jumbled. It’s like an NFL team have 7 highly capable wide receivers and a gaping hole at QB. It just isn’t going to work.

  5. To Hof or to anyone who watches the icehogs: does ryan hartman or tanner kero play left wing? For some reason i thought they both played center and/or right wing. Arent they also linemates in rockford?

  6. Nick, Hartman has played almost exclusively RW and he has (most recently) been on a line with Kero at center and Marko Dano at LW.

    Kero is a left hand shot as you probably saw last night – he has primarily been at center and played center in college, but he did get some time at both wings at the end of last year and a shift or two this year according to Dent although I didn’t personally see it.

    In an interview the other day, Kero said he can play wing too (I presume he meant LW). We may see Quenneville move him around. He is defensively responsible so he should adapt fairly well to any forward spot.

  7. Further … it is WAY too early for declarations of the forward group as constituted not fitting together, whatever that means. Look at Brad Richards last year as an example. He was a very experienced player who took a great deal of time to fully adjust and be comfortable with what the coaching staff demanded – by his own admission 35-40 games. Vermette is another example.

    Quenneville is notorious for shaking up lines as everyone knows, either looking for a spark or searching for chemistry, pace, and flow. It is especially true now since there are a number of new faces, a few new ones this week in fact, plus the fact the team is getting shots but few are going in.

    Sometimes injuries factor into personnel decisions. A player’s youth and relative inexperience also factors in. No one wants to hear the word “patience” but the Blackhawks believe in their players and will be patient with them, to a point.

    One guy obviously the patience has worn out on is Bickell. I can’t see putting off a decision on him for too much longer. Right now they’ve got temporary excess cap room but when Duncan Keith comes back …

    We have got to be pleasantly surprised with Svedberg. More and more he looks like a bona fide NHL defenseman … another example of organizational patience.

  8. Asked that question earlier. Kero was centering with Morin playing right untul he waa scratched. Thats when Hartman played right and Dano left.

  9. I have loved this kid’s game since I coached against his high school team. Plays bigger than he is, very strong on skates, stronger on the puck. Much better hands than you would think. Tenacious. Loves contact. I am sure he will bring some much needed energy. Speaking of energy, anybody notice Runblad’s reaction to being caught pinching at the worst possible time that led to a goal? Head down in full pout mode with zero effort to get back and help with his mistake. Kero came back from other blue line before 5. His lack of effort is unacceptable as long as he is getting paid. Humiliating in a pick up game.

  10. Its fair to say with the loss of talent over the offseason there are spots to be won. Tab good call on Desi,…his role has seemed to disappear thanks to Garbutt.

    I wont be surprised is Shaw got scratched tonight. Hartman plays a similar game and Shaw has been quiet lately.

  11. Hey south side without shaw’s screen we get shut out yesterday. A lot of other guys need to pick it up before 65

  12. Lines to open Friday night @ MIN:


    Bickell, Tikhonov getting the night off. Gustafsson in for Rundblad.

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