Blackhawks Recall Tanner Kero

After sending Vince Hinostroza to Rockford earlier on Tuesday, the Blackhawks recalled forward Tanner Kero from the IceHogs.

Kero, 23, has eight points (six goals, two assists) in five games with the IceHogs this season. He was named the CCM/AHL Player of the Week for the week ending Oct. 25 after posting three goals and an assist in three games. Kero ranks third in the AHL with six goals.

After a strong career at Michigan Tech, Kero signed with the Blackhawks as an undrafted free agent on April 2, 2015.

50 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Tanner Kero

  1. Thank you Tab, that’s why I said it!

    PS. I still maintain if given a fair chance (not w/ the Hawks of course, that ship sailed long ago), Morin will be a productive NHL player. The skillset is there.

  2. As someone with heavy ties to Michigan Tech and a longtime fan of the program I am VERY happy with this development. That said, Kero is truthfully just a guy. Absolutely loved him in college and I hope he can stick for a long time. Very happy tonight. And proud.

  3. So when does Teuvo start showing accountability for results? He’s had a dismal start and it doesn’t all have to do with his linemates. I’ll say it yet again…he clearly has plenty of talent BUT the fit on this roster is BAD. I am more convinced then ever that he gets traded for a better fitting piece. And maybe by midseason. The idiot brigade on here can re-read what I said….the kid DOES have talent. But the fit is becoming a big problem? The addition of Panarin and the loss of Saad might have sealed his fate in fact. He’s not going to usurp Kane or Hossa at RW. And he’s not going on a line with Panarin.

  4. RTF – you have officially made a virtue out of being full of shit. Why do you enjoy it so? 9 games into the season and we’re trading one of our most promising players because you, by virtue of your vast hockey knowledge, think he doesn’t fit? Accountability for results after 9 games? Wow. Idiot brigade you have found your leader, and his name is RTF.

  5. What I meant to say in that first sentence is, stop trying to make a virtue out of…etc., Just wanted to clarify in case someone mistook that for a compliment. Carry on.

  6. It’s only fitting that Morin’s name referenced in jest, and Mr. Rufus provides back-to-back posts. Only thing missing, Mr. Rufus, is a comment from you re: Morin — do you think he’s a better fit than Teavo?

  7. Jeremy Morin isn’t a NHL player. He’s proven that in two NHL cities. I’m sure he is a nice guy, sends his aunt a Christmas card and pays his taxes on time. But clearly he is an AHL player. He will get a cup of coffee again I’m sure. But will never understand the fascination that the idiot brigade has for the guy. Nor how the same idiot squad can rip to shreds one of the greatest head coaches the NHL has ever seen over what they see as the gross misjustice that Q perpetuated.

    I’ll ask the idiot squad on Teuvo. Simple question. Where oh where on this roster does he FIT?!? And again for those missing a chromosome or whatever your brain ailment may be, tell me where oh where he fits in terms of linemates?!? Fact is he doesn’t fit. He is quite talented but Chicago is a bad fit.

  8. I am curious if some of the doubters are beginning to see the Big Swede in a better light?

  9. It looked like Hino played a nice game the other night but the Hawks got killed in the faceoff circle hence the change. It actually looks like Teuvo and Garbutt were pretty solid there so 2 out of three isn’t bad. If anyone remembers the 3rd line was bad all year last year until the end of the season when they teamed up Vermette and Teuvo. Both Saad and Sharp were both less than stellar on that line when they had their turns. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and let this team settle in with all the changes that happened this year. Considering everything they have won 2/3rds of their games and that is damn good. Yey… nice to see the Canadians finally lose a game and Price gave up 5 goals to boot!

  10. Rufus T. – FIRST, I am not answering to “The idiot brigade”. Now, please explain that “the fit on this roster is BAD” thing. Seriously. I really don’t understand what you’re saying. Teravainen has “Plus-Plus” skill, as you’re (again) suggested/admitted. The Hawks play a skill game – how exactly do you see him not fitting? You say, “He’s not going to usurp Kane or Hossa at RW” – well, Kane = few (WHO?) could…? Hossa – nothing but respect and admiration, here…but, he’s 36 (and will not last forever) and Teravainen is 21…”he gets traded for a better fitting piece. And maybe by midseason” -REALLY? Why? Again, please explain.

  11. Kero has played 19 games in the AHL and has scored 13 goals. He may be “just a guy” but that guy knows how to put the puck in the net.

  12. Tanner Kero, Michigan Tech. Hope his career with the Hawks is as successful as two other Huskies. The first was Lou Angutti. The other was a guy dropped by the Habs (not good enough) his brother even played for the Hawks, maybe you heard of him, Tony Esposito.

  13. You have to put everything into the bag when calling somebody a ‘moron’. I believe that when somebody goes on and on and on and on about the lack of a LW and then the same individual starts spewing day after day his stupid fictions of trading the 2nd best LW on the team…. now that gets you there in calling somebody a moron just by using basic logic.

    Lets put it this way for the extremely challenged: when you have cap issues, LW issues, C issues…you don’t trade the 21 year old/900K cap hit, 2nd best LW, 4th best C, 3rd best RW, Stanley Cup 10 points winner.

    Teuvo Teravainen becomes second youngest player with multi-point game in a Stanley Cup Final

    He might not be better than Hossa or Kane = in the land of stupid, that’s a stupid argument), but I think Coach Q can use him.

    PS: This fucking moron is going to start calling for TVR’s head soon. His argument will be that TVR couldn’t beat Svedberg alongside Seabrook, so he’s out. After all…TVR is never going to usurp Keith, Seabrook or Hjalmarsson, so they might as well can him… in the name of accountability no less.

  14. How about the perceived lack of speed from Anisimov ? Does anybody still have a problem with that ? Serious question here.
    How do you guys feel about Anisimov fitting with the Hawks speed ? There were long talks about it up until 1 month ago.

    I’d still like to see Anisimov center his own line (in the sense ‘without Kane and/or Panarin’). This guy is very skilled, so he can be the playmaker himself. He’s been doing dirty work on that crazy line, so in a sense he’s kind of been underused.
    That 2nd line is wayyy loaded up. I’m personally very curious of how it will look when Coach Q decides to spread the wealth.

  15. Full disclosure…I am biased. My Mom’s family is from the western UP and I am the 3rd Tech grad of 4 in the last 3 generations from our small family but when I saw Kero got called up I was pretty fired up. Now I will have to yell “Let’s go Hawks” a bit louder so I can occasionally sneak in a “Let’s go Tech.” I sure hope he sticks!

  16. Lol AA is a tremendous skater for a big man. In fact he’s so smooth and effortless with his stride it looks like he is going slow since he doesn’t need to pump his legs like a wombat on speed to get up and down the sheet. Can’t believe that needed to be said.

    Also, TT has switched sides, its an adjustment, he’s 20 and still a kid. Gonna take some time for him to be more assertive. You’d like to see some more consistency by the all star break but not an issue right now. I think he needs to stick in a spot and be allowed the time to figure it out \ get comfortable.

  17. RTF-TT has to be accountable to his coaching staff and his teammates and they both (including Coach Q) like and trust his two way game. And they love his upside. He also pays lots of taxes and is kind to pets.

  18. Teravainen has been skating on a line with Hinostroza (not ready rookie) and Garbutt on his line. That his production hasn’t matched what we saw during the Stanley Cup Final (when he was skating w/ Vermette) shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. He’s been good in every zone, and Kero might be a better fit at the 3C position to help Teravainen produce more offensively.

    It’s also worth noting that Teravainen has done a LOT of freelancing so far this season; the other two on his starting line have generally been the lowest ice time recipients, and he’s floated on other lines as Quenneville turns on the blender to find offense.

  19. The question becomes are the Hawks better off flipping Teuvo for a major LW. A LW that fills a major gap on this team. That is the essence of “fit.”

    Tanner Kero is indeed a proud alum of the great Michigan Tech program. All hail those of us with roots in the Upper Peninsula and the great hockey program of a great university.

  20. off subject. Tab, lately seem to have a difficult time getting to this site. Server time outs, etc. Anything you are aware of? Thanks.

  21. Ebony great point re Kero # of goals in limited # of games. Second coming of Mike Bossy? Larmer Jr? As for Mr. Rufus’ comments, I havent read one post attributing blame to Q thus far; and players like Teavo dont grown on trees. He’a not going anywhere.

  22. Any thoughts on Paille on the top line at LW? Could be a nice fit. Probably involves dumping Bickell and his cap hit, which we all know isn’t happening any time soon, but just wanted to get other takes on it.

  23. Montana – I have been working to fix the server issues for the last couple days and hope to have a permanent fix soon. Appreciate the concern and hope to have things fixed asap.

  24. I love the Rockford shuttle when the Hawks are in a position of strength. Find out what you have. As for TT, name me the best 3rd line in the league and I’ll probably still take the Hawks. The fact that you can have TT on a 3rd line (and he still doesn’t have a full year in the league), experiment with Rockford kids, put Garbutt on that line and still be more than break-even is a luxury no other team in the league has

    When Dano arrives (this year’s version of the TT Rfd-Chi introduction), all the lines will probably be reshuffled. And just like last year’s playoffs, the Hawks will have 3 balanced, impossible to fully match up with lines.

    As for RTF, the Hawks don’t win that 3rd cup without TT, Vermette, etc.

  25. RTF – Without a doubt you are by far the biggest “doom-n-gloomer” out there.

    You may think your hockey knowledge is superior to everyone else’s, but with every post you make, you become more irrelevant.

    You used to be somewhat entertaining, now your just annoying…

  26. In order to maximize TT’s skill set he needs to be put on the second line between 88 and 72. Highly successful centers in the NHL must possess great vision and passing skills, speed and quickness, the ability to play a defensively responsible 200 foot game and competence at the dot. TT possesses all those qualities with the exception of his faceoff work. That will come with time and practice. He needs to be put with finishers. Put him with 72 and 88 and he will become an excellent playmaker and the Hawks long term answer at 2c.

  27. RTF is right, but for the wrong reasons. TT isn’t a good fit for the Hawks because we have so much talent that we can’t get him enough minutes. Q is playing him on the third line but squeezing him in on the PP and double shifts occasionally on the first two lines. For a young player, that is a compliment from his coach. However, that may also be hindering his production because it may be preventing him from finding a comfort zone. You don’t trade his type of talent, you find a way to capitalize on it and that is exactly what Q is working on. The production will come.

  28. TT isn’t a center. And TT isn’t a LW. And he isn’t going to leap in front of Kane or Hossa at RW. So really he is a 3rd pairing at RW. Or, he is traded for what we really need at LW. Especially since Dano doesn’t really appear to be a LW either and is destined for the right side in my estimation.

    Conclusion? Teuvo doesn’t fit and has more value as a trading trip. Not hard to understand.

  29. @Booman: “…you don’t trade his type of talent…” Right on the money. You don’t. Unless you lack patience and foresight and any hockey sense whatsoever. You do exactly what Q is doing and you shuffle the deck and play your hand as best you can. I really think Q is loving this challenge with this much talent to fit into his system. And I have faith he will get it done.

  30. “This much talent”? Well, out of offseason necessity moves were made that devastated us at LW. And lo and behold finding offensive chemistry and GOALS has been made difficult in huge regard because of the issue at LW. Collectively speaking we have 12 forwards that don’t all go together. And when Des Jardins is your best LW then you are a team with a problem. Believe Bowman and Q understand this. And hence why the clock is likely ticking on Teuvo time in Chicago. He’s likely traded for need. And Dano then assumes the role of trying to fit. Which explains also why Dano is on Rockford right now. Because right now he too would not fit.

  31. Rufus, your point is ridiculous and your explanation even more so. Pure piffle. Booman got it exactly right. You don’t trade talent like that. The LW issue will be solved and in the meantime the boys will continue to work within system and the goals will come. The “need” you speak of is true, but not a pressing issue right now, this early in the season. And Dano is in Rockford to learn the system and get some reps, not because he doesn’t fit. You seem to be a man of no patience and I am extremely grateful that you are not a Hawks decision maker.
    I remember a friend in Nashville who, come to think of it, is pretty much like you, always telling me, “Why are we wastin time on Josi? He’s not growing, he’ll never amount to anything, he’ll never learn ” blah blah blah. Well how did that work out? Not saying TT will be a late bloomer like Roman Josi, but I am saying that real talent finds it’s place. And TT’s place is in an Indian Head Sweater. Okay, now it’s your turn to share the same steaming pile of nothing. Your like a bad instant replay on a never ending loop.

  32. Good Grief , we have a Crawford hater and a TT hater…maybe these 2 could start a petition to return a Stanley Cup or two. Never mind the rationalizations and the BS…don’t bite the hand that feeds you, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…I think they are just trolling for attention.

  33. ….this kind of thinking resulted in the Hodge/Esposito/Stanfield trade and along with it 2-4 Stanley Cups.

  34. Some of the commentary here is laughable. AA is just where he belongs centering the Kane line. This line needs someone that is tough and can go to the net yet can skate and is good with the stick. It’s something that always has been missing there and that is why he got a long term contract from SB.
    Re the third line …give TT a break. He has great awareness and hockey smarts that will just keep improving over time as he bulks up and learns the NHL game. I see him being another strong player with great plus minus ratings like Toews and Hossa. Anyone who things he should be traded is an idiot. Give him a few years and he will probably be one of the best young players in the NHL. So three lines have solid centers and the Hawks need to find one more. That’s not so bad. Most teams have a lot more holes than that. When Dano is ready he can play center and problem solved! He was rushed up last year at Columbus and still had a decent year. Give him a little time to develop and the Hawks will have a really strong young core to keep them in position to make a run at the Stanley Cup year after year. Everyone wants to see some of the young Hawks succeed and when they don’t light things on fire immediately people want them gone. You can’t have it both ways. Most good young players take time to develop and adjust to the NHL game. The Hawks are limited by the cap and will need to get help from some of these young guns.

  35. Point completely lost. The collective mix of 12 forwards don’t all go together nicely. We have screaming need at LW. Hell, Panarin is also ideally a RW but is operating as a LW! Teuvo is NOT a LW. He’s not/. And he’s not going to displace Toews or Anisimov as center on the top two likes. And he’s not gojng to displace Kane or Hossa as right wing on the top two lines. So then in the context of the players we have then WHAT THE FUCK is Teuvo?!?! That is the fucking point !!!! He does not fit within the context of what we have….and what we need. We have a GLARING imbalance at forward. Too many RWs and a canyon size hole at LW. And under fhis scenario neither Teuvo or Dano FIT. Hence why a part of the reason why Dano is in Rockford.

    Bowman has got to fix this and he knows if. Your not going to trade Kane, Hossa, Panarin, or even Dano to fix it. But you might very seriously trade the sub optimized Teuvo to fix it. And to get some desperately needed help at LW !

    This is not difficult stuff people. And not ONCE has fhis been an indictment by me of Teuvo innate hockey skill. On many levels it’s not his damned fault that he doesn’t friggin fit.

  36. RTF using your logic (almost), we shouldn’t have won 3 Lord Stanleys. Why, because we had a no true 2nd line center, but we still won the cups.

    No disrespect to Toews, but you have the best skill trio in the NHL in Kane, Teuvo, & Panarin. That hockey skill does not come along often. Now that we have it, you don’t get rid of it. Toews is just a different animal.

    Kane will be traded for Stamkos before Teuvo goes anywhere.

  37. Without any adverse salary cap issue if you resign Stamkos to the same contract as Kane and Toews.

  38. Lol. The sky is falling with a 3-0 record with Keith out. Yikes.

    Having misfit LW is a reasonable price to pay for 3 NHL calibre centers. All defensively sound, all kill penalties, all do work down low, all go hard to the net. Sucks to lose Saad but that filled a much more important hole.

    Pretty sure Panarin played LW in Russia sooooo not sure how flipping him to the other side makes him better. Also, since he is right handed, being able to square his body and rip one timers off the left side is probably a good thing. Cool story Rufus.

    Anyway, Toews will eventually score in regular time and so will Hossa and all that preposterous talk will go away. Tikhonov isn’t bad there and the guy does all the little things right. Wins battles, plays defensively sound hockey. They could do worse.

    4th line is solid and I can’t complain a lot about the 3rd.

    Lotta depth, lotta talent, lotta new faces. Going to take some time to build any consistency. Some of you all need to manage your expectations a little bit better.

    And finally, TT is 20 years old. He is not Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews where the impact and consistency in play is immediate. Deal with the ups and downs there, they will happen. When he starts to show consistency he will probably be back in the top 6. Not brain buster.

  39. RTF has dug his heels in, now he will say anything to save face. He was totally wrong about TT last year, he needs to let it go and move on.

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