Blackhawks Say No To Niemi, Turn To Turco

It’s official: the Chicago Blackhawks have rejected the arbitration award of Antti Niemi and will announce a one-year deal with Marty Turco on Monday.

Thank you, Antti, for doing what Ed Belfour, Dominik Hasek, and every other goalie since Glen Hall couldn’t for this city. Good luck wherever you land, and I hope it’s with an agent that doesn’t screw you out of millions.

One thought on “Blackhawks Say No To Niemi, Turn To Turco

  • August 2, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Now can we sign McKee for like .75.

    He would have a perfect role to fill as Sopel lite. Or maybe even beter D wise.

    He was #2 pair PK in Pitt. I think he is still unsigned.

    You seem to have connections. Is it possible? You love Jr. so much, I would hope he would listen to you. :)

    I must admit Stan has done a good job through this and he will get the same crap if all his prospects turn into Versteeg’s etc. When 20 guys need a raise you look like Tallon. And idiots post he had bad cap mgt. If 5 guys stunk we would be under the cap.

    I HOPE Stan gets us hat same problem. Posters talk about Skille won’t be much to re-sign. What are they smoking. I HOPE Skille is 1.5 next year as a better replacement for Kopy.

    Anyway, what do you hear on McKee. I think you even posted about it some time back, or was that another blog.

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