Blackhawks Summer Trade Analysis: Part Two

On Monday morning in Part One of our Summer Trade Analysis series, we examined the statistical differences between three players: former Blackhawks Kris Versteeg and Andrew Ladd, and current Hawks forward Viktor Stalberg.

Now, in Part Two, we’ll examine four more players that were part of Chicago GM Stan Bowman’s summer decision making process. Again, the stats (and ages) represented are through Nov. 15.

  A B C D
age 37 33 25 25
gp 16 20 20 16
G 3 2 3 2
A 1 2 3 1
PTS 4 4 6 3
 +/- -5 -2 2 1
PIM 2 4 19 36
PP 0 1 0 0
SH 0 0 0 0
GW 1 0 0 0
FO% 53.0 48.8 47.2 39.8
H 6 19 25 19
BS 18 8 9 15
ATOI 16:17 12:41 11:51 9:37
Sft/G 23.1 18.7 16.9 14.1
Salary $1.25M $500k $525k $825k

Player A: John Madden

Player B: Fernando Pisani

Player C: Jake Dowell

Player D: Colin Fraser

Again, as you can see in black and white, the selections made by Bowman have proven to be both economical and effective on the ice.

Dowell, the same age as Fraser, has twice as many points, fewer penalty minutes and a significantly better faceoff percentage… all for $300k less than Fraser is making in Edmonton. Similarly, Pisani has performed close to the level of Madden in roughly three-quarters the ice time and shifts per game, all while playing out of position at center for the last couple weeks.

Fraser was dealt for a sixth round draft pick and Madden was allowed to walk away as an unrestricted free agent this past summer. Each played an important role in the success of the Blackhawks last year, but were able to leave as free agents after the season. As we saw with the comparison of Versteeg and Ladd to Stalberg, these statistics show us that Bowman did an outstanding job of finding players to replace both with cheaper alternatives.

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