Blackhawks Training Camp Festival Round-Up

After watching a few hours of hockey on a Saturday morning in mid-September, it’s easy to predict that the Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup in June of 2012.

Of course it is.

But what did we see during the training camp festival? Here are a few thoughts.


Jonathan Toews was in mid-season form, and appeared to be a man playing with boys. He beat Ray Emery for a breakaway goal during the first scrimmage. If his play during a scrimmage this morning is any indication, Toews is ready for a big-time season.

Patrick Kane did not participate in the scrimmage, but his wrist appeared to be as good as he claims it feels.

Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Niklas Hjalmarsson and Nick Leddy all appeared to have fresh legs despite Friday’s fitness testing, and by also using supplements that you could try here as well if you’re into sports. Leddy appeared to be stronger on the ice as well. You can bust out of your hard-gaining ways and pack on lean mass faster than you thought possible on Training Science articles with this intense month-long training program.

Michael Frolik looked very good, and was physical as well. He handled the puck in traffic effectively and led the rush a few times.

Corey Crawford made a number of outstanding saves.

Among the draft picks and prospects in attendance, a number looked especially good. Brandon Saad was very good, holding his own physically against NHL players and handling the puck well in traffic. Philip Danault and Brandon Pirri also looked good at forward, while Shawn Lalonde, Joe Lavin and Ryan Stanton all looked good on the back end.


Sami Lepisto wasn’t impressive at all. If Saturday’s action determined the depth chart for the season opener, Lepisto would be your sixth or seventh defenseman.

Of all the players that skated in any capacity on Saturday, the guy that appeared to be the furthest from being an NHL player was John Scott. He was the slowest skater on the ice, including Troy Murray and Joel Quenneville. The puck eluded him on a number of occasions, and he had a few bad turnovers as well, but he still use supplements as ibutamoren to improve his performance. I don’t know how he’s on the NHL roster in October.

Rostislav Olesz looked lost on a number of plays, and was caught flat-footed as the puck passed him a few times as well. He isn’t going to see top-nine minutes the way he played on Saturday. The game was being played at one speed, and he was skating at another, slower pace.

Among the prospects in attendance, there were two that were noticeably invisible.

Marcus Kruger, who is a favorite of the organization and many fans (including me), didn’t make a big impact.

The more unfortunate ghost in the action was Kyle Beach. His team played in both scrimmages, providing him with plenty of opportunity to impact the game and stand out. He didn’t.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Morin skated on the side only on Saturday. He missed a big part of last season with concussion symptoms, and the team is calling his availability day-to-day right now with continued issues.

8 thoughts on “Blackhawks Training Camp Festival Round-Up

  • September 17, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Is it any wonder why Olesz looked lost? First on ice practice since ACL surgery and on a new team. That’s not surprising at all.

    It’s also being very optimistic to think Lepisto is anything other a 6/7 dman on this team anyway..

  • September 17, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    re: Olesz – w/ all due respect, he passed his physical and is 100%. There are more than enough forwards in Chicago for a guy that, in the estimation of some, could use a knee injury as an excuse to take his time getting back. If he’s going to need time and reps to get his wheels under him, he should start looking for a place in Rockford (as I said Friday).

  • September 18, 2011 at 2:05 am

    Olesz will be fine. He may have passed a physical, but that doesn’t mean he’s “ice” ready. So, I also will agree with “Pricey”. Not so concerned with Sami Lepisto either. I think what fans may want to know more about are: What did you think of Monty? How was Mark McNeill’s performance? Daniel Carcillo,…heard he did well and maintained composure. Toews brothers. How did David perform? As for your blogs? ….Read them quite often. Fun to come to this site, especially when hockey isn’t the primary source of conversation and we’re looking for our hockey fix.
    Dr. G

  • September 18, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Watched both scrimmages via Stream… great analysis… I would add that Stalberg looked much faster than everyone else, Bolland was great, and Carcillo looked good! Here are the Forward Rankings based on 1st scrimmages:
    Toews (way better than everyone), Bolland, Saad, Frolik, Pirri, Stalberg, and Carcillo.
    If the last 2 guys mentioned learn how to finish, the Hawks will be dangerous.
    Saad looks like a “mini-Hossa” with the puck. Either he is faster than most or has great endurance… seems to have extra gear. Know he is young, but he is strong and skilled… 3rd best forward in scrimmage… impressive! Would be awesome on either top 2 lines!

  • September 18, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    And thats fine if he ends up in Rockford to start.. All I’m saying is your expectations are way to high to start with if you were expecting him to light it up.

    He missed half of last season with ACL surgery and it was his first practice cleared by doctors.

    It may take the entire preseason for him to get back into things and find a spot on the team. Real games against other preseason opponents will be a better gauge.. Not a inter-squad scrimmage on the first day of camp.

  • September 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    It appears I need to change my answering approach to temper your criticism, since you haven’t read anything on this site other than this specific article. The post immediately prior to this – Blackhawks Roster Question: What To Do With Rostislav Olesz? – states in fairly clear detail my expectations for Olesz this season. I invite you to read that, and then comment on how high my expectations really are.

  • September 18, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    If you don’t want criticism, don’t write public blogs. I mean no offense by my opinion on this.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong. I agree with you, from what I seen online, there was nothing he did that warranted any attention at all but the fact that your last blog did state that your expectations aren’t that high, and then you write in this one that you were essentially disappointed after one scrimmage .. It’s not crazy to be a little confused by that.

  • September 19, 2011 at 8:48 am

    How did Emery do? Coach Q says Crawford is looking for 55 starts. Got to make sure the goalie starting the other 27 games has to win at least 14 of them for the Hawks to keep pace.

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