Brent Seabrook Announces Retirement

In surprising news, the Chicago Blackhawks and veteran defenseman Brent Seabrook announced on Friday morning that he can no longer play.

Seabrook’s comments from the release:

“I am so proud to have played my entire 15-year National Hockey League career in Chicago with the Blackhawks. It was an honor to play the game that I love, with teammates I love, in front of fans I love, in a city that my family and I have grown to love. After several surgeries, countless hours of rehab and training to get back on the ice at the level of my expectations, it will not be possible for me to continue playing hockey. This is what is best for me and my family. The love and support of my wife, Dayna, and my kids, Carter, Kenzie and Dylan has meant everything to me. My parents, Gary and Suzanne, and my brother Keith, have been behind me every step of the way and are my foundation.

I want to thank the Blackhawks organization – including the Wirtz Family, Rocky and Danny Wirtz, Stan Bowman and Jeremy Colliton – who have been very supportive throughout this process. I’m thankful for all that the Blackhawks have done for me and my career. This organization drafted me as an 18-year-old kid out of western Canada and this team became my family away from home. In addition, I’m thankful for the Blackhawks medical and training staff for always putting me in the best position to succeed on the ice. Over the past 15 years, I’ve played with and for some incredible teammates and coaches. I thank each and every one of you. It was an honor to wear the Blackhawks sweater and go to battle with you night in and night out. I loved being your teammate.

Lastly, to the great fans of the Chicago Blackhawks, thank you. I sacrificed everything for this team in our quest to lift three Stanley Cups and gave it everything I had for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better fan base to play for. You, more than anyone, kept me honest and always pushed me to be better – while also cheering me as your All-Star and Champion. Lifting the Stanley Cup in 2015 in front of all the fans at the United Center will be a memory I’ll never forget. You have truly made Chicago a second home. My family and I will be forever grateful for your love and support and I look forward to always having a special connection with you the fans. I will always be a Blackhawk.”

66 thoughts on “Brent Seabrook Announces Retirement

  1. One of my all time favorites. We will miss you!!!! Good luck in your further endeavors.

  2. one of the best hawks of all time.

    how lucky for me to have watched seabrook, keith, hjalmarsson, bill white, whitey stapleton, bill murray, doug wilson, pierre pilote, phil russell, doug jarrett, chris chelios, keith brown, doug mohns, moose vasko, keith magnuson. a crime wilson’s sweater isn’t in the rafters. larmer as well.

  3. All the best for him, one of all time great Blackhawks, no cups without him.

    Hawks29 would assume similar to Hossa be an ltir caphit until contract expires after 23-24 season. Be insured until then and not need protected in expansion draft now.

  4. Seabs- thanks for the memories. I loved his ability/instinct to backdoor the D and snipe a goal. I see both Mitchell and Beaudin- have that instinct and knack -so Future looks bright for Hawks.

    I guess the that Poster here was right a few years ago predicting Seabs would be out of Hockey way before his contract expired.

    Very Interested in seeing Cap hit moving forward.

  5. Looking forward to when I’m in the stands watching Chelios and Seabrook standing on the ice admiring the 7 going up to the rafters.

    Thank you Brent for the 3 Stanley Cups you helped me enjoy!

    Top 3 Seabrook moments I can remember
    1. Game Winning Goal Against the Red Wings Game 7 in overtime after Hammer’s disallowed goal
    2. Hit on David Backes, complete changed the complexion of that series
    3. Unbelievable Leadership
    4. One of the most deceiving shots
    5. One of the few Blackhawks defensman over past 10 years with a heavy aspect to his game.

  7. Regardless of what anyone thinks about his contract, one of the best Blackhawks of the cup generation. A hell of a leader, a tough hombre on the ice and an understated quiet confidence off and on the ice, Seabrook is a great representative of our city and team. Will really miss seeing 7 suit up. Best of luck in the next chapter to a true Blackhawk.

  8. Stick tap to the OG horseman!
    Mike Smith on drafting him
    Sad day for Hawks, knowing this, hip replacement is near for him, I myself at 37 and having a replacement at 36 is troubling but if their is a will and way.

  9. End of an era in hockey for Chicago. Glad I was able to witness it and enjoy it with my young family over the years. We are truly a Blackhawks family ( and Bears for the most part). It pains me to see the remnants of this incredible team start to move on in different ways. It was definitely the best era of hockey for us and I’m so glad I was there to see it and go to the parades with my family. Maybe, just maybe the next chapter is being written and this next set of players can capture our hearts like this team did. Seabrook’s number may never hang in the rafters of the UC but he made an indelible mark on this team, this city and hockey. His timely hits (Backes I’m talking to you…wakey wakey) and goals and leadership (talking Toews off the ledge) were key instrument to 3 cups. Thank you Seabs!!!!

  10. The Hawks dynasty era keep ebbing away and it’s sad. Not to go all melodramatic on you here but it’s like our heroes are walking away into the misty past and taking a piece of us with them.

    Seabrook was the central figure in two of my favorite memories from the Cup runs – his OT goal against the Wings after they disallowed Hjammer’s goal on the bogus offsetting penalties where Saad did nothing worthy of a penalty. A truly glorious FU moment to both the Wings and Refs brought to you by Brent Seabrook. The other being him stepping into the penalty booth to tell Toews to get his head out of his ass which was as important a play in turning the game/series and fortunes around as anything.

    Way to go #7. We love you.

  11. Congratulations Seabs on a truly remarkable career! You will become, in time, one of the “Legends of the Hawks Dynasty”- deservedly so!!
    Wishing you every success in your post- Hawks career…hoping that you stay close to this wonderful franchise. All the best

  12. A quiet leader who played hard every night. Others got the awards and accolades but he seemed to be comfortable knowing how much his teammates respected him. He’s in a very small group who have their name on the Cup 3 times and he played a major role each time. I would imagine that a ceremony next year with the UC packed will be a special night.

  13. Godspeed, Brent. What an amazing career for the ‘Hawks. Will always remember the OT goal vs Detroit.

    He always took on a strong leadership role, even at a young age. I admire that.

    Takes some courage to retire. You took enough crap from fair-weather fans along the way as well.

  14. A huge thanks for so many great memories. Those huge goals, big plays and that short chat with Toews in the penalty box will be etched my mind forever. Best wishes for much success and happiness in the next chapter.

  15. Brent you have always had a heart of champion. I want to thank you for the way you played the game always giving yout best. You always played the game the right way, and I will always appreciate you as a player and a great person off the ice. I’m so sorry to see you leave the Blackhawks but glad you did it pmyour terms. Best of luck on your future.

  16. Seabs was a warrior – and so essential to all the Hawks Cups

    His clutch goals are of course very memorable but his leadership was evident when he talked to Toews in the penalty box (as ER mentioned) and the hit on Backes (as Knox mentioned) which even though he got suspended for sent a powerful message

    7 and 2 as a D pair were top of the class for a number of years

    Seabs will be missed however not his contract – it goes on LTIR until it expires in 2024 and as Ian said the Hawks now don’t have to protect him in Seattle draft which means they probably go 7 Fws and 3 D and 1 G for the draft likely meaning 5 and 16 along with 2 get protected – DeHann may be traded or lost in the draft

  17. Would someone please explain so even I can understand the different ways a team can use LTIR. I believe one way is to put the player on LTIR after the first day of the season which means the players cap hit is counted against the team being cap compliant when the season starts. But isn’t there another way of doing it where the player’s cap hit doesn’t count against cap compliancy and is therefore available to be used by the team in the off season?

    I recall the reason Hossa’s contract was traded to Arizona was so the Hawks wouldn’t have to count Hossa’s cap hit to be compliant on day#1 of the season which prevented the Hawks from essentially using Hossa’s cap hit except for in-season moves. That leads me to believe I don’t understand the second method of using LTIR I described above.


  18. e: Hossa’s contract – Hossa’s deal had the “empty” seasons at the end of it with a significantly lower salary to bring his cap hit down. If he had retired during the deal, the Blackhawks would have been hit with a massive cap penalty. He was traded to Arizona because, ironically, they were circumventing the cap; they were happily willing to pay him $1M and have a $5M cap hit so they spent less to reach the floor. They did it w/ Pronger & Datsyuk, too.

    Seabrook’s contract was written after the CBA that added the penalties for those types of contracts so his deal does not carry the same issues that Hossa’s did for premature retirement.

  19. Thanks Tab, I had forgotten about Hossa’s contract being one of those cap circumvention contracts and the potential penalty associated with it.

    But, I’m still not clear on whether or not Seabrook’s $6.8M cap hit must be counted in Day#1 compliancy or if there is a way around that (short of trading him)?

  20. That’s true Tab, but with an insured contract and fact he would leave millions on the table over next 3 seasons, could be making this move to remove Blackhawks responsibilities to him, never heard for sure either way, though.

    EB his caphit still counts but they can exceed cap ceiling if they wish by amount of his salary is basically the short version. May not play much of factor anyways if it does go ltir route because don’t see Bowman going on spending binge this summer, too soon for that.

  21. With the additional cap room Stan could take on a bad contract from another in return for a sweetener – either a pick or prospect – that may happen at this year’s TDL if a team wants space to bring in a player for Cup run

  22. OK, so if I understand this correctly, the Hawks will not have Seabrook’s $6.8M cap hit to use for anything other than in-season “temporary” use. In other words they can’t use if like legitimate cap space because they have to true up cap compliancy at the start of every season. Correct?

  23. So, my brain was expending cycles on useless information again and the thought struck me – why now – why did Seabrook announce his retirement now? The answer is probably as simple as “why not now” but that won’t stop my conspiratorial thoughts from getting engaged. It stems from my remembrance of Seabrook leading Toews out of the wilderness of his penalty implosion in the playoffs against the Wings. Could Seabrook be doing the same thing, this time leading by example?

    Just food for conspiratorial thought.

  24. Wrap yes be an option, maybe like a Boychuk with only a year left and get a sweetner. With Shaw looking like an ltir possibility fo next season too. Should still have more than enough cap room to sign rfas in off season.

    EB assuming it goes that route, may to prefer use in season this year as ltir space may not be that big a deal. Then either trade his caphit in another year or his caphit could become off season ltir where they could if they needed the space build a roster as close as possible to his caphit 6.875m over cap ceiling. That limits teams alot, for performance bonuses, accruing tdl capspace too, so no guarantee they want to go that route. Trading it in another year likely best option and take a caphit for one year with a sweetener this summer for next season be more like what Bowman was talking about in his podcast tour.

  25. Thanks Tab. Unfortunately, that’s what I thought. If Toews follows suit – the Hawks will have over $17M or essentially unusable cap space. YIKES!

  26. Thanks Tab that is what i assuming would happen and he gets his salary until contract ends.

    EB Blackhawks don’t have protect him or honor his nnc or modified ntc next year this way.

  27. With a static salary cap – there will probably be fewer teams willing to take on dead cap space to reach the cap floor.

    Plus, I forgot to include Shaw in my previous post – if Toews and Shaw join Seabrook in LTIRetiring – that will be $10.5M+$6.8M+$3.9M = $21.2M in dead cap space next season.

  28. EB capspace not an issue next season, going to have 19m to sign Zadorov, Kampf, Suter , Hagel even with Seabrook, Shaw, Strome counting. Toews unless they want to sign a big price fa to replace him, my guess would be Dach and Strone as 1-2 centers next year if he isn’t ready, so his ltir wouldn’t impact that more than playing another elc salary not likely.

  29. You are remarkable and will be missed. Thank you for all the years of excitement you brought to the Blackhawks. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  30. I remember watching Seabs in his first year. I knew immediately he was going to be a force to be wreckoned with. His booming shot, his devastating body checks, his hockey sense and pinpoint accuracy passing.

    What a player.

    I consider myself lucky to have watched him on play and will never forget when he skated over to Johnathan Toews in the penalty box during that Detroit series. He knew just what to say to calm his captain down and lead them to an historic comeback in that series.

  31. ER – there are ways to make use of that space – it’s not the same as cap space but say the Hawks were over the cap in the summer they could put Seabrook on LTIR either in the summer to get under or send a bunch of players to RKF at the start of the year to get under the cap then on the first day of the season put Seabs on LTIR and recall all the players they had sent to RKF – Leafs have been doing this for last few years to get cap compliant with Nathan Horton’s contract

    I think I’ve got that right Ian??

  32. All the best in whatever the future hold’s for you. You played your heart out for the Hawks and I will never forget you holding those three cups, the goals, the hits, the commitment and the leadership you gave your team. I truly hope the Hawks can find a place for you if you want it. I hope whatever your next chapter is that you will be happy and healthy and I want you to know one thing, you surely won’t be forgotten.

  33. They have to be cap compliant WITH Seabs contract on day 1 of the season. They can then LTIR him and use his salary cap for other players. But they have to be compliant with it on day 1. That is the limiting factor of using LTIR. It isn’t free cap space in the offseason. So you have to build your team around that.

    Like when they signed Franson they had agreed to a contract but did not actually sign him until after the season started. Not a lot of guys will be willing to do that.

  34. Right – but it’s not just have to be cap compliant on Day#1 of the first year – it’s every year of the player’s contract which makes it unusable except for a within a single season. It can’t be used to sign a player for more than 1 year because the cap compliant reset button is pressed each succeeding year. I suppose the good news is that at this stage in the rebuild the Hawks shouldn’t be signing any long term free agents anyway. The following year may be a different story. The right thing is to pay for the decisions you make and there’s no way to weasel out of paying that $6.8M contract for all 8 years … as it should be.

  35. Thanks for the memories. It was fun meeting you at US Cellular field aka Cominsky Park home of the Sox. My wife and I are greatful for your awesome hockey and kindness. Thanks

  36. No, player can be placed on ltir 1st day of season like Hossa was, day before season starts like Tootoo and Rozival were to allow them to exceed cap on opening day or off season ltir to be compliant in summer if needed, but all put limits on team and need to figure out what suits your situation best. This isn’t going to be cap hell type situation, lots of room next year for 1st day of season and deal with it the following summer in what ever way works.

  37. My money on they ride out the ltir this year and trade his cat hit in summer of 22, similar to Hossa. Shaw only has a year left so next season would take care of his, still no reason to believe Toews isn’t coming back, so expect he will.

  38. A couple of points worth mentioning and one worth reiterating..think of the Hawks like this for next year..their cap is $74,625,000. That’s what they have to spend. It doesn’t matter what the actual cap in the NHL is. Once the season begins, they can utilize and/or weaponize LTIR space. But, in terms of our actual roster, the above number is what is available. Fortunately, there are a couple of things working in the Hawks favor. 1. This expansion draft couldn’t have come at a better time. I wouldn’t be working the phones to see if Seattle could be enticed into taking Seabrook’s contract because I don’t think it’s necessary and I wouldn’t want to put another team in a position to leverage us. The fact is, Seattle will take a player off our roster..whether it’s Carpenter or DeHaan, the Hawks will free up a bit of space. And we have the depth to fill that roster spot in house without any UFA being needed. 2. We are fortunate that except for Zadorov and Suter, all of our RFA’s this offseason should be reasonable to resign. 3. In two summers, you can then re-evaulate..perhaps taking the last two years of the Seabrook deal won’t cost as much to another team and you can get away with offering a mid round pick..or perhaps you leave the contract alone and don’t resign Strome and/or Murphy to free up the cap space you’ll need for the Summer of 22-23. And again, we would have in house options if that is the route Stan goes. 4. This is going to be a bit of a controversial take, but I actually don’t mind having Bowman in a position where he can’t spend all the way up to the cap..I haven’t been a fan of his UFA pickups over the last few years and in fact, I think they’ve slowed this rebuild his attempt to constantly patchwork this lineup with NHL veterans, he’s never given himself an opportunity to secure some young assets and/or picks by using his own available cap space..well, now he can’t spend. There shouldn’t be any UFA’s signed this year unless they’re minimum contract types and there shouldn’t be any contract extensions handed out either where Bowman overpays. So this Seabrook LTIR ”issue” actually solves my three biggest issues with Bowman and his cap management..he spends to the cap but never spends on difference makers(sorry Shaw, DeHaan, Maatta, etc), he overpays when he signs or extends a player (sorry Anisimov, Bickell and Seabrook, but it’s true), and his reasoning is always ”well, the cap will rise in the future which will make this contract more reasonable in the back half”..well, not anymore. The flat cap will be here for a few years. He’ll be forced to pay his RFA’s reasonably, and since he can’t handcuff himself with any large UFA signings, we can be assured that all of our young players can actually play here and develop here instead of possibly being moved prematurely because of cap considerations. To me, this is all a positive for the Hawks as this team continues to mature together.

  39. Slayerse7en, I like your spin on that and can’t really find anything to disagree with.

  40. LTIR aside the best news IMO is that they don’t have to protect him in the Seattle draft allowing them to protect the following most likely (DeHaan will either be trade or unprotected IMO)

    2, 5 and 16 on D
    19, 88,12,17,92,38 and 64 at FW
    Lank in G

    Of course Strome could be traded before then but for now that looks good and I think protects everyone that would be concerned about except Carlsson

  41. Wrap, Bobby i mean Ryan Carpenter building a case to be protected this last week. Agree though that looks close to what it could be. One thing about resetting roster after next season with some staying and some going. If 1 or 2 who going anyways were to go with his caphit to move it, be best case likely.

  42. I am speechless. Even though we know 7 and then eventually 50 65 retire. Just thought 50 65 go for more yrs then 7.

    March 5, 2021 at 9:24 am
    Wow. Can something be both both shocking and expected at the same time?

  43. Ian – Isn’t Carpenter needed to be unprotected as one of the compliant forwards in terms of games played or do they have a surplus of those type of forwards?

  44. @Wraparound..agree..always nice not to have to protect a player who isn’t playing for us..and yes, except for Carlsson, I think this allows the Hawks to protect the majority of the players they wanted to protect.

    @ian..I actually think Carpenter finding the back of the net a few times makes him more and more enticing for Seattle..and despite the fact that I love what Carpenter brings to our team, we have the building blocks in place for a really nice fourth line with Hagel-Kampf..add to that Wallmark, Highmore, Barratt, Entwistle, Johnson, etc. and I think the Hawks have plenty of in house options for Carpenter’s minutes next year..if he is selected by Seattle. But I wouldn’t protect him over Nylander or Strome..their youth and potential scoring upside are worth protecting over a matter of fact, given that Highmore and Wallmark meet the expansion draft forward requirements already (assuming Wallmark is issued a qualifying offer), I would actually shop Carpenter at the deadline..see if you can get a 4th back for him..perfect playoff complement, low salary for the next year..Stan should be making some calls..

  45. Forwards and defensemen need to be under contract to meet compliancy requirements, so Highmore meets them but Wallmark would have to be signed. Only goalies does qualifying offer work for. Only one needed in pool of available forwards for Seattle needs to be compliant, one D too.

    Slayer i think one of those 3 Carpenter, Highmore or Wallmark go at tdl along with Janmark and Soderberg maybe. Carpenter right now be best return.

  46. Brent is a legend. He has not been able to play at the NHL level for several years and it has been hard to watch him try to extend his career. Nevertheless, he is an absolute legend. Best wishes in your retirement, Brent. You were spectacular on the ice.

  47. To answer the cap questions I don’t believe anything changes. He was on long term ir so we already had his cap hit relief this season. Not sure if they keep him there for the remainder of his contract and pay him still but it will not count against the cap, just as towes’ contract doesn’t count as long as he’s on long term ir. So right now we have a lot of cap room and if we continue to be competitive there may be a move that brings in a very special player before the deadline. For as well as everyone is playing right now I’m not sure who’d be on the trade block. Should be interesting especially with the expansion draft coming up. What moves would you guys like to see? Keep in mind out top THREE centers are injured.

  48. Haven’t posted in a long time but always enjoy the many viewpoints.
    Just gonna throw this out there. What would it take to get Eichel?
    I know he makes 10mil, but if Buffalo retains say 3 mil, can we swing a deal?
    Trade Strome, Carpenter, a pick or two.
    Eichel between Kane & the Cat?
    Again, fully aware of his big contract, but what an addition.
    Toews, Dach, & Kubalik as another line.
    I fully trust the youngbloods to fill in the bottom 6.

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