10 thoughts on “Canucks Fire Mike Gillis

  • April 8, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Pretty sure whoever takes over for Nonis in Toronto will also win GM of the Year.

  • April 8, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Ha ha!

  • April 8, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Bummer – it was fun watching the nucks implode the last couple years.

    I wonder if the new GM is going to keep Torts or if ownership is going to eat all those millions he still has coming.

  • April 8, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    To quote office space, “We’re gonna be getting rid of these people here. Uh, first, Mr. Samir Nagahe… Naga…Naga…Not gonna work here anymore, anyway!”

    To bad I was enjoying the Canucks dysfunction hopefully it continues into next season.

  • April 8, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Maybe they can hire Tallon, then for sure we get Kesler.

  • April 8, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    Yea, Gillis did a outstanding job to Vancouver, just like what Rodriguez did to Michigan. Those were the best yrs of those two franchises. That’s what they’ll always be remembered for :)

    Another one bytes the dust…

    And another on gone, and another one gone
    Another one bytes the dust
    Hey, Im going to get you too…

  • April 8, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Ahhh I was hoping he would stay to drive the Canucks further into the ground haha. Some of the blame has to go to ownership for being so dam cheap. They could have bought out Luongo and kept Schneider and had cap money to bring in new players with Lou gone. Since the owners were too cheap they can suck it in the basement for awhile.

  • April 9, 2014 at 7:39 am

    If Nonis is fired, does he follow Burke to Calgary? He’s been looking for a pawn to call GM. Everyone knows who would call the shots there.

  • April 9, 2014 at 10:21 am

    So they eat what $10m with Gillis and talking Torts maybe gone as well? Another appr. $12M? A mere bag of shells…What’s $20-24m amongst friends? Amazing what animosity that franchise built around the league. They had a unique talent for this.

    No tears here.

  • April 10, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Mike57 – That was hilarious !!!!!

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