Chicago Blackhawks Select Forward Teuvo Teravainen

With the 18th overall selection in the first round of the 2012 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks selected forward Teuvo Teravainen.

Teravainen, who “plays a lot like Patrick Kane,” was ranked 5th by McKeens, 12th by The Hockey News and 7th by TSN.

This is from McKeen’s final draft guide:

“Teravainen possesses hand skills that are unrivalled by any other prospect in this draft, registering the highest marks for his playmaking and puckhandling skills in this year’s draft class.”

He’s listed at 5-11 and 165 pounds, and played for Jokerit Helsinki last season.

This is from TSN:

“He is elusive and is like a chess player in that he can anticipate moves 3-4 steps ahead of his opponent. Excellent agility and balance & he maneuvers away from danger and opposing checks very well. Great hands in traffic and he’s able to make any type of pass under any circumstance and he has a very good shot that makes him a multiple threat when he’s on the ice.”

He will return to play in Helsinki this year.

19 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Select Forward Teuvo Teravainen

  1. I know it’s foolish to go on stereotypes — Kane, after all, would not fit your ‘typical American’ profile — but if we’re grabbing a forward this small, I’d prefer he were Finnish. I’ve never thought of Finns as anything less than team-oriented, hard workers with a touch of scrap that separates them from their silkier, perhaps more-Canadian Swedish counterparts. At 15 in a questionable draft, I agree with nabbing the best available. D-men and goalies are more of a crapshoot at that point.

  2. I know he’s skilled and all but he really wasn’t what Chicago needed. I mean…another small skilled player. 163 lbs? Only aboot 40 lbs too light.

    Also, Pierre Maguire on TSN is aboot as annoying as it gets. According to him every team got a great player.

  3. What a great pick. This seems like a steal, but we obviously won’t know for at least 2-3 years. The word seems to be “skill” when people talk about this kid. After all the big guys they’ve drafted the last couple of years at forward, it’s good to get some skill to offset them. I don’t think any fan would complain if this guy turns into Giroux or St. Louis, who are about the same size, but with some adult weight, which he will get.

  4. I like the pick. Bowman ensures that ‘hawks fans will have some more dazzle on the ice. Let’s hope he develops a more complete game than Kane.

  5. I think this is similar to what happened with Brandon Saad last year in that the Hawks may not have needed a smaller winger at this point in the draft but he is a skilled player and basically fell into Stan’s lap. Saad, if you remember, was expected to go much higher last year and fell to the Hawks who snapped him up. Teravainen was ranked about #2 for European skaters and I’ve seen draft boards with him going as high as #5. He fell and the Hawks took the best player left on their board.

  6. I like the pick… everything I read and “bits” of highlights, shows that this kid has amazing SKILL… some of those passes and vision are definitely high end!!!
    And fact is he moved up to 1st line and PP in Mens Hockey league @ 17 yrs. old!!!

    Also, love the Chris Calnan…. researched on him… looks like a true Power Forward w/ a brain ( not like Beach) … tested in top 10 in several categories at combine… gonna be a player!

    Dillon F. is a gamble… but it is a risk/ reward…. he is like a Leddy/Keith… if he pans out we will have the flexibility to move one of the High $$$ in the future…

  7. This to me is a very good pick and I look forward to Teuvos’ developement!To say he isn’t what the Hawks need is wrong!I didn’t see any top 6 centers or top 4 D men ready to play next year in this draft.

  8. My math could be wrong and I may off on this a bit but wasn’t Kane drafted at 18 almost 19 and 162 at that time? Also Kaner put on about 17 pounds from 2005 till the 2007 draft. If Taravainen does that he will be about 180 at 19 much farther along than Kane was. I like the skill that Teuvo has and for me the weight isn’t a concern at this point.

  9. Your math seems correct,Ryan!It seems to me that Teuvo is about 1 year ahead of Kane physically at that age.But he will be given the chance to develope for a while,Kane wasn’t!But then Kane is special,I have a good feeling about this kid as well.

  10. “really wasn’t what Chicago needed” – how could you possibly NOT take the player rated #2 Euro skater / Top5-Top10 most boards? The Hawks may also have found players (eventually) in Calnan, Fournier, and Whitney…when they drafted Shaw, who *knew* he’d contribute as much as he did (or, even believed he play last season)?

    There is still time to make moves (Maybe even signing Suter?) – it may be a little early to fairly critcize Bowman.

  11. No one mentioned the Finish team coach said he will play CENTER next year. So it seems to me he is capable of defence and is projected no. 1 scorer. Excellent combo. He will not turn 18 till school starts in the fall. So he would really only be a senior in high school playing in an elite league. No brainer, but Matta was still available. Another solid draft.

  12. Really? Saad small? He plays around 200. And for those bashing Bowman he fleeced the Wild by dumping Barker to them to get Leddy. And as far as “T” goes, nutrition and weight training will add lean muscle mass. You have to continue to feed the pipleline. Kane has a few years left on his contract, you gonna pay him 8M that some other team will pay? Maybe, maybe not but at least be prepared from a roster perspective to fill the gap if he goes

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