DeBrincat, Subban Lead Hawks Past Stars

The Blackhawks traveled to Dallas on Sunday for a mid-afternoon game against the Stars in their Blade Runner alternate jerseys.

Dallas has scored at will so far this season since coming back from COVID Protocol delaying the start of their year. The Hawks came in with a power play that was performing as well as any in the league.

The Stars had a few issues to work out over the weekend, however. Anton Khudobin missed Sunday’s game because of an undisclosed “internal issue.” So the Hawks got a good look at rookie Jake Oettinger.

Chicago came out and controlled the puck early. The Hawks were credited with six of the first seven shots on net in the game and finished the first period out-shooting the Stars 11-9.

Malcolm Subban got the start for Chicago and looked solid in the first period. The Blackhawks failed to score on two power plays but killed one Dallas advantage in the first. The Stars had 1:58 of power play time carry over to start the second.

Subban continued to play sharp in the second period and Chicago’s defense gave him some help.

Three minutes into the second, Nikita Zadorov dropped the gloves with Jamie Benn and took a couple hard shots to the head. The two served their five minutes and remained in the game.

When Dallas’ Justin Dowling went to the box at 11:18 into the second, the Blackhawks got another power play. This time they made it count.

Alex DeBrincat continued his marvelous start to the season on the power play, tapping in the gorgeous feed from Dylan Strome for his fifth goal of the season. Patrick Kane picked up the second assist.

Subban made a few huge saves in the final four minutes of the period and the Hawks went to the room with a one-goal lead after 40 minutes. The Stars out-shot the Hawks 13-10 in the second but Subban was up to the task.

The stories early in the third period continued to be the Hawks controlling the puck and Subban making big saves.

Unfortunately, Mattias Janmark went to the box at 7:26 to give Dallas a much-needed power play. Benn got one good shot off but the Blackhawks’ penalty kill unit continued a terrific afternoon.

But as the penalty was ended, a high shot hit Subban in the glove but he failed to control it. Traffic in front ended with the loose puck bouncing into the cage behind Subban. Jason Robertson, who was engaged with Connor Murphy in front of the net, was credited with the goal.

After almost 50 terrific minutes, a shot Subban needed to keep popped out and the game was tied.

With 5:40 left in regulation, the Blackhawks got another power play opportunity. Chicago couldn’t convert and the game remained tied.

Chicago got more good zone time in the final minutes but couldn’t convert and the game headed to overtime.

The Blackhawks had a 32-29 shot advantage after 60 minutes and had blocked 15 shots. With the exception of the one goal, Subban was good. The offense controlled the puck but couldn’t finish.

Dominik Kubalik skated only 12:46 in regulatoin but his limited ice time was warranted. He was not good when you noticed him – and that was rare.

Chicago got Kane and DeBrincat on the ice together late in overtime and they ended the game. Kane dropped a gorgeous pass on the stick of DeBrincat and he sniped home the game-winner with 2:04 left in the extra session.

Subban made 30 saves.

DeBrincat led the Hawks with seven shots on net. Kane had two assists and five shots on net in 24:18. Brandon Hagel was credited with four shots on net in 15:27.

Zadorov lost the fight but was credited with a team-leading five hits and three blocked shots in 16:53. He was also credited with an assist.

54 thoughts on “DeBrincat, Subban Lead Hawks Past Stars

  1. Again ….DCat. …what a nice start and another victory for the young Hawks …sooo nice to see how they follow the coaches instructions.

    February 7, 2021 at 3:00 pm
    Thats what I am really waiting to see and get excited about is having 4l ines of speed/in young players. We havnt had that yet we always had 4 lines of dynasty players/roster wise and then the whole league got fast. Now were assembling that full lineup of fast speed players and then we can play that dump forcheck stuff that teams do to us.

    Then it will be our turn. Just a mater of time.

  3. Better stop posting about draft standings. Were 5-1-4 since first few games where we didnt play Lankenin and how many rookies/first yr Blackhawks on roster.

    Lankenin 4-1-3 Suban 1-0-1 last couple starts.

    Hmmmm. Still want to add anotrher elite at draft.

  4. Zadorov may have lost the fight, but I thought this game was the best defensive performance I’ve seen from him, in multiple aspects – I could see him being one of those guys who really gets his engine revved up after big hits or a fight

  5. A lot to like today. Zadorov’s best game as a Hawk, Hagel getting more opportunity, young D played solid, Keith and Subban were excellent. If Dcat and Strome are able to play consistently at this higher level it really makes a big difference for the future.

  6. Totally agree 49 years. Zadorov did a nice job simplifying his game, walling guys off, protecting the puck, making smart short passes, blocking shots. Glad he did not get knocked out by Benn who threw a couple of lefty bombs.

    This team is really fun to watch. Especially guys like Hagel. All out every shift. Love it.

    5-4-4 with no Toews or Dach. Wow.

  7. The game Tuesday against the Stars will be the 14th game of the season which is right at the quarter pole and they have now played every team in their division. Other than Tampa, they’ve pretty much been able to play competitively against the rest of the division. Pretty impressive for a team playing 5 or 6 rookies most games.

    Is it time to recalibrate expectations? My vote on that is no – stick to the plan and don’t change a thing. If the Hawks can keep playing well enough to hang around the top of the division and happen to make the playoffs – then we’ll celebrate their success and hope they can win a round or two. If they regress a bit and don’t finish in the playoffs – then at worst we’ll get a top-16 draft pick which will still be a very good player with potential to be a key piece of the rebuild.

    In the meantime, watching them play with this much heart sure is fun. Keep it going boys,

  8. Love our young D. The more I see of Beaudin, the more I like him. Mitchell is getting better with every game. de Haan and Murphy have been solid. Zadorov looked better today, but jury is still out in my opinion. Some on on this board have talked about letting Murphy go in trade at the deadline. With all due respect, I think you’re nuts. The PP continues to impress and the tenacious forecheck has been my favorite part of this season. Hagel is a warrior, and I can’t wait to see more of Johnson. Lots to love about the youth and the future of this team.

  9. A very complete game with sustained checking and high energy throughout. It truly is refreshing to see hardness on the puck,relentless forechecking,and all out effort from most of the lineup.Subban had his shaky moments with rebound control but still is improving with his positioning.Kubalik took Kurashev,s spot in the Colliton doghouse for this game.He just about sat the entire 2nd period.

  10. Another sold game. I agree with others here that Zadorov had a game. Subban not playing for almost two weeks and was very good. Enjoying the progress right now.

  11. I must have been watching the wrong game today. I thought Keith was terrible with puck control at the point. Can’t wait for Boqvist to run point on PP.

  12. Earl- I agree. He fumbled and/or couldn’t control the puck on the offensive blue several times today, especially on the power play. Other than that, he was pretty good, but I HATE seeing him on the pp.

  13. Maybe I’m way off, but the way the Hawks are playing kinda reminds me of the way Vegas plays.

  14. What I’m enjoying about the Hawks this year is that, while they don’t have the high end talent to dictate the flow of every game (that could change as soon as next year if/when Toews and Dach are back and Kurashev/Suter continue to develop), their commitment to backchecking, forechecking, having the forwards come back to support d-zone breakouts, etc..allow them to adjust to the type of game they’re playing. Those qualities in a hockey team can be utilized every game. In today’s case, Dallas is a big bodied team that likes to pressure the puck at every was difficult for the Hawks to set up in the offensive zone and it was difficult to set up on our pp as well. However, what the Hawks did well was not get risky with the puck..they chipped, chased, dumped and forced Dallas to go the length of the, can the Hawks keep winning games like this? Probably not. It’s difficult to win games when you don’t score 5v5 and your goaltending has to stand on it’s head long enough for the pp to come through. But that’s ok. With strong goaltending and a strong pk and pp, they will stay in games, which is more than I could have hoped for at the beginning of the year. Their compete level and their commitment to improve both aspects of the special teams this year is already a great foundation to build upon for the rest of this year and moving forward.

    As for Kubalik, Tab was right. He was pretty invisible this game. I think Kubalik has a bit of V. Tarasenko in him..loves to set up and fire pucks off of passes..needs to be on a line with two forwards who can dig out and get him the puck. Hopefully Jeremy tries Suter-Kurashev-Kubalik..let the kids that like going into the corners and who like heading to the net get pucks for Kubalik..then he’ll be fine..and by fine I mean he’ll be a bit one dimensional, but if that’s the player he is, at least put him in a position to do what he does best, which is score. He was fine playing on the Saad-Toews-Kubalik line because Saad and Toews can win 50/50 pucks and feed him one year, maybe try Suter-Toews-Kubalik and his numbers will improve..

  15. What is going on?? The Hawks looked like a respectable NHL team despite missing 19 and 77 and having 5 rookies in the line up and lots of other young players

    They played smart and hard all game long and despite the talent differential really played toe to toe with last year’s SC finalists – very impressive especially considering preseason or early season expectations

    Other have mentioned strong games from Subban DCat and Kane (I agree) but have to wholeheartedly agree with others on what I saw from Zadorov today – so he lost the fight he still stood up to Benn and didn’t let up with his physical play for the remainder of the game and also made some nice plays with the puck – very positive signs

    Beaudin again impressive – I miss Boquist running PP1 but other than that Keith was great

    Plus although not as exciting I thought it was easily Soderberg’s best game – so that’s good for his trade value

    One final note regarding JC’s line combos – he had some very interesting lines out there today and seemed to be pushing the right buttons regarding who was going and who wasn’t at any given time

    It seems our young coach is developing his skills and confidence too – moving Suter up to third line and Shaw to 4th worked for both lines

    And awesome to see them rewarded in OT finally!

    A lot to like all around

  16. What is going on here? Fun to watch this spirited group. No room for Boquist. He’s gotta go to Rockford

  17. This is what I full yexpect once we get a full roster HHNL quality deep 23man. Then its on. Just want moar to young wave I am not satisfied yet with who we have/like it and want more.

  18. Yes its not 8 fault that 20 19 arnt playing this yr. Once those players return 8 will be back to scoring again.

    Like you say players like 64 20 19 suit 8 the most.

    February 7, 2021 at 6:22 pm
    As for Kubalik, Tab was right. He was pretty invisible this game. I think Kubalik has a bit of V. Tarasenko in him..loves to set up and fire pucks off of passes..needs to be on a line with two forwards who can dig out and get him the puck. Hopefully Jeremy tries Suter-Kurashev-Kubalik..let the kids that like going into the corners and who like heading to the net get pucks for Kubalik..then he’ll be fine..and by fine I mean he’ll be a bit one dimensional, but if that’s the player he is, at least put him in a position to do what he does best, which is score. He was fine playing on the Saad-Toews-Kubalik line because Saad and Toews can win 50/50 pucks and feed him one year, maybe try Suter-Toews-Kubalik and his numbers will improve..

  19. I’m looking forward to Boquist coming back – I think he can add to this group

    Just not sure who comes out

  20. This is exactly what we want and expect though maybe wait until next yr guys we would like a deeper young wave.

    Same thing with that dude Gilbert when he did the same kind of things it allowed us to ‘play’ we havnt ahd that since when? Wait until were deep and we have enough dudes like Shawzer. Gilbert started it now Zad. I want Barratt in there and that other dude Johnson. Now thats what I am talking about.

    February 7, 2021 at 6:50 pm
    What is going on?? The Hawks looked like a respectable NHL team despite missing 19 and 77 and having 5 rookies in the line up and lots of other young players

    They played smart and hard all game long and despite the talent differential really played toe to toe with last year’s SC finalists – very impressive especially considering preseason or early season expectations

    Other have mentioned strong games from Subban DCat and Kane (I agree) but have to wholeheartedly agree with others on what I saw from Zadorov today – so he lost the fight he still stood up to Benn and didn’t let up with his physical play for the remainder of the game and also made some nice plays with the puck – very positive signs

  21. Lots to like about this team and this game. Except for Dallas’ uniforms. UGH!!! Subban has had two solid games. Yes, the puck popped out of his mitt at a bad time. It happens. Overall, he was absolutely solid. The forwards game was excellent. Kubalik wasn’t as bad as all that…but…he was given a needed message. Strome, in my opinion, is as an “assist guy”. Paired with snipers, like DeBrincat, works wonders. Like many of you, I am seeing a playing style like the 1st year Golden Knights. It works for the talent we have. Keith is the veteran that is needed for the PP, for now. But…like many of you… I am waiting for Boqvist to return. Beaudin and Mitchell are focusing on their D over any O…I’m good with that. Keith, De Haan, and Murphy can take the shots if the kids are positioning themselves correctly. I am not a fan of Zadorov. But, he did have a good game…and he got an assist. Of all the defensemen. So…I gotta tip my hat to him.
    Seeing how Klingberg has progressed makes me think of what could have been. How good would the hawks have been with Toews, Dach, and Seabrook? Would they have changed their style that is working so well for them? Some of these kids won’t be here after the trade deadline. If they perform well, the team may benefit with draft picks or minor league players of, hopefully, equal talent but no NHL time…or young NHL players.
    Last thing. FO% is not that great. Strome is much improved, Kampf is doing okay…he’s been better, Shaw is surprisingly efficient. So…would any of you consider Shaw for the 3rd line…or even the 2nd? I like Suter but at 5′-9″ he’s just too small for that Center position. He’s creative as hell. I’d like him better on the RW. What do you all think?

  22. Tazer is still top 3 in league? Faceoffs. Sure though we need another 11 or 16 for when were ready. Right now who cares lets learn the hard way/get better/gain agasint the grain/just do not get capitated along the way. We had to add Hands and Vermette even though we had Bolly and Krugs then well do the same when the time is right.

    Were not a full roster/complete team right now. Its all about development and boy are doing what we need. Thats good/keep digging well get rewarded when were deep.

  23. @edman68..Suter has been playing on the wing and I think LW is where he’ll settle in long term..this year, even with our shortage at center, we still have Strome, Kurashev, Soderberg, Kampf..and once out of protocol, you can add Wallmark and Carpenter at no real need for Suter to play down the middle..let him compliment the top 9 on a wing..even next year, assuming everyone is healthy, you’ll have Toews-Dach-Strome-Kampf down the middle with Kurashev and Barratt as options too..let Suter hit the weights and protein shakes, add 10 pounds in the offseason, and he’ll be a great complimentary winger..he’s already shown a lot of promise, he’s just got a slight build..but he’s young, that’s what an NHL offseason is for..

  24. Coming into the game Kampf was 55.4% in the dot with 77 wins, both good for top 30 in the league. Maybe time he got some respect.

  25. He doesn’t get much love but Kampf has been really good in his role. Strong defender and PK man.

  26. Another good game-many parts working nicely.
    Good thing the Hawks management didn’t listen to some on this site (several) that wanted the Cat traded for a bag of pucks–lol

  27. Thing with Kampf is people say he doesnt score enough goals. Well Krugs didnt though he scored some when it was a 4 line deep rpster and he was 4th line center shutdown checking line center. When were deep again like Krugs was then Kampf will. Not until then prob. Krugs went from 45/7% first yr to 57%? every yr after until some duocheknee cheapshoted his arm. Who was that by the way I would like to pay him a visit.

  28. @Slayerforever I have no problem with that. I agree with your summation. I think Kurashev may settle in at LW. Before Dach was injured, he was on the wing. I want him at center, but if Barratt pans out and is a strong FO% guy, moving Dach to the wing is not a bad option either. All that size and skill will be an asset wherever he’s positioned.
    Defense is still on my radar. The skill guys are small-ish. I want to keep Murphy but I really want a top line defenseman with size…6′-2″ and up, Someone like Luke Hughes and Owen Powers in the 2021 Draft Class.

  29. Noonan
    The Hawks would never trade DCat because they knew like many off us here that DCat is a top notch since his first year in Junior …many said he was good because he play with Mc David ,then on second year they said because he played with Stone the third year he was alone and played better then the 2 first years…hahaha with 65 goals and 127 pts. And before it was the same thing wit Lake Forest académie where he had 70 goals and 139 pts …he is a true scorer.
    Thé Hawks knew he would rebound and he is back to scoring again
    Really glad to see JC getting the team to do what he wants and the result is there .the team play hard ,focus, never quit like young warriors who wants more and more having Fun like kids should .

  30. Be interesting if we draft Hughes and when his brother is a ufa and see how good we are joins the Blackhawks as a ufa when hes 27/28. Since NJ will still suck.

  31. Saw some of the game. Powerplay is carrying this team to points. Powerplay is hotter mostly league wide no doubt because of many roster changes and no preseason. Over 25% of all teams the league has a higher power play percentage than any team had last year…though you cant expect the Ducks power play to remain at 0%. Good to see players getting a good skate in, the forecheck hadn’t been overly noticeable on this team…well…in a very long time. Was a bit disappointed to see highmore minutes get cut. Highmore puts in the effort hopefully it pays off. Hagel likely to score next few games, too many close calls. Both teams pretty depleted roster wise, more so dallas.

    Main problem being when you have the player eveyone wants traded Keith leading in minutes….the rough washed up terrible keith was hogging the ice. There is some sarcasm there if you missed. Still good to see subban get a chance, hope to see celia again. Quite a few roster slots to fill next year!

  32. this team is way more interesting to watch than I expected. will be interesting to see how our goalies fare once the league has looked at some tape on them cause now the league is shooting blind with no knowledge of weaknesses and or tendancies. puck handling by goalies should be taught and drilled: ours mostly don’t even try. rebound control needs a lot of work too, but hopefully they can keep us in games once the league knows them.

    the dot is a big issue and will be. concession of possession happens a ton with this young team and they panic and force things a lot in all zones esp D.

    but they are relentless, fast, fun to watch most nights and have enough youth to give one hope for the future which I didn’t expect this soon.

    Hagel especially has. been a great surprise. scoring or not, you really need smart. hard working every shift guys like that. the 2010 to 2015 teams had a number of them and we don’t win cups without them.

  33. Cue the Twilight Zone music – there’s far too many happy thoughts and optimism here and on other Hawks message boards. As I posted the other day – it’s one thing for me and a couple others to be all sunshine and lollipops, but when there’s standing room only on the Hawks happy train I start worrying that fate is toying with us. Just about the time you think it’s going to be great, you catch your reflection and realize you’re the cartoon coyote about to be launched on an Acme rocket and you know darn well there’s an anvil waiting for you somewhere up ahead.

    Meep meep.

  34. I loved watching WWE on Ice! That Benn is a smart fighter, tying up Zadarov like he did and getting a few whacks in. I was really impressed with Hagel and Subban yesterday. Every game another young player impresses me. Here are the ratings:


    Kubalik with the dreaded (5)

  35. Hawks 2010-
    Totally agree and got to watch him and Strome together many times over the 3 years in Erie and the ‘O’. His shot is a gift but there is an added degree of confidence this year and some of his other attributes are more noticeable.

  36. #12 and #17 seem faster, have more energy, are more noticeable on the forecheck, and better defensively this year. am i imagining that?

  37. The maturation of DCat has been easy (and fun) to see every year since he started his NHL career.

    His shot and goal scoring ability was his calling card so the only question was whether or not he could do it at the NHL level. Would his size limit him? Would he get pushed around and intimidated? Would he be quick enough to overcome his lack of size? By the end of his first season he answered all the questions like Hawks fans hoped he would. Not only did he not get intimidated or roughed up, he played all 82 games, banged with the big boys and scored 28 goals.

    His second season not only confirmed his first season wasn’t a fluke but showed he wasn’t just your average run of the mill offensive winger – he scored 40 goals and showed he had what it takes to be an elite goal scoring sniper.

    Last season showed a commitment to playing a better 200 foot game. He was quicker and stronger and even though his goal scoring dipped quite a bit he was a better overall player and he was still getting offensive chances – they just weren’t going in at the same level. The one spot that was still needing improvement was his trouble making good passes out of the d-zone.

    This season he looks quicker/faster/stronger and much improved in the d-zone and it looks like his sniping efficiency is back on track.

    Before he played his first NHL game – people thought of him as a one trick pony, at best, and maybe not big enough to play in the NHL. Not only has he proven that wrong but he’s improved his game to be much more than “merely” a guy who takes one timers.

  38. Interesting game. Subban again excellent in net. If he cleans up his rebound control a bit then we’ll have a great tandem for the season kind of like when Crawford and Emery were in net. The speed on this team is very noticeable and with DCat scoring again things look up. Wow, second positive post from me, must be the weed!!

  39. Central Division Standings (adjusted for games played – points/games played)
    1.667 Tampa
    1.556 Carolina
    1.556 Florida
    1.333 Dallas
    1.077 Chicago
    1.000 Columbus
    0.909 Nashville
    0.615 Detroit

  40. I would expect Columbus to leapfrog us now that they added Laine, and Tortella will regain his stranglehold on their locker room.

    I could see us staying ahead of Nashville though. They don’t impress me at all. Still, we are better than pretty much anyone expected us to be. Great sign for the future.

  41. ER- to add more positive mojo- for Quicker re-tool

    19 and Dach -have not even played

    Reichel , Altybarmakyan, Kayumov – all better “depth/Hands” then most Hawks Bottom 6 now–and have all ready played versus men.

    Hagel, Suter, Beaudin

    Lanks/Subban– better than expected

    SB- rumored to be chasing 2nd 1st round pick/draft.
    Regarding Draft– I think there will be several “sleepers”/forwards in mid round of 1st due to lack of Covid season/play/scouting- and Most scouts touting D men in top 10 ( D guys are always harder to pan out in NHL-imo)

  42. Getting a second 1st round pick would be great because, based on the early season results, the rebuild may be a little ahead of schedule which means we’ll be less in the running for a top-10 pick next year than we will be this year. Getting a second 1st rounder, even if the pick is in the 20’s gives Stan the opportunity to package the (2) 1st rounders and move up a few spots if there is someone still on the board worth it.

    What’s going to be interesting is if the NHL goes ahead with the rumor to have the 2021 draft after the 2022 season. I haven’t heard much in the way of details but supposedly the draft order for the 2021 draft would be based on the 2021 season standings and only the 2021 eligible players can be selected. Then a week or so later the 2022 draft would be held based on the 2022 season standings. The rationale being that many of the 2021 eligible players will not have had the opportunity to play very much relative to other players in the draft making it unfair for some players.

    If they go through with that plan, teams will be able to evaluate prospective draftees (essentially) based on their D+1 seasons. That would add an interesting dynamic to what would have been the selection order had the draft been held at the normal time.

  43. I have really been entertained with how well the Hawks have been competing this season. But I feel like something still doesn’t add up with their recent success. The talent gap on the Hawks still exists, but the team somehow mages to show success. It feels like the rug is about to be pulled from under the team but I can’t qualify my impending feeling of dread.

    Maybe this team is better than predicted, but I suspect that as we get closer to the playoffs, the other teams will adjust and the Hawks work ethic will not be as big of a differentiator. That seems to be the pattern of the Hawks the last few years anyway.

    What I don’t want to happen is that the Hawks management start drinking the cool aid on their recent success. Stan needs to find ways to bring in more talent. I like the idea of the Hawks getting another 1st round draft pick, but I would like to see if they can also pry a talented prospect who may be blocked from a playoff team in a trade deadline deal. I think the Hawks signed guys like Janmark for this specific purpose.

    If the Hawks can be this successful after losing Toews and Dach for the season, they should be able to weather replacing a de Haan or Janmark with the likes of Kalynuck and Barratt for the last quarter of the season. I suspect there are some guys on this roster that can best help the team by being traded.

  44. Bluto, then well be good with a top 5 skill draft player and getting a 17-25th pick like your saying from a tradeline player/plus to get a mid 1st/trade up to 15-25 area and have two excellent players from the 1st round.

    Here Mike, yea we should be around NAS CLB really a hair below those teams though at some point this yr/next yr fly by those teams and then be right next to CAR FLR when enough of young wave is in. Then once young wave get established and starts getting better each yr were up to top teams again. Few yrs.

  45. Miroslav – I’m with you on having this foreboding feeling. Hope we’re both wrong and the good times keep rolling on.

  46. Miroslav– Regarding- Hawks recent success – not adding up.

    I agree- they are overachieving w 19/Dach out.
    2 HUGE reasons- PP has been unstoppable. YES- it has improved due to Puck going thru the middle more- which is completely needed (and was missing in past) when teams attack/pressure Hawks.
    Reality check– is that PP will NOT continue at this rate.
    2nd Biggest reason- Is team D speed- is MUCH better- Opponents last 3-4 years have been killing Hawks in transitions/odd man rushes. To my eyes- this has been greatly reduced. Which limits/reduces High quality shots against Hawks.

    Seems like Hagel and Janmark by themselves have been on more Odd-man rushes than entire Hawks team has given up this year.

    Last thing- It is a small sample size- in both games and different Teams/systems played, which has led to this “appearance” of recent success.
    That could be part of reason too.

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