Devils Dismantle Blackhawks

For a couple weeks, we were led to believe the Blackhawks might be able to stay afloat while Duncan Keith was out of the lineup.

But removing Marian Hossa from the mix as well has proven to be catastrophic, and the Blackhawks were left desperately seeking answers after another ugly loss on Friday night.

In the wake of being out-scored 4-0 over the final two periods and overtime against the Blues, the Hawks came out and gave up three in the opening 20 minutes in New Jersey. The ugly start dug a hole that proved to be too deep for the Hawks to overcome, and Chicago lost on the road.


Making matters worse, Artem Anisimov somehow managed to be minus-three in only 7:34 and did not return for the third period with what the team is calling another lower-body injury.

Thankfully, Jonathan Toews didn’t get hurt when he decided to drop the mitts for the first time since fighting Joe Thornton in 2013.

Toews’ fight was the only thing the Hawks won on Friday night.

Corey Crawford allowed three goals against 13 shots in the first period and was removed after 20 minutes. Scott Darling allowed a goal to Mike Cammalleri 7:28 into the second period but did a nice job the rest of the way. He was pulled for the extra skater with 6:42 left in regulation, an uncharacteristically desperate move by coach Joel Quenneville.

Patrick Kane scored his ninth of the season in the second and got double-shifted for most of the night, but the Hawks’ bottom six forwards continue to bring nothing to the table offensively.

Erik Gustafsson was one bright spot on the blue line, showing an ability to jump into the rush and put some offensive pressure on the Devils. Gustafsson put four shots on net in 19:45, a total only eclipsed by Patrick Kane (five).

Kane skated 25:52 in the loss.

Tanner Kero added his first NHL goal with Darling on the bench. Unfortunately, there were only 86 seconds left in regulation when Kero lit the lamp.

Toews won 18 of 29 faceoffs but failed to register a shot on net in the loss. He was credited with three hits in 22:04, however.

Niklas Hjalmarsson played one of his worst games in recent memory, giving the puck away on the opening goal. He was on the ice for all four New Jersey goals.

The Hawks return home to face a Connor McDavid-less Oilers squad on Sunday.

59 thoughts on “Devils Dismantle Blackhawks

  1. The only positives about this game are it is over and Darling played well. Team defense really dreadful again. Worst Hammer game in memory for me. Panarin needs to loosen up those hands. He is really overthinking his game. It will come for him as he puts himself into great position to score every game. I hope Anisimov is not badly hurt. Wonder what triggered Tazer? Next.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. Terrible. No details matter.

    We were 7-6-1 after 14 games in ’15 with a couple of no shows on the road but we had 2 and 81 in ’15. Played good against top10 teams in ’15 too.

  3. Sheesh !….My nemesis at work , somewhat akin to Seinfelds ” Neumann”, is a huge NJ Devils fan, wears the Devils jersey twice a week to work, .. He’s fat, cheap, smarmy and a know it all and really thinks he is something … Thankfully I will not have to face this guy until Monday and hopefully by then the affects of this game will be somewhat muted.. But I’ll still hear about it I’m sure. Oh well at least Toews won the fight and tried to rally the team, even if it was against Henrique… And Kero’s first goal was a pretty little thing .. And Tab had a great write up !

  4. Kudos to coach Q for not using the Keith injury as an excuse for the porous defense in the post game interview. The kids held up pretty well tonight, it was the veterans that stunk. 16,11, 4 and 28 have been very poor this year. Hurry back #2.

  5. What I meant to say is #4 is an excellent d-man but he has not played the consistent brand of hockey we have come to expect.

  6. Can’t win with a leaky goalie and CC wasn’t on top of his game again tonight. And yes, the team in front of him played pretty bad too, but while the team is in disarray, which it is, the goalie needs to step up his game and CC has not done that since he was so good in the b2b shutouts.

    There’s enough blame to go around, but I think it’s not just Hjalmarsson that should be called out for playing poorly, it’s also Seabrook who has been terrible in the d-zone for the last bunch of games.

    Bottom line is that with Keith and Hossa out – we need the rest of our big-time players to step up their game – Crawford, Hjalmarsson and Seabrook have done just the opposite the last couple games.

  7. I don’t know how many times I screamed at the television dump the puck! Unless your name is Kane or toews there should be no skating along the blue line with 3 defenders in front of you. Dump the puck and go get it.

    The Kruger line needs to go back to simple grinding, throw the puck along the boards, out work the defenders and get some offense.

    TT is a turn over machine, it’s like he has butter on his stick

  8. This team looks lost. They were in a fog all night. Where’s their pride and heart ? Very disturbing .

  9. You win some, you lose some, it’s part of the game called life….

    But come on now. Stop blaming it on the goalie. It is a team game, that means all have to do their part. ALL! For some reason the Hawks play away from the UC is real bad! The last game vs st. louis, one unlucky bounce on Steens first goal on Crow. Then a goal miss late in the first by Hartman. The Hawks could have had 2 points instead of 1 point.

    If they dont do something about the road play, then we can panic. 2 out of 12 points does not help. Hope Q can figure it out before the long road trip.

    Go Hawks!

  10. Blackhawks got outworked, NJ had a step on them all night.

    Ineresting Quenneville had Kero out there the last few minutes when they were chasing three, Nice to see Kero get his first but to me it was more an indictment of the other forwards.

    Hjarlmarsson with that bad giveaway in the first then on the disallowed NJ goal it was Gustafsson with a horrible pinch in at the blue line and he got caught. Lucky for him the goal didn’t count so whatever.

    Toews fighting … Foley & Oczyk commenting “something Henrique did must have triggered him” … nice analysis, you guys are supposed to be following the game to tell us what’s going on. Can’t notice everything I suppose but it’s your captain, maybe try paying closer attention instead of all your hee hee ha ha grab ass banter and telling each other how great you are. Ah well, Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

    Need a better effort Sunday night and need to start showing up on the road, that’s 5 straight losses away from the UC.

    I mentioned at the end of the Hartman thread Ice Hogs won 4-1 in Grand Rapids. Bickell scored on a power play tip in, Hartman scored, as did PC Labrie and defenseman Nolan Valleau on a bounce off a GR player’s skate. Nice road win for them, they are on a bit of a roll.

  11. Henrique gave Toews a little wack on hands (after face-off),,, 19 gave him a little cross-check… and ten seconds later they were at it (of course some words in between).

    ER- How dare you dump on the “Vezina contender”!!!
    imo- the team played worse than Crow (Crow was worse in Blues game)… BUT- Crow wasn’t good for the 2nd game
    in a row…

  12. Well we won the fight and any time Da Captain goes fisty it sends a message.

    From what I saw Erik Gustafsson was weak at best on D, he ability to turn, and shift from offense ( not bad on offense ) to defense was the worse I have seen yet. Run-Bad close second. He got trapped a few times on offense and 3 or 4 times when beat made extremely WEAK effort to catch up otthe NJ wingers or slow him down. It was painfully obvious from the couch! We need more D-men jumping into the RUSH is secondary. It is the play Between the blue line to watch a good defense mens play.

    Daley is getting a little better.

    i think Sveedberg has earned a permanent spot, he has impressed me, he is very very coachable rumor has it!

    We get 2 hall of famers back Hoss and Keith and Hawks will be back on track.

    As I said on day one ( blah blah ) Artemi the artist has the skill set to get shoots to the net! He should have 4 or 5 a game and 30 goals he is that skilled. He like others have fallen in love with the cycle and Disney of Ice style of over passing and flash. Even Eddie o chimed in!

    Funny how many Sharp bashers on this blog last year, but he got the puck got the puck and demanded the puck and shot! He is missed, and that mindset is needed now.

    Love Viktor Tikhonov from my couch i saw Shaw and Viktor on the ice for what looked like 13 seconds, I sure Coach Q saw what i saw, CHEMISTRY and also a perfect match in speed plus intensity. Dezi can only play 4th line, i like him but i predict he may be odd man out in March! Tiki and Shaw and Marcus oh my oh my! print it!

    go hawks

  13. It was a bad game, but big picture I am very optimistic about the year. I like that the young guys are playing. In the long run the team will be better in my opinion.

  14. The last few games show exactly why most NHL head coaches are where they are. NJ and STL, teams starved for offense picked up on the lack of coverage in front of our net. Inexperience shows all over the ice. Now it is up to Q to make the adjustments and get his team to play a full 200 foot game. I am confident that he will.

  15. Good teams win half their road games and handle business at home. I believe the Hawks have 1 road win this season. This doesnt appear to be a good Hawks team, just too many player loses.

    The Devils just outplayed the Hawks the entire time. The Hawks went stretches without shots or zone time. Had power plays where they couldnt get setup. Played awful in their own end. Just a sad performance.

  16. awful game. Coach Q will have a field day going off on his players.

    It’s more than official… I prefer without any doubt those 1-0 OT wins to these sloppy games.
    People were crying for goals 2 week ago after Keith’s injury. Back then the Hawks had the best D i the NHL. Not anymore. For me it’s all about not getting goals against. Offense is never a problem…Defense always is.

  17. Tough start to the season. A mind boggling amount of player turnover. And the temporary loss of Keith and the permanent loas of Saad have been severely felt. Right now this team is in a earning curve mode. The passing game and execution is very poor. It will take time for new personnel to learn the system and gain chemistry. And we are trying to get by without the captain of the defense.

    I’m getting irritated with Panarin. He needs to start executing. So many passes stop badly with him. And Kruger has had a disappointing start to the season. Love the guy but time to take it up a few notches. Have seen nothing out of Dano that says he is ready. I like Kero, but he’s just a guy. Hossa needs to get back. On defense, Daley is an abortion in the defensive zone and I just wish we could dump his ass now. Getting Rosival back will help. Gustafsson isn’t ready and has been schooled badly. Svedberg is so limited and they make thinks so vanilla for him with coverage help too that it’s not funny. He screws with any sense of forward chemistry and momentum because Q has the wings cheating to help the giant pylon. He does some nice things but he is a liability back there for anyone who knows hockey’. He can get better of course, but how does a big aloof guy mesh with the Hawks system?!? He is the antithesis of what works with Q’s system.

    Need to linger and try and keep our heads above water. Just find a way to make the playoffs m. Which should be far from assumed.

  18. We’ll see Bickell back up here soon. The young kids are turning the puck over and the vet’s are trying to cover for the young kids mistakes and it bites them in the ass every time. Bickell knows the Hawks style and isn’t too fancy. He plays the north and south game really well.

    Our passing in the open ice is terrible. Nothing is “tape to tape” and it slows down our game. The entire first and second periods, all New Jersey did was wait in the neutral zone for a stretch pass from our D and then they just broke it up and dumped it back in our zone. Nobody wanted to dump it in and chase it down.

    Our defensive coverage in our zone isn’t bad, but we were getting beat in all the “one on one” battles. All this fancy stick handling and “no grit”!! I am sure that the coaching staff is working overtime on all these “inconsistencies”.

    Let’s see where we are in another 5-6 weeks, boys.

  19. Bickell? I start to shake when I hear that name on the roster. He is done with us, hopefully permanently, and can do his thing in Rockford for his remainig contract time. Better we let the newbies make their errors and learn than that. Lots of teams with problems in the NHL and trades will be coming. Saad? Columbus 4-11-0 and likely out of the playoffs already % wise and its only the start of November…they have one whole point more than the hapless MapleLeafs. I like the Bickell-less Blackhawks just fine thankyou.

  20. If our season is going to depend on Rosival and Bickell might as well shelve it. It’s time to let the kids play and see what they’ve got talent wise. I’ve seen mistakes but also positives. I know he’s made mistakes but I like Gustafson’s mobility. Last three games show how important Hossa’s two way game is.

  21. The only reason I want Bickell up here after hes shown something in Rockford, is to get to that 10 game/30 day plateau. Put him on waivers again and hope he’s claimed.

  22. Inconsistency is to be expected with all the new players. In recent years the circus trip has been a time for the team to come together and I believe it is scheduled for the second half of this month. There will be a real urgency to make progress on that trip as we have been very poor so far on the road. We don’t have a lot of time to work things out with the brutal competition in the division.

  23. Ernie – A waiver claim means that someone picks up the $4m salary for the remainder of this year and all of next year. There is less than zero chance of that happening.

  24. I would like to see the Blackhawks get another Cup this year as much as anyone else on this board. But, realistically, this is a rebuild year very much like the year after the Hawks won their first Cup in Philadelphia. The rest of the league is catching up with us due to their higher draft picks maturing and the Hawks limited ability to improve the team because of our cap situation.

    The road to another Cup will require the maturation of guys like TT, Dano, Kero, TVR, Breadman, etc. Yes, the core needs to lead the way but injuries to the older players are part of hockey life. Hossa, Keith, and Seabrook have lots of mileage on them and I expect that they will not be able to play 82 games going forward due to assorted, nagging injuries common to older players. Assuming that each of the young guys is NHL ready, they need lots of ice-time to realize their potential. Magic, wishful thinking, and excuses won’t get us the next Cup. Talent and team play will.

  25. We saw what Babcock did with the Wings when he had injuries to his stars. They still played well with the young players. It is Q’s turn to show what he can do when he loses his star power and has to go with inexperience… I’ll now sit back and wait for the comments that I’m bashing the icon coach with 3 cup. No I’m not. Just making a statement.

  26. Ok,..the following teams really suck and have problems: Calgary (surprise), Colorado, Edmonton, Ducks ( surprise), and probably the East its Toronto, Columbus, Buffalo, Carolina, Philly and probably Florida and Boston..thats a dozen teams and one of them could use the services of Bickell & Rundblad along with a pik or a prospect ( a plikspect). I would be glad to knock on the doors ( along with some fellow CI’s) of GMs of these teams touting a reasonable trade, the benefits of it all, along with $ numbers of how it fits with the cap and all. I like Bickell in Toronto as thats basically his hometown and a change of scenery would be good for his career, fresh start and all that stuff. No charge…just give me and a couple of fellow CI’s an Amtrak/Via ticket good for all over hells half acre and we will come back with a deal!

  27. Hof, SPOT-ON about Foley and Olczyk, without whom Vaudeville would be dead in NHL broadcasting.

  28. Bonnema, didn’t mean to confuse anyone. We won the Stanley Cup in ’15. That would make this season/yr ’16.

  29. If you think Foley and Olczyk were annoying, you should have heard Wiedeman and Murray on the radio side. Perhaps they don’t want to go negative on the team this early in the season so they prefer to default to their silly shtick instead. Somehow it just makes watching/listening to games like this even worse. Glad I didn’t see this one. Any game in which 4 is a -4 for the game is one I’m happy to have missed.

    Lots of teams starting to get dinged up. Parise may be out for a couple of weeks with a sprained MCL, and a damn shame what happened to McDavid. I really wanted to see that kid play a full season.

  30. Booman; I don’t think you will get any “bashing” replies, or at least not from me. I think this year will be the toughest on Q and his staff. For years the knock on Q was that he never gave young players a chance, well now he has no choice. I have faith the staff will coach-up these prospects but it is going to take some time. I think some of the recent sloppy play reflects that, but there has been a lack of effort also , witch I feel is unusual for this team. There will be some youth mistakes that are pretty-much uncontrollable, but you can always control the effort.

  31. Wow. Folks on the board are now turning on Foley and Olczyk! People are definitely getting cranky.

    I think things will get better, but as has been said, there are new folks playing with old folks (tenure and age), and things aren’t meshing. Crawford is definitely in a funk for the last two games, after having been pretty strong.

    Sharp had to go, of course. We all know that. I just wish Garbutt and Daley would pick it up a bit. Time will tell.

    Other than that, just shoot the friggin’ puck and go to the friggin’ net.


  32. Big Indian- good observation, people are getting cranky. It can’t be over! We waited 49 years…forty nine years…for a cup and then we had dream team’s that got us 2 more in short order and damn near had 3 in a row. We got robbed of our joyous celebration this summer having it turn into a funeral durge. The the team we ice looks really unfamiliar and we can’t fiqure out if we are good or bad. Everyone is worried that it over and we sink to the middle of the pack or on the fringes for another 49 years. Fear not…we still have our biggest guns, our best D, our great goalie, and the youngsters are deadly plus we have Q and Stan and the rest. This dynasty is not over by a longshot.

  33. Plus Bowman is going to add 1 or 2 guys at the deadline. We do not need every rookie to take a spot, just a couple spots.

    Just wait until were kicking ass for a stretch between games 20-40 like we did in ’15.

  34. Yes, this is looking like a rebuild year for sure. The destruction of the passing game is one vivid example of how all the player changeover has had a profound impact. It just will take time. And, we are trying to make 12-14 forwards gel that don’t all go together. On defense the return of Rosival will be a stabilizing event. And of course we have desperate need to get Keith back.

    Not much Stan can do during the season. Need to ride this out and hope Panarin, Dano and some of the role players get their sh!t together for the future. We badly need a LW of consequence too, but that might have to happen next summer.

    I think we can make the playoffs despite all the transition. And I think this team will improve over the course of the season. So nothing to get all gloomy over. Transition periods always suck and for now this is what we are going through.

  35. merry xmas fellas ,.,.,thats quite a team we got out there eh.
    can,t say i watched but it was 4-0 when i saw the ticker.
    lot,s of kids playing and to many players going up and down to the a.h.l.
    keep the boys up so players can get use to their line mates,.,
    horse and pony show.
    oilers will paste us sunday ,.,be sure,.,.,crow will be riding the pine.

  36. Hof, your comments on Foley and Olczyk are spot on and gave me a good laugh. Their continued lovefest does get nauseating. A great distraction from the nauseating game that was on.

    Go Hawks!!! I hope this pain yields long term benefit for all the rookies. I just hope we don’t dig a hole we can’t get out of in the toughest division in hockey.

  37. I’m a CC fan, but he’s in a slump and has lost his confidence. Darling looked good. Give him a start Sunday and see what happens. A hot goalie could really help us now. We really miss Hossa. Get well soon, Hoss.

  38. Foley & Olczyk == Foley can call the game pretty well (currently, probably one of the best?) – despite the “tree-tirdy-tree”, shout-outs, and occasional pontificating…but, I think maybe he’s heard so much bs (stroking) – “my hall-of-fame-partner”, etc., that he believes “his press clippings” (- he’s living in a Dream World). I’ve been around long enough to have heard Lloyd Petit (- The Standard), Jim Gordon, Dan Kelly – the “old (school)” guys…and, they were better. Of course I realize it was a different time – they didn’t “work” with a sidekick (or stooge) – and the game, and especially technology was worlds apart. I guess it comes down to just don’t appreciate any distraction even from even a nauseating game…

  39. Ice Hogs fell in OT last night in Rockford before a close to full house. They recalled RW Dane Walters from the ECHL yesterday, he played. They lost 3-2, Bickell had an assist on Pokka’s game tying goal in the 3rd. Visentin (VISS-ehn-teen) in goal for Rockford and he had a really good game, stopped something like 35 shots. He is starting to impress. Pre game at the Rockford Brewing Company 5-6 blocks north of the arena on the east side of the Rock River … nice place … try the hefeweizen. Lunch at Beefaroo, a small Rockford area chain kind of like Portillo’s except their specialty is beef sandwiches ala Arby’s but a bit better. Stopped at the Ole Salty’s potato chip outlet store on East Riverside Dr. in Loves Park – some of the best kettle chips ever. Mrs. Hof had us walking the grounds of the Klehm Arboretum too – nice oasis not far south of downtown off Main Street.

    Brian Hedger was in Grand Rapids Friday night for the game and talked to Bickell, who said a team was watching (scouting) him, Hedger noted both Calgary and Hurricanes had a presence at the game.

    Both Vinny and Hartman had an assist last night. McNeill did not play and Paille was scratched again. Cumiskey is back playing and Sam Jardine got back in last night. Pokka with a goal and assist. Schilling continues to look solid on defense.

  40. The young Pat Foley of the 1980’s was outstanding. He has no peer in the booth. The Foley of the past 15 years has let ego get the best of him. He has devolved into a pontificating gas bag on too many nights. A 60 something “bachelor” who likes to give a shout out to his mom. He clearly has great love of his extended family, and more power to him in that regard. But emblematic that he talks less about hockey action on the ice and more about what interests him and providing his “editorial” on the Hawks. He is treated like untouchable royalty and that is part of the problem. Regardless, why the very well respected and successful Eddie Olyzck feels the need to suck up to him is beyond me.

    John Wideman is outstanding and has become the gold standard for me. His hockey call on radio rivals anybody I have listened to over the last 40 years. Troy Murray isn’t usually up to the task of keeping up with John in the booth, but is an ok pairing.

  41. Regarding Foley who I like despite some of his mannerisms. His play by play may be lacking because he’s no longer simulcast. Calling hockey on TV is different than radio. Using the visual as a crutch so to speak gives you more free time. Radio you don’t have that crutch. You need to call everything to give the audience a picture of what you’re seeing. TV you already have that visual.

  42. Went to Hogs game last nite:

    Hartman- looked great 1st period,,, faded, not much rest of game.

    RasMOOSEn- was best Hog after 1st,,, Guy works hard,,, set up some pretty nice feeds thru the crease (but they were intended for #44 Bickell)… And Bickell’s slow ass could not get there for the easy tap ins… Moose- is a hard grinder type , with good vision, (but hands not good enough to finish)

    McNeill- didn’t play???

    Ross- not noticeable

    #44- Bickell (gotta wonder if he chose # 44 to say “screw you Hawks- 4 yrs @ $4M”)
    but he is probably not that clever!!!

    Bickell – sucked, fell down a few times,,, couldn’t get to weak side for tap ins…
    After taking late game interference Penalty… came out of box , puck landed on his stick (should have been break away…. but was caught from behind… and stick checked for NO shot at all!!!)

    3 Hog games viewed this year… and really NOT seeing any/Much talent down there!!! Even Hino- who I like a lot… looked/looks better in the NHL than he does down there!!!

  43. I don’t mind Pat and Eddie O too much, but that’s me. And, I don’t have too much to compare them with except for the St. Louis and Detroit guys who I do not care for.
    Speaking of broadcasters….I’m not a huge fan of Doc Emrick. First off, he can’t/won’t pronounce Hjalmarsson’s name right.

    However, did any of you hear in last Wednesday’s broadcast when Emrick repeated the loud Blackhawk fan’s lament to the referee to “Drop the puck, you idiot!!!” ? That was pretty funny stuff.

  44. I agree with the critics of Foley. He goes on about stories I could care less about and his little gimmick lines etc. etc. meanwhile the puck is going back in forth up and down the ice. Its a distraction, just call the game. I likethe NBC guy from the playoffs. Doc with Eddie O.

  45. So is Par Foley gay? Not that it’s anybody’s business or I care. I’m just curious. Never married.

  46. Pete, Emerick despite butchering Hjalmarsson’s name is great. However, every other NBC guy is wretched. Kenny Albert is incredibly inaccurate, and boring to listen to. Dave Strader is OK accuracy wise, but his cadence is incredibly slow with lots of dead air. I’ll take Foley’s mannerisms any day over those two. If the last two games went the other way were not talking about Foley.

  47. Ernie,

    Disagree with your last sentence. Win or lose, Floley & Olczyk go into their hee hee ha ha telling each other how great they are schtick.

    When they stick to calling the game and discussing related topics IMO it’s a good broadcast but if not, it’s cloying and annoying. But then again, the announcers are really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

  48. Agreed, Ernie. Getting back to what’s really important – looks like both Hossa and Anisimov will play tonight against Edmonton. Nice. And Keith skated for the first time today and said he feels good. NICE!

  49. RasMoose, nice. Maybe Bicks wore 44 in juniors and just looking for something to go with, I think he wore 38 when he played in the first couple playoffs games in 09 or 10 when someone was hurt.

    Want to see 61 progress better, hes like 65. Wall/Hof how is he overall (progress/development) since hes got to Rockford and how close is he compared to 38. I must have missed the 24 injury how long is he hurt and can he be ready for long road trip or is he going to need his own training camp and a couple wks of games to get up to speed before he can come up.

    Tony that’s what I want to hear. Good vibes.

  50. Hawks need to get some chemistry going. Really in a season of transition it is a about improving month to month. This group will be humbled and motivated by the fact that a playoff berth cannot be assumed in the extremely competitive Western Conference.

    Foley doesn’t really get on my nerves because the game on TV transcends a gas bag who likes to hear himself talk. Foley was outstanding and has devolved into a bad hockey play by play guy. But really, who cares. And we are blessed with Wideman on the radio.

  51. Also, I think people sbould lay off Bickell. The guy is clearly a physical and mental shell of himself. This game is tough and sadly Bickell has seen his body and mind pay a very heavy price. With all of the stories of brain damage and premature deaths, let’s not throw any hockey player under the bus. Bickell is a good guy and with a young family. I wish him nothing but the best for the man. You should too.

  52. Bowman not throwing towel in, trying to acquire Brian Campbell. No idea what Tallon wants — if he is boozed up enough, Bowman will get this done.

  53. Regarding Bickell’s number. He wore 17 with both the Ottawa 67’s and Windsor Spitfires. He wore 17 in both Norfolk and his first stint in Rockford. Wore 38 in both 06/07 and 07/08 for the Hawks. Then in 09/10 he bagan wearing 29.

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