Dylan Sikura Earns Hockey East Honor, Makes Hobey Baker Top Ten

On Wednesday the Hobey Baker Foundation narrowed the list of candidates for the 2018 Hobey Baker Memorial Award, given to the best collegiate hockey player in the United States, to ten.

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Among the ten players named is Blackhawks prospect and Northeastern forward Dylan Sikura, who was also named to the Hockey East First Team on Tuesday.

Sikura is the Blackhawks to prospect and the organization openly wants to get him signed as soon as his season ends. He finished his senior regular season ranking third in the nation in assists (32) and posted 52 points in 33 games.

Northeastern’s next game is a Hockey East semifinal matchup with Providence on Friday night.

25 thoughts on “Dylan Sikura Earns Hockey East Honor, Makes Hobey Baker Top Ten

  1. I’m nervous that he hasn’t stated he WILL sign with the Hawks, especially because with the Hawks season ending on April 7th they won’t be able to use the one option the team holding his draft rights have which is to let him play this season and thereby knock off 1 year of his ELC. Northeastern is a top team and it would probably be more of an upset for them to not get to the Frozen Four (April 5th and 7th) than for them to make it that far. By the time Sikura is done with his college career, the Hawks season will have ended.

    Now, maybe he’ll do the “honorable” thing and sign with the Hawks anyway, and having his older brother in the organization can’t hurt, but I wouldn’t blame him is he chooses to wait until August 15th and sign with the team he would rather play for, after all the decision locks him into a team for 5 or 6 years so if I were in that situation I would rather go to the team I really wanted to play for.

  2. Yes that stinks that the one advantage that the Hawks had over every other NHL team (burn a year off the ELC) is now null and void, that is unless Sikura’s team is a surprise early exit in the college playoffs.

  3. Northeastern is ranked 7th and top 4 go to Frozen 4, so not a given they will be there. Even if they do the semis are on Thursday he would still have time if they lost in semis. Bkackhawks play Fri. & Sat. And he only needs to play one game to burn his first year.

  4. Ejdsell season officially done EB they were playing a 2 out 3 and winner made it back to quarter finals. Lost 2 straight yesterday and today.

  5. Maybe next look like this:

    Saad – Toews – DeBrincat
    EJDSELL – Schmaltz – Kane
    Hinostroza – Anisimov – SIKURA
    UFA – Kampf – Hayden
    Extra: Highmore

    Keith – Murphy
    UFA – Seabrook
    Forsling – Rutta
    Extra : Gustafsson

    UFA or *trade* for Backup

    UFA D-Man I would love :
    Calvin de Haan
    John Moore

    Goalies Option:
    Tristan Jarry (Trade)
    Carter Hutton (UFA)

    Maybe Stan will make a Big splash for
    D-Man… I hope!?

  6. Stan sounds awfully confident that we’re going to sign Sikura and that makes me nervous. I’ll believe it when the ink is dry.

  7. Tony, same thing with Hayden everybody was thinking he was going FA route and Stan kept saying he was signing. It will all work out, i am confident of that.

  8. Hopefully he signs. Hopefully he wins the hobey baker and wins the NCAA championship this year.

  9. Would it be possible for the Hawks to sign Sikura to a contract and then let him play in Rockford if they make the playoffs. He would be able to play with his brother.I

  10. No he isn’t playoff eligible, Rockford playoff roster was finalized day or so after trade deadline.

  11. Steven D – if they sign Sikura and he’s half of the guy they’re building him up to be, burying him on the 3rd line would be repeating the wasted 35 games that DeBrincat was in the Hawks’ bottom six this year. Hard pass on the idea that Ejdsell is a LW2

  12. Ian thanks for the info. Hope the Hawks can sign him. I always worry with college players when they have the free agent option.

  13. Ian I was going to say that other day when you guys were talking about that dude. Last time I looked they were 6 so that 2 seed seed. If college team is 7 or higher playing the 1 seed, depending on What team that is he would be available to play a game here.

  14. I guess the thought is Ejdsell won’t be comfortable enough on smaller ice yet for nhl and will likely go to Rockford because he needs time to get used to smaller ice this year.

  15. Scott Powers tweeted about him likely going to Rockford for rest of season. I asked him what about going directly to Blackhawks and he said they wouldn’t want to do that, he needs time to adapt.

  16. I think the Hawks have been playing with a 22 man roster lately and my guess is they’re keeping that 23rd spot open for Sikura – so if Edjsell were added to the NHL roster it would require some other kind of move to sign Sikura and get him in an NHL game this season.

  17. No roster limit now as long your under salary cap.which they are. Actually right now only 20 on nhl roster.

  18. Northeastern lost in the Hockey East tournament tonight so I believe that was the end of Sikura’s college career – he is now free to sign with the Hawks.

    And now the waiting begins … will he or won’t he?

  19. oops – cancel my previous post … upon a little more checking it turns out Northeastern will almost certainly get an at-large invitation to the tournament.

    So … his college career has not completed yet.

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