Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks Beat Caps in Shootout

For the second time in as many nights, a Blackhawks preseason game ended in a shootout. This time, however, the Hawks earned the victory.

Toews v Caps.9.20.13

Jonathan Toews played in his first preseason game and scored the only goal in the shootout to secure the win. He won 12 of 21 faceoffs in the game and was credited with one assist and one takeaway as well. Even with the overtime period, Toews only skated 17:17 as he continues to work past a hip flexor issue that had kept him out of games until Friday night.

Toews was one of few veterans in the lineup. The Hawks skated Marcus Kruger (who wore an “A” in the game), Sheldon Brookbank, Nick Leddy and Brandon Bollig with a group of players that will likely be in Rockford by this time next week.

Up front, Jimmy Hayes and Jeremy Morin played another very good game. They continue to make a strong case to be on the ice on Oct. 1 when the Hawks host these same Capitals… and raise a banner. Morin scored early in the second period, while Hayes once again filled the stat sheet with three hits, two takeaways and an assist.

Drew LeBlanc once again struggled at the dot, winning only three of nine faceoffs and seeing only 14:50 on the ice. The only Blackhawks forwards to see less ice time in the game than LeBlanc were Kyle Beach and the team’s two first round picks from the 2011 Draft, Mark McNeill and Phillip Danault.

For his part, Danault won four of 10 faceoffs and was credited with three hits in the game, but clearly needs to get stronger on his skates. McNeill had the lowest ice time total on the roster for Chicago, and was credited with only three shots on goal. Both players will spend a year in Rockford adjusting to the speed – and size – of the pro game.

Beach chipped in three hits and five penalty minutes in the game.

Defenseman Dylan Olsen had a good game after a suicide pass behind the net almost got Leddy killed in the first period. He skated 21:21 and was credited with one goal, one assist and two hits in the game.

Adam Clendening showed some really good instincts with the puck on a number of occasions, making it easy to see why the organization holds him in such high regard. He was credited with an assist on Bollig’s goal in the second period and spend over two minutes on power play duty. Clendening was also credited with two blocked shots and two hits in the game.

Klas Dahlbeck didn’t make much of a dent in the box score – one assist and one hit – but he had a good game as well. He took away space and move the puck efficiently; he was credited with the only assist on Morin’s goal.

Leddy played nearly 25 minutes in the game, leading all Blackhawks on the night. After the game, Joel Quenneville complimented his play; Leddy was credited with one takeaway and four shots on net in the game.

Ryan Hartman, the team’s first round pick in the 2013 Draft, played over 17 minutes and looked better as the game progressed. He was credited with the secondary assist on Bollig’s goal and won one of his two faceoffs in the game. Friday was Hartman’s 19th birthday.

In net, Antti Raanta looked good in spite of allowing four goals against 30 shots. He was beaten by a fantastic passing sequence on Washington’s first goal, scored by All Star Nicklas Backstom. The fourth Washington goal was a missile off the stick of Alexander Ovechkin while the Caps were on a power play.

Raanta’s rebound control was good and he stoned a few good opportunities, including Ovechkin on a breakaway in the final minute of regulation. In the shootout, he made saves against Jason Chimera, Ovechkin and Backstrom to get the win.

All four of Washington’s preseason games have ended in a shootout.

Brandon Pirri, who has not played in the preseason yet, skated earlier on Friday.

13 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks Beat Caps in Shootout

  • September 20, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Isn’t there a rule regarding the number of “regulars or starters” that must play in preseason games? Counting Brookbank and Bollig, the Hawks had only 5 regulars in the game with Toews, Kruger and Leddy being the others. The Caps had 9 regular players. I just thought the number of regulars would have been higher than 5.

  • September 21, 2013 at 3:02 am

    The Rockford kids continue to impress…tonight in the spotlight was Jeremy Morin, who showed good skating and quickness…conscientious play at both ends, a willingness to take the body and go hard to the neat, plus a goal scorer’s touch…there is no doubt he has made this team, and I think for sure on the 3rd line…I love the idea of Morin playing on the same line as Shaw.

    Jimmy Hayes was skating well all over the ice again, going to the net, taking the body and creating turnovers…again, he is a lock on the roster..a guy that has shown he can play in a number of different scenarios and on different lines…although I think he too would make a great line mate for Shaw.

    Stanton played a solid game, but was paired with Brookbank who struggled again tonight…on both the even strength goals, Stanton was a victim of great Washington passing and defensive miscues from Brookbank…I just can’t see the Hawks keeping Brookband and forcing Stanton to go back to the minors…

    It was sure nice to see a much improved performance from Dylan Olsen…good positioning defensively and lot of skill in the offensive zone…good for Dylan.

    I thought Rantaa looked good and was better as the game went on…good first showing…Bollig continues to score and that is a tremendous bonus to his game…Toews shootout goal was Kane esque…just a thing of beauty. LeBlance has talent, but needs time in Rockford…he has to get better at the dot…as do Danault and McNeill…Danault is everywhere and competing hard on the puck, but he is still a little undersized and a bit too easily taken off of it…Ryan Hartman is young and undersized right now, but boy, you sure can tell he is going to make a very good hockey player…he is so good positionally….Adam Clendening is going to be a special player…he is so smooth and smart in the offensive zone…he just needs to become stronger and smarter in the defensive zone…perhaps another season in Rockford will complete his game…I have been talking about Klas Dahlback for a year now, and I thought he looked very good tonight…nothing flashy, but very solid.

    Finally, Nordstrom is a good looking hockey player…he might not be ready for this season, but it won’t be long…he’s smart and aggressive in both the offensive and defensive zones…this Hawks team is going to be very, very good again this year…

  • September 21, 2013 at 7:30 am

    Olsen and Dahlbeck- played well.
    Brookbank- No… needs to go.
    Morin and Smith are locks to play w/ Hawks.
    Still think Hayes is awkward at times- especially in transition- good once we are in the O zone.
    Beach actually looks like he deserves a chance.
    Nordstrom is best/quick/agile skater of the prospect forwards… Q sees this.
    Clendening- not ready for Prime time! His skating and D awareness is not there!
    McNeill- first time I can say that I don’t think he is a complete bust… actually skated well and was in pretty good position/anticipation most of nite. Maybe he can be a 3rd r 4th liner in 3-4 years.

  • September 21, 2013 at 8:02 am

    As Brad and Wall stated, I thought for the most part the young gays played well. I thought Dahlbeck was very solid and responsible and as Brad stated Morin has a knack for getting the puck in the net. I haven’t been the biggest Hayes fan, but he looked more comfortable out there last night and played a good game.
    Hell even Beach and Olsen looked like they could play, who would have thought.

    The one guy that didn’t look good was Brookbank. He looked slow, his passing was not that good and he look very slow. Unless Q doesn’t trust Stanton to play 20-30 games I don’t see why he should be on the team.

  • September 21, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Cap wise and play wise… trade BBank for some tape, maybe they will throw in a broken stick… play Olsen, Stanton, or Dbeck (saves about $.5M) so now we can pull up another forward (Beach?) and still have $2M in till for late year add on.

  • September 21, 2013 at 8:31 am

    With 4 veteran Dmen, there is no reason for the Hawks to Brookbank any longer.
    Hawks could easily use Stanton, Clendening and Olsen as backup Dmen

    Jimmy Hayes is going to be a monster and his skating continues to improve.

    Raanta looked poised in the second half of the game. He will be in the NHL soon. Habby will be great trade bait at deadline if things are going well for Crawford and the Icehogs.

  • September 21, 2013 at 9:40 am

    I’m not a big Brookbank fan, I think he is what he is – a 6/7 d-man, and most/many 6/7 d-men have games like Brookbank did last night. Especially in a back-to-back road game in preseason when they aren’t yet in mid-season condition. They won a lot of games last season with Brookbank playing so I’m not concerned whether Brookbank is the 7th d-man or not. If Stanton were hands down better, then it would be an issue, but I haven’t seen anything from Stanton to prove he’s a whole lot better.

  • September 21, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Is Kyle Beach really “only” 6’3″, 208?

    (That’s what the roster lists). I thought he previously played MUCH heavier than that.

  • September 21, 2013 at 10:25 am

    ER- Dahlbeck is better and cheaper… Olsen is as good (should be better- but bcuz Olsen “thinks” he is better- might actually take some chances and make mistakes) or better. Both are cheaper!!! Olsen- looks improved. Dahlbeck is a D -First guy, and looks faster, reads play better or both. Normally, I can see the Hawks wanting to give them both another year of “seasoning”… but bcuz of all the D drafting the last few years… they should be OK w/ letting one of them replacing 17- and seeing which one can make the transition. Dbeck- is my guy- but ok w/ Olsen based on 1 game thus far.

    Lastly, Stanton has made the most mistakes- but is still cheaper than 17!!!

  • September 21, 2013 at 11:49 am

    wall, I can see your point, but my point is that Brookbank has played better than he’s shown in preseason games. Not that he is all that good, but I don’t think he’s as bad as he played last night. Like I said previously though, I wouldn’t complain if the Hawks had a different guy as the 7th d-man. I’m just not that impressed with Stanton or any of the other newbies. They all have some positives but they all have some negatives too. I’d rather see Kostka be the 7th d-man than any of the rookies – but not sure if he’s healthy enough to play at this point.

    It does seem like Brookbank and Stanton are really being sized up since they’ve played every game. Kostka might have been in there too if he hadn’t gotten injured.

  • September 21, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    When Brookbank played last year instead of Rozi, the drop off was noticeable even on the 3rd pairing. With another crazy season ahead of condensed games it will be even more important to spread the minutes around and utilize depth to keep the top guys fresh.

    I really hope Dylan Olsen wins the 7th D-man spot. It seems like he has finally put it together and could be an asset this year. Stanton seems ok but I’m not sure he is an upgrade from Brookbank, especially factoring in experience.

    Hayes is looking like a lock for the team. He is playing with confidence. It looks like he improved his skating and speed since being sent down. Hayes 2.0 seems faster.

    Morin is looking god too. He wants the puck and stays on the attack. He will replace Stalberg nicely on the 3rd line. He doesn’t have the same speed, but better awareness and a better shot.

    Too bad Pirri has been hurt. I was really hoping he would put up a fight for the 2nd line C. I love Saad though, and since their is no room for him right now in the top 6 as a power forward, this is a pretty good backup plan by Q (especially since Pirri got hurt). I think the perfect solution is to have Sharp take face offs. (I think #10 was ranked 7th in the league at face off % in 2010 as center)

    Bickell – Toews – Kane

    Sharp – Saad – Hossa

    Hayes – Shaw – Morin

    Kruger – Handzus – Smith/Bollig

    {* I think the 3rd & 4th lines are interchangeable.}

    Keith – Seabrook
    Hjalmarsson – Oduya
    Leddy – Rozsival/Olsen

  • September 22, 2013 at 9:10 am

    ER- Kotska did stand out in the “in house” scrimmage… I would give him a shot over BBank if healthy.

    Raanta, looked great IMO- he has the best rebound control on roster (based on 2 viewings) when he can see the puck, best glove, and looked great in shootout!
    Still puzzled by CC’s 6/6- even when cap explodes- too long for Goalie.

    Whole season still rests on 81’s health- IMO. Reading SB isn’t concerned about 81???
    I hope that isn’t just GM Speak!

  • September 22, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Does joelouis rink follow the rules. Their side glass has taller peices of glass, starting at the top of the circle. Which is 3 too many…

    Our rink has the taller peices of glass, starting at the dot…

    Are they trying to get away with delay of game/over the glass cheatings…

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