Jonathan Toews Out Indefinitely

What the ever-living hell else can possibly go wrong at this point for the Blackhawks?

Please hold…

On Tuesday morning, Jonathan Toews released the following statement:

“This offseason, I’ve been experiencing symptoms that have left me feeling drained and lethargic. I am working with doctors so I can better understand my condition.

Until I can get my health back to a place where I feel I can perform at an elite level and help my team, I will not be joining the Blackhawks for training camp. I do not have a timetable for when I will rejoin the team. I am extremely disappointed, but it wouldn’t be fair to myself or my teammates to attempt to play in my current condition

I am grateful for the continuous support from and ongoing communication with the Blackhawks organization. Stan Bowman, Rocky Wirtz, Danny Wirtz, Jeremy Colliton and my teammates have been nothing but understanding of my situation, and I appreciate them standing by me.

To Blackhawks fans, I will continue to do whatever I can to get back on the ice and return to play the game I love for the team I love. I will not be making any further comment at this time and ask everyone to please respect my privacy as I focus on my health and recovery.”

This sounds ominous from the captain, so our hopes are absolutely that he can find a way back to full health.

This has been a brutal offseason for the Hawks. In review, the Blackhawks traded Brandon Saad to Colorado and let Corey Crawford leave as a free agent. Then the organization effectively lost Alex Nylander and Kirby Dach for the regular season, they haven’t signed Dylan Strome yet and now we’re learning that Toews will miss an extended period of time.

145 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Out Indefinitely

  1. Certainly hope it’s nothing too serious. Here’s hoping he gets well regardless of hockey.

  2. Grey Hawk I have the same feeling..they knew That the captain would be out for a while. But like usual the Blackhawks NHL site is always 2-3 days late to give a news

    Jr Roman …. love that one…

    Wish that Toews get well very soon…that’s not a easy news to swallow and finally we might be able to please some fans here and get a few top 3 pick in 21-22 and maybe 23
    Loosing 2 captains in a week is really À shitty ending 20 .

  3. 2020 – The gift that keeps on giving!

    Poor Patrick Kane, he has to deal with this dumpster fire in 2021. Perhaps, they should trade Kane and Keith as a reward for the 3 Cups?

    Are there any UFA from Arizona still out there? Because those guys know how to suck, and we need them if we’re going after the #1 overall.

    Happy New Year Folks!

  4. It’s the curse of mcdummy no goat stans the goat at least if more players go down the kids can be called up and we get a look at the future

  5. So…it’s time to understand who the top one or two prospects are in the 2021 amateur draft. Because the Blackhawks will be in a battle with the Red Wings to pick #1.

  6. Thankful the top 5 picks in the draft all look like Studs.
    No false illusions of making the top 4 in the division.

    Every young player needs come to camp with attitude that an NHL job is there for the taking.

  7. Not only are we gonna find out what we have on the ice. Jaime is going to grow up real fast.

    All the coaching is going to be situational. No number 1 line number 2 line etc etc. Home games are going to be his catch his breath moments.

    Not knowing what the prospects bring a scoring line might be Kubalik Strome Kane. Power play add DCat and Boq/Keith.

    Let’s try to set up some lines to help Jaime out.

  8. Kubalik Strome Kane
    DCat Soderburg Janmark
    Suter Wallmark Chalupa
    Hagel Morrison Barrett

    Help us Jesus

  9. Jamie if Stan has to report to you be hard and heartless make the next 3 years uncomfortable and please do the contract negotiations

  10. Two things;

    The Blackhawks’ and Toews’ official statements don’t sound good about. Not an injury, but a medical condition he’s working with doctors on and he wants privacy. Let’s wish him the best.

    JR ROMAN – you are the second person to reference Jamie as having some power to deal with hockey issues. If you listen to her own words, she’s been brought in to deal with digital offerings for an improved fan experience, and to be in charge of the UC restaurant offerings. I don’t know where people get this idea that she is some big boss that works with Danny Wirtz and Stan on hockey issues. She’s a restauranteur who has been involved to a certain extent with other hockey ventures, and is strictly associated with non-sports issues, other than how they relate to the fan experience. Her kids play hockey and she’s had junior league kids live at her house. That’s the extent of her hockey responsibilities. She’s in charge of the scoreboard and making sure they don’t run out of ice cream in the second period. And in the time of Covid, her job during this season is going to be less immediate pressure for that since there won’t be fans in the stands.

  11. J r why did they hire her wasted salary there aren’t going to be many fans in the stands the farce continues Stans going to continue to do stupid things what was rocky thinking or was he?

  12. JR Roman,I like your lineup suggestion for the forward lines.What you got for the D Pairings?Setting Dach aside,this injury/medical stuff for the Hawks begs lots of questions as to when they knew and what they knew about Nylander and especially Toews.Given the fact that they did not sign Strome in a timely fashion,I have to imagine they were blindsided by the Toews news.

  13. Don’t exhale yet – there are still 2 days remaining in 2020. Can’t wait till 2020 turns 21 and starts drinking.

  14. Ian,what are the CAP opportunities available to the Hawks with an indefinite absence of Toews,Shaw,and Seabrook?

  15. (picking up a stick and walking over to a dead horse) … I’m pretty sure there will never be a better time to ask Kane if he would consider getting off this sinking ship. If he’s amenable – revive my favorite trade proposal sending Kane to Buffalo for Dylan Cozens. I’ve listed the other parameters of the trade proposal a few times so I won’t list them here.

    Adding Cozens and what is almost certain to be a top-5 pick would be two huge steps in the rebuild.

  16. This news does not sound good – the doctors don’t know what the illness is although it sounds like it’s similar to chronic fatigue syndrome

    I don’t have nearly enough information but I know that Toews was and probably still is into Onnit supplements et. al. – mysterious illnesses often seem to be related to what you put into your body

    I could be wrong but that’s the first thing I thought of

  17. Toews’ statement is frightening. I sincerely hope he isn’t dealing with a life changing diagnosis like MS, Leukemia, cancer. And if he is then God’s grace be with him.

  18. I’m not sure we can pencil in Strome at all. He should have been signed by now. Bowman will not sign him with a gun to his head. They had to know about Toews. They’re in contact all the time. Like I wrote before that’s why Soderholm was signed. All we can say at this point is pray for Toews health. This sounds very serious and scary.

  19. Putting my Pollyanna hat on and hoping to not dare 2020 to throw more haymakers at us … I saw the 2021 season as a discovery and development year more on the d-side of the team than on the forward side – not necessarily from a numbers perspective but from a critical perspective.

    For the team to rebuild enough to be legitimately Cup competitive again, it’s my opinion there is more work to be done in the d-corps than the forward lines. We don’t really have any young d-man we are certain will be one of the top-6 in a Cup contending team. We have a couple hopefuls (Boqvist/Mitchell) and a couple maybe’s (Carlsson/Zadorov) and a few long shots (Beadin/Kaynuk/Regula) and that’s about it. Simply put – we need to draft a d-man that will be the #1 anchor and allow the other young d-men to slot into positions they are best suited for.

    The scope of the rebuild is several years, at least. The d-men who suit up for the Hawks during these next few seasons have to be one of two things – either they have to be part of the future d-corps getting experience, or they have to be placeholders who will not be part of the new d-corps. Of the veteran d-men currently on the roster, only Murphy has a chance to be a transition player into the new d-corps but salary cap and other factors will play into that so it is not certain he will be.

    The loss of Toews, Dach and Nylander changes the dynamic in the forward ranks but really shouldn’t change the plan on the d-side to discover what we have and develop those who have a chance to be part of the future.

  20. Post to clear the air.

    All my previous post that I used the name Jaime were meant as Jeremy.
    I believe the hiring of Jaime Faulkner was a great idea to take away any and all responsibilities of non on ice decisions from Stan. Plus you get a person with experience in that field who has started her own company and then was part of a successful company as Levy Restaurants.
    No excuses everyone has one but reasons. I have two male cousins named Jaime.

    Tim W with what we have I like
    Keith Murphy
    DeHaan Boqvist
    Zadorov Kalynuk

    Boqvist Kalynuk
    Mitchell Beaudin
    Zadorov Regula

  21. Hope for the best for Toews, Dach and Nylander too. A terrible blow to them, now lets hope we see a return to normal for them all.

    TimW could be a ton of ltir room, but unlikely they make any major moves with it.

    JR ithink maybe see someting like

    (Competition) Strome. Kubalik
    Cat. Soderberg. Kane
    (Competition). Wallmark. Janmark
    Highmore. Kampf. Carpenter

    With Wallmark ad Kampf as best fo guys after Toews, the 3rd line be his matchup against top opponents lines. The 4th line shutdown todays top player last year and in playoffs in Mcdavid, plus led a rejuvenated pk and will get lots of opportunities to show they are for real.

    Think Shaw, Suter, Hagel, Kurashev, and maybe Entwistle, Chalupa, Quenneville, Pirri compete for remaining roster spots and taxi squad roles out of camp. Barrett, Morrison, Teply likely need a little more developing before ready for Nhl, rushing them isn’t helping them.

  22. This. Take her easy Johnny Wayne.

    December 29, 2020 at 9:31 am
    Certainly hope it’s nothing too serious. Here’s hoping he gets well regardless of hockey.

  23. Don’t see this a bigger contract for Strome as much as an oportunity to sign and believe in himself and get to camp with a desire to take big step in his career with it. Hopefully he does. Going to be a long year for sure, see what it brings. Think Kalynuks ceiling is projected as a 3rd pair guy borderline top 4 who needs time in Rfd. first.

  24. I wish Captain Serious well. My (hopefully wrong) Spidey-sense tells me we’ve seen his play his last NHL game.

    Health and happiness are far more important than hockey.

  25. Yes those 4 lines won’t put much fear into any team.
    At least you can play the guys on the bubble to see if they can play and see who of the healthy top 9 deserve to be considered for top 6 the following year. Kane yes, Dach almost certain, Kubalik probably , Toews we hope and D-Cat to be seen.
    ER you’re right about kicking 2020 in the ass.

  26. Scary news about JT – it sure puts the game in perspective.

    Ian – completely agree re: Strome. This is an opportunity for big ice time and a key PP role. He can prove that he can handle a major role (or not). Luckily for the team we have great goaltending to help us through tough times. Oh wait that was last year. When it rains, it pours…..

  27. Don’t want to sound uncaring, But we all feel Drained and Lathargic with the lockdowns !! Its called depression. I feel it everyday and keep going on with my job for my family. If it isn’t covid or cancer God forbid , I want to know why he isn’t playing……

  28. I do not think they’re going to sign Strome. I think he is looking to deal him. Bowman has known for a while that Toews is having this problem.

  29. Greyhawk, I didn’t forget goaltending but I believe it is the 3rd of 3 things on the list in terms of developing the new core group. That’s not to say it isn’t important – it is – just that I believe it is an easier position to find a working pair of goalies than 7-8 d-men and 13-14 forwards with emphasis on a #1 d-man and a #1 center. Almost like the time to secure a goalie worthy of backstopping a Cup contending team can be addressed in a couple years when the rest of the team is closer.

  30. Not surprised as many have said the weird offseason may have been beneficial to Seabrook,Shaw, and Toews kinda like the lockout was beneficial to an injured Hossa back in 2013.

    Shaw will probably play some center this year, unlike most fans I’m not writing off Shaw. Looking at that projected lineup I presume quenville and Pirri are in the press box. I wouldn’t let them go on waivers if it’s not necessary. Though every year I’m at least a bit irked by players who pass through…Blackhawks have lost people to waivers in the past…cant think of the last player who was a huge loss though. Can anyone name one?

    Odds are Blackhawks snag someone from waivers if the price player is a fit ….impossible to say who that will be until the big waiver wire dump…if there even is one this year with the bus crew

    Stan Bowman has long been after Pacioretty….he has a no movement clause and would goof up the Seattle draft situation….dehaan or Murphy for Max would only add three to the cap here, I would expect vegas to include at minimum a second rounder or hot prospect for doing them a favor,Alex Tuch had been brought up a lot on this webpage keeping in mind the Seattle draft he would be an interesting addition. Anywya just mentioning since Stan had long been rumored to be after him…similar to how he was chasing deHaan for years maybe years later he continues chasing Max.

    The captain had asked for privacy and we should all respect it. No need to speculate, Toews played well in the playoffs and is a player who does have another gear in the playoffs.

  31. Question:
    Is Toews still a vegetarian?

    Question II:
    Is it odd to anyone else that Toews, who spoke openly against this SS Bowman rebuild spewage, now is out with an undisclosed illness as the ship lists into port?

  32. Ian,at this point we need to get another quality NHL Center and at least another winger in here immediately.Roslovic always plays hard and has a nose for the net.The Jets are looking to move him and put Little on LTIR

  33. I have a bad feeling that Toews is facing a hockey ending medical diagnosis. I’m reminded how Bickell’s life was flipped upside down by MS.

    Godspeed Mr Toews. May you be blessed with the best possible medical care right now to uncover what is the issue and have hope for a long life.

  34. He is with another top 5 skill draft player. Another stud top 3 generational player.

    December 29, 2020 at 10:53 am
    Help us Jesus

  35. Patch @ 3.5×3 Flower @ 3.5×2 Tuch 4.75×6 and a #2 for Smith @ 3.25×1 Strome 2?

    That’s 46mil for let’s 9.25mil. Savings of 36.75 mil for Vegas.

  36. Why not put Jamie in charge Stans clueless if towes is out all year do some positive things to get hawks back on track doubt if that will happen stupid rules amen

  37. Man I hope you’re wrong Bannerman but considering this horrific year, I too expect the worst. All I can say is if this is true, I’ll be praying for Toews. At his peak no one in hockey had the will to win like he did. A catastrophic loss for everyone.

  38. ER, I think we get goalie from ufa and its easier to get goalie then top pair D guys and elite/franchise centers/wing like 2 7 4 81 19 88. We have 77 need to add the others by draft.

    With this draft we have 77 and a top pair. Add other top pair ufa wise like thise guys said Jones/other. Then were just looking at getting a 4 and a 81 which one came from each draft/ufa and thata where were at for core. 19 88 better be ok and still here.

    Point is goalie is easier to get ufa wise then top pair or 1st line center wing and we already have 77.

  39. I’m at a loss to understand some comments posted here. I’m a very logical progression oriented person. Start at square one and progress from there in a logically linear line.

    In the case of what the Hawks should do moving forward – I’m under the impression the fundamental direction has been determined and set to be a youth movement which is a euphemism for retool/rebuild of an unspecified level and scope. Inherent in that is the expectation it will be a multi-year retool/rebuild. Therefore, logically thinking, all moves should be weighed against the criterion of whether or not is helps the retool/rebuild. If the move does help, even tangentially, it should be considered. If the move doesn’t help, it should be rejected out of hand.

    If that logic is sound – then please explain how acquiring Pacioretty helps the retool/rebuild.

  40. Regardless of what Toews’ condition is, one has to wonder in general about athletes who have had Covid.
    The so-called “post-Covid syndrome” appears to be a real thing that is being studied and it has a number of lingering symptoms.

    The NHL did a fantastic job of pulling off the playoffs without the long list of positive tests that have plagued other sports such as college and pro football. The lack of being able to “bubble” led these other sports to have breakouts with some players having fairly serious illness and others no symptoms at all. However, if you look up information from The Mayo Clinic etc. you find that young and extremely healthy individuals can still exhibit troubling symptoms over a fairly long period of time.

    It makes one wonder if multiple players in a demanding sport like hockey could experience issues that decrease their stamina, coordination etc. It wouldn’t be an identical scenario to that encountered by those with post-concussion syndrome, but it sounds like something plausible that could exist and be frustrating.

  41. @Ian

    Wouldn’t mind a shot at Roslovic
    But to me he’s not a center. He’s a third line winger but would get a shot at top 6 minutes at least this season

  42. As the unfortunate roster situation has piled up, it has made Tab’s projected lineup look pretty much like reality. And I think that might not be a bad thing IF the young guys that are going to get their shots get coached and groomed the right way. One has to wonder right off the bat if Shaw will be durable. If he’s not then another spot is immediately opened up. Plenty of chances for guys to be looked at now (after my previous rants about how this wasn’t a rebuild year – DOH!).

    If we look at other Chicago sports teams we see a couple of contrasts. For the Bears … well they are still in the hunt but a big complaint is that their coaching doesn’t give the team what they really need to succeed with they players they have. They win or lose in strange fashion, and you hear a lot of stuff about how they have to find their identity, how they love each other in the room and will stick together, etc. etc. But the stuff happening on the field looks chaotic.

    On the other hand, the Bulls have gotten off to a rocky start. But new coach Billy Donovan is experienced, and is making no bones about what players are going to have to do to play on his team and what they are going to have to do to play in the NBA period. Donovan in the first three games has yanked starters and brought guys off the bench and is making it clear publicly that individuals and the team have to be accountable. It may be kind of poor in terms of win/loss results, but there doesn’t seem to be in ambiguity. And he doesn’t seem like someone who is an ogre about the whole thing. He’s just telling it the way it is and talking about working with specific individuals and the team to achieve multiple goals.

    I really want to see these young guys treated in a way like Donovan is proceeding, not Matt Nagy with the Bears, and not the way Colliton has been the last couple of years. I realize hockey is not the same sport, but effort has got to be key here. Yes of course players are going to make mistakes and can’t be benched just solely because of mistakes. But if they are not providing the effort game in and game out then they are losing out individually and we’ve all seen what has happened to the team game when guys don’t consistently give it their all.

    These young guys need good coaching. Yes, veteran presence and “learning how to be a pro” from older guys will help. But these young players are gonna need some really solid direction. I hope that Stan will hold Colliton and other coaches accountable. We’ve seen it happen during really good years with assistant coaches being dumped who were close to Q. It has to be consistent across the organization regardless who is the main guy behind the bench. As far as I’m concerned this season, and early on, is the third year of Colliton’s audition. He’s gotta step up along with the young guys he is in charge of bringing along.

    If they don’t bring it every night, win or lose, the coaching has to be looked at hard. Blackhawks fans will embrace a poor team that really gives it their all. Nobody wants to look at a team play in a disinterested fashion.

  43. Current Blackhawk top 6 forwards, top pair defenders, and topline goalies by NHL standards:

    Centre: 0 (Toews, Dach out of lineup)

    Wing: 2 (Kane, Kubalik)

    Defense: 0

    Goalies: 0

    That has to be the thinnest lineup since around 2004. And you can argue that none of our goalies would even get a backup job in most orgs. The new marketing lady has her work cut out for her trying to sell this.

  44. I`ve been a Hawks Fan now for 54 years. I have always appreciated the Hawks stars through all these years and there has been many. It sucks to lose a big piece of our past and a big piece of our future all in one season but I will ALWAYS remain a Hawks fan. They might lose a lot of games this year but this is a very real opportunity for a lot of prospects and a lot of veterans. As Big Indian alluded to……..if the coaching staff can convince this group to ” Bring It” every game, every night and push the pace by pressuring the puck all over the ice the fans will surely appreciate their efforts. I know I will. Of the signings so far, Janmark, Wallmark, Soderberg………. these guys are not easy to play against. They`re smart, skilled and tenacious. Let`s hope they`re motivated. Go Hawks !

  45. JRRoman…I like your lines prognosis except for leaving Phillip Kurashev out. This kid will end up being one of the Hawks better goal scorers. He needs to be given his shot…now. Stan Bowman, the idiot that he is, does not want to sign Dylan Stroke. He will not give in a little on the cost. Proving once again, like Crow, that he is the big, bad bossman. Our goalie situation is awful. We’ve got 3 AHL backups. And this experiment is going to prove simply disastrous. Wow. Nice going, Stan. I’ve thrown in the towel. As for Jonathan Toews, all I can say is a very big Thank You for all the great things you did leading to those 3 Stanley Cups. All of us long suffering fans will never forget those teams. I pray you get well soon and come back, but above all, get well.

  46. 2020 can eff off already.
    Godspeed, Cappy.
    Whatever it is, I hope it’s not the end of an incredible career.
    As for the season: most of us here made it through the early 2000’s with the ABC line and nothing else before 2, 7 and Sharpy got here. At least we have Patrick Kane to watch???!!!?!?!?!

  47. Sal I do like Kurashev. Heck if we don’t sign Strome put Kura at 1c. Must have just skipped him.

  48. This is hard to believe. Talk about an organization being “snake bit.” I don’t include Nylander in that. That is a non-event.

    The first thing that came to mind was Bickell. Then you start thinking about the two really mediocre years Toews had in 2016 and 2017 and it seemed like something was wrong. Some of us thought it might be post-concussion related. After reading through the comments, in some ways it would be a relief if it was post-Covid. If that is the case, he might have mentioned it in his statement, although he is certainly under no obligation to do so. We need to think good thoughts for the Captain and hope that this is something sneaky but curable and not serious.

  49. TimW if going to add anything, would be somebody who could help for a number of years. Maybe do something like kick the tires on Roslovic and Habs need to move some cap, see if Danault still available and how much. Could help this year and make roster deeper in years to come. Don’t see any high priced vets as an reasonal option, unless a worthwhile sweetener comes as well.

  50. Toews take your time and get well, do not come back early, make sure your 100% healthy whenever its time to return. This team isn’t going anywhere anyways.

  51. This is an opportunity for the Hawks to commit to being a good defensive team because that’s how they’ll have to play to win any games

    If they can do that and still lose enough to get a high draft pick (shouldn’t be a stretch) then next season with Toews,Dach and Nylander back possibly adding Reichel and players like Boq and Mitchell with another year of experience things will be looking much better

  52. Free agent forwards minimum 6′ 200lb 25yrs old or less to grow with team on the cheap.
    Calderone 6 200
    Elie 6’1 215
    Zykov 6 220
    Bitter 6’4 204
    My choices
    Guthrie 6’5 239 policeman for others.
    Call me nuts. Put a person in a situation that they must prove themselves. Maybe he wants to redeem himself. Could just light a fire with familiar faces………Perlini 6’3 211!

  53. Something is not adding up with 19.

    He was real good in last year’s playoffs in the bubble.

    He skated with other stars in November and by all accounts, was good.
    No issues.

    Something sounds off.

    Especially given Toews vociferous objection to the rebuild direction Bowman sprung on him.

    In light of this, does the everyday fan have a right to know more about this issue from the player and organization?

  54. Robs, Tazer changed his diet/food and workout routine. Thats why he had those two yrs like that and/in addition to fully recovered from concussion stuff.

  55. Wrap, thats the spirit Reg. Along with everyone coming back at 100% full health and good longterm wise. We can have another top 3 stud gem like 77 from this draft and have the cap space to add a Jones top pair D guy then all of a sudden we have out top pair and having elite goalies lining up to sign here with the up and coming and back Blackhawks. We have our choice amongst ufa goalies.

  56. A quick word to wish the Captain all the best for a full recovery. I was watching Monday Night Football in 1980 when they announced that John Lennon was assassinated. Frank Gifford so aptly responded: “Remember, this is only a football game”. Am grateful to the Captain for being a key part of our Blackhawks’ finest seasons in franchise history. Would be a victory to see him back on the ice.

    With the loss of our most important long-term player, Dach, for the season, and for now, JT, I think a total rebuild is in order. Hard to part with 88, but what would be a better way forward?

    Agree with ER that our greatest deficiency is at D. There is no one coming up who looks like a first pairing.

  57. Debrincat Strome Kane
    Kubalik Pirri Suter
    Janmark Soderlund Wallmark
    Highmore Kamf Carpenter
    Could be worse………..

  58. I like rebuild except for trading 19 88. Is there a way to trade 88 for big return and then he comes back as a ufa.

  59. Ian,I agree.I would love to see the Hawks pursue Dannault,Bennett,and Monohan from the Canadians and Flames along with Pierre-Luc Dubois and Seth Jones from the Bluejackets.Maybe toss in Cozens from Buffalo.

  60. Let’s please stay away from theories about the captain. we will find out in due time. One of the greatest Hawks of all time, who thru his style of play deserves so much respect from Blackhawk fans–and still gets his last name misspelled by some on this site.

  61. Noonan agree, may be something as simple as getting his thyroid regulated again. Anybody who had to do that can tell you how run down that makes you.

  62. Ian, I’ve got a thyroid problem. That is easily detected by a blood test to see what level of thyroxine your missing. It’s then adjusted immediately with Synthroid which replaces your thyroxine level. Not enough thyroxine and you put on weight and everything is in slow motion. It takes effect almost immediately. I wish it was that easy for Johnny but it’s not that.

  63. Grey Hawk – I too have underactive thyroid and have taken synthroid for over 40 years. This is not a mysterious condition difficult to detect. Nor are most other medical conditions difficult to detect within a relatively short period of time. That said – there are many medical conditions that are mysterious and hard to pin down.

    Supposedly there was word that stated Toews’ condition was not life threatening – that would seem to indicate they know what it is but maybe still unclear how best to treat it. That sounds positive to me so that’s where I’m hanging my hat until more info comes out.

  64. I ‘ve had thyroid for almost 30 years too, not saying it’s what it is, just pointing out it doesn’t have worst case scenario to have those symptoms.

  65. Here is a list of the Kids who might play A few games for the Hawks this season
    Hagel….Kurashev….Entwistle…Beaudin….Kalynuk….Régula ….Mitchell….C Morrison …Ejdsell….Chalupa ….and maybe Tyler Sakura ,,B Morrison .
    I probably miss 2-3 guys but I really think we could see some of those name on the Roster for a few games…And maybe slight chance to see Soderlund.
    Anyway’s the best time to look at those guys now …they will be hungry and very competitive for sure

  66. 2010 Tyler Sikura is signed with Clevelands Ahl team for this year and Edjsell playing in Sweden and not under contract to Blackhawks although they still own his rights. As far as I know Soderlund hasn’t been recalled from Swedish league, may stay in Europe for year with limited camp spots this year. Suter definitely should be on Nhl roster part of year anyways and Barrett, possibly Teply who has shown well at wjcs could get some games too.

  67. In fact Ian it would be the best case scenario. I’m sure if it was a thyroid condition it would’ve been detected by now and Johnny would be on the correct dosage of Synthroid. Nothing to hide about it. Millions have it. We can rule this out. More than anything I’m afraid of ALS. How horrific would that be. Let’s just pray and we all can see him back on the ice soon.

  68. Yes stop saying things that we donot know is true/unless making joes-being funny and this is not a funny thing to joke about.

  69. ER, thanks that makes people feel good after hearing/reading rumors that noone knows about yet. Be smart cant live in fear.

    I mean were talking about Batman here.

  70. On the subject of saying things that might piss people off or similar or thing some people just donot like I apologize to them for anything I have said in the past that could have done that. It wasnt my intention and most of the time I am just being funny even if some arnt laughing that is my intentions along with not being a facebook or espn dipshit I donot do social media so every once in awhile I post some weird things here non/somewhat hockey related.

    So I am not going to stop just so that people know its not directed towards anyone and its just venting or similar and overall being naturally funny.

  71. Mo, don’t worry about offending others. Anyone reading your posts for any length of time knows you’re not an offensive person so anyone getting their nose out of joint by something you post is either new to this site or looking to be upset about something. I’ve responded to posts from you and tried to clarify things I thought you may have misunderstood but I never for a minute thought you were being a jerk about anything. As far as I’m concerned you’re one of my favorite posters on the site. Keep it going buddy.

  72. Sounds like Toews has a bad case of Stanitus ….BAD !

    And Mo….none of those games are meaningful .

  73. Mo, are you referring to starting lineups? Who knows. At this point there are more questions than answers. Hopefully Strome signs soon. It will be nice to have training camp start in a few days – finally! While we don’t have much to be optimistic about from the perspective of having a competitive team – there is still much to look forward to with young players and how it all plays out.

  74. I want Strome to do good and if hes not here longterm then fine. Same for every young player/prospect. Keep the best of the best and give every guy a chance to play. On a yr like this everyone should play that can even if there not fully ready yet. Get them higher salary for some games/wk and experience for development.

  75. Mo Strome’s trade value goes up if has a big year, if he doesn’t fit long term. Wonder if Bowman watches waiver wire for somebody who could play some top 6 minutes this year, be no game changers but maybe somebody who help and become a solid depth guy for a few years.

    Hawks2010 funny how things go, just saw where Soderlund was recalled from Sweden today.

  76. Youth movement give them all a chance make assessments move forward don’t bring back ex hawks go young please don’t overpay Stan see the light get a plan stick to it3 years minimum maybe more get pieces in place keep progressing may the force be with you

  77. EVen though people donot want older players bocking spots you have to have somewhat a NHL calibur min of players in certain positrions to even see what young players can do/or just getting valuable experience and salary because of trickle effect. Having green horn and pre green horns in higher posisitons then they would be is like having Boq playing top pair.

    He should be playing like Hammer did for a yr or two 4th and gain from there.

    Younger players yes also though not to far over heads spots. Let the older players/Soderberg play those spots so the younger players/prospects can play against other teams even playing field per say.

  78. You keep putting your thoughts out there MO.I enjoy them.Your wheels are always spinning in the direction of getting the Hawks back to an elite level.

  79. Grey Hawk,

    You stated that “Bowman has known for a while that Toews is having this problem.” Has this actually been confirmed/reported? Just curious, I had not heard that.

  80. True Mo, playing younger players and challenging their skills is a good thing, throwing them in over their head is not. Dach last year looked out of place at first but with his skill set he responded nicely in playoffs, his injury at wjcs shows trying to protect them from injury can’t be done, you learn to survive and thrive where your skills belong. Boqvist had alot less games than Dach and with more games should start responding nicely too, that’s development some shifts you look the part others you don’t. Players without their higher end skills take more time, patience and knowing where to play them and when is needed. Some players need to go between Nhl and Ahl for few years before they are ready to step in to regular role. Be a long year and willl need all the patience possible with their development.

  81. Let’s have some Monty Hall play outs!
    Hello Marc, Stan here. You got me on Danault, you’re welcome.
    How about we swap 5th round picks and I’ll take half of Tatar salary with him.
    Tell you what. I’ll take all his money if you give me my own 3rd back.
    Great! Thanks a lot.

    Kevin, Stan here. Long time no see. How’s it going? Just reading your guy Roslovic not happy. You want to swing a blockbuster? Lets say we package your next year headache Laine and Rosy for DeHaan or Murphy and Highmore. Give you a number 4 that you don’t have for a number 6. Maybe even pick a kid or two out of Krys, Altybarmakyan, Soderlund Johnson.
    I forgot to tell you I got my 3rd round pick back so I can give Rosy a 1.3mil sheet or even 2.1mil and you get my 3rd.

  82. No Wingate but I I’m assuming that they’ve been communicating. Plus I’m guessing that’s why Soderholm was signed.

  83. Blackhawks and Stan are good to stand pat, they may need to sign/trade for someone to meet exposure requirements for Seattle but beyond that I would leave things be unless its moving deHaan or Murphy for a strong piece of the future.

    Lots of opportunity here for a player to stand out. Not too many players are signed through next year so team can go any direction next year. With expansion draft while teams may take losses as far as talent goes most every team gains flexibility regarding salary cap…in other words when it comes to eating a cap hit with a bonus may be no better time than next few weeks.

    Toews ask for privacy so lets all continue to speculate. It sure would be nice to see behind the scenes sometimes, I recall an interview with Quenville stating Toews would score more this upcoming season (years ago) and he did so probably part of the overall strategy of the team. Never understood some of the interviews with coaches…I mean….if I were a coach I would reveal very little to the media, why give away a gameplan. “Pucks to the net”.. reallly? What about when he was interviewed saying we need more traffic to the net and basically all game for weeks no one was going to the net…what was that about? Almost pointless to interview the coach in my opinion. “We have to be better” thanks sherlock.

    Back to ignoring Toews privacy request and more speculation my bet is all players play through injury etc etc and Toews ….and the club so this as a development season and let Toews have continued time off to heal and not be so obviously and recently publically frustrated with the status of the team. The guy is a warrior and was pretty good in the playoff opportunity they had. Ever hear and interview from Toews? He obviously cares and obviously wants to play in the playoffs. I dont question him at all. If I were to be a wagering man it was a joint decision with some reality based in some kind of health problem and what the hell let the prospects play to see where everyone is in terms of development. Toews is a massive loss…opportunity for others to step up is here!!!! Hell a free agent who wants to prove they belong should be giving this team a call! Anyway I bet its something more like “I’m sick of taking these damn covid tests ” ….what was it in the agreement about players being able to opt out? I bet we see more players take time off. Personally if I were Stan i would be seeing about players who want a legit opportunity to show they belong in the nhl and offer up two way contracts to those who want in.

    Also to extra clarify I was not suggesting the team trade for max merely pointing out Stans long standing desire to trade for him from years back and his name being rumored as being traded. Personally I think it would be a terrible idea unless quality prospects and picks came along with him

  84. Other then 20 77 19 were going to have lots of FW that are hard to play agasint with the ones we added and Shaw. Same with the size on D now.

    So the younger players should be able to fly around out there and if any get hit our new big guys will pound them back.

    We really might be the Hansons this yr.

  85. With the ltir space were going to have 35m? there isint a better time/yr to take on cap with good young prospects. Lets help a few other teams out.

  86. We don`t have enough grit to keep up with the German world Junior team Mo …

    Wake up or….go back to sleep .

  87. Hmmm Bickell Hossa. now Toews. anything possible and if he suddenly retires then Kane should be given the chance to be traded if he wants it !!!! Now who do you think he pick to leave too ?????????????????? Just asking

  88. ISL have better chance to win with Kane then BUF does. Other teams donot have the space without getting rid of a lot so gain isint like it is ISL.

    Donot think he would consider COL VEG being conference.

    Kane does get traded he can come back for free and we gain the return.

  89. They have good coach and good team system. Think have the space to add Kane and another elite player in summer. Then add two elite players at deadline prorated. Which would net ISL 4 elite players added to what they have had last two yrs.

    Not wanting to see ISL get 5th Cup before we get our 4th. So no trade.

  90. Stan pretty much admitted on the Podcast that it’s completely up to Strome whether he signs his qualifying offer and comes to camp. He says he and Strome’s agent don’t agree on the player’s value and the landscape has changed because of Covid.

    Stan says look at the contracts of players signed this week (possible Drake Cag. reference and Slater K.) and then go back and look at what they made last year, that’s the money that is out there. He also said signing Strome has no connection to the Toews or Dach situations. They will go into camp with the players who show up and are ready.

  91. Even the bad news bears got #1 pick in draft. We didnt cheat with 95m payrolls in the mid 90s so. CHI picks 3rd and 1st DET picks 4th.

  92. I wrote earlier Bowman’s not going to negotiate with a gun to his head. Doesn’t matter that Johnny’s not there.

  93. Honest, and others your right were not adding anything other then small moves/none unless we add prospects/picks.

    Who ever we have this ‘temp’ season/55 games it doesnt matter its about loading the young wave and getting that high end draft pick.

    Lots of times worst record picks 4th so I want to be in the 2 3 4 or 5 slot for lottery ping pong balls.

    Couldnt be a better yr for this for us.

  94. Just listened to the podcast with Bowman, as sounds like others have as well. Hard to get any indication on Toews return from his comments. Strome better sign and prove his case with the opportunity available, Feb. 11th the date be has to sign by to play this year. If not sit out and be a rfa next summer again or more likely get traded. Bowman seems to say Strome needs to use his chance this year to his advantage, it’s not that necessary to sign him this season anyways.

    Shaw be in top 9 somewhere by sound of things. Bowman still avoiding the rebuild word and saying develop this year. Sounds like basically this is going to be the roster and it could be Hagel and Suter favored to make opening night roster and Kurashev first callup if he doesn’t stick right away. Maybe Strome signing or not may have a bearing on Kurashev. Anyway lots of opportunity for some younger players it sounds like by his remarks.

  95. I wish JT well. I had those very symptoms and then I tested positive for you know what. Apparently, so did he. Again, though, this season is all about ice time and auditions for Hawks prospects. After all, didn’t our chance to achieve the 4th playoff spot disappear when the Minnesota Wild disappeared from our division and last year’s Stanley Cup Champion runner-ups, Dallas, appeared in their place? The Hawks & Bulls are in similar straits. Don’t worry about the win total – except in terms of hoping it gets us a great 2021 pick. Other than that, play’em and let’s see who succeeds and who recedes.

  96. Again Strome is an idiot for not taking whatever is offered. Already playing hardball on a contract. Strome has been surrounded by stars and often on the power play, we know hes not defensively realiable though maybe some day he will be.

    He has every opportunity to show hes the best player on the team especially now. I commend Stan for standing pat and not caving for Strome. He has the opportunity to be a career Blackhawk. He was in the minors and not only given and opportunity here,he was basically built up by the players that so many here want traded. Let him sit with no contract. I have no sympathy for millionaires who play a child game that I have to pay to play, screw him.

    Maybe he too thinks this team is not good without Dach and more so Toews and doesnt want to be exposed for the ot so great player he is…..does he want to be traded? No rush. I’d sit on him until an offer comes along. Maybe he will sit the year and Seattle takes him as a still rfa…doubtful…they want Lankinen

  97. Honest Guy. I found it odd that after the Hawks loss to Vegas in the playoffs, Strome appeared in post season video in which he said – well obviously I have showed that I have produced in my time here in Chicago.

    He was pumping his own tires but the evidence is not truly there. If 45 to 50 points per season is “producing “ then I suppose so. But as the guy who got picked 3rd overall behind McDavid and Eichel, he is limping behind badly.

    He should take the 900,000 per year or Stan should move him.

  98. I don’t know about everyone else but I have had enough of the STROME Saga.If you go back to when the trade for him occurred and peruse a few of the Coyote sites,they were thrilled to be rid of him.A soft underachieving player who refused to work on his glaring weakness,and still does,of his poor skating.He was at best a 4th line player were just a couple of the descriptions of his time in Arizona.Lets move on from him if he will not take the Hawks offer and find a real Center who can skate and play both ends of the ice.

  99. @Craig Nigrellli

    Craig, your last remark reinforces the opinion I’ve had of Strome for awhile, he over-values himself and seems to have an unrealistic internal clock (or expectation) for when his big pay-day contract arrives.

    Like any decent agent, he’s already sized and contacted trading partners for Stan and has also found the money and term lacking in the marketplace. The only game is chicken with Stan which they’ve already lost.

    Whether he stays or goes, now or eventually, Strome will always be a contract problem.

  100. I too am tired of the Strome Saga. He’s a little above average NHL player. He’s got some talent but has no speed and to my eye doesn’t always put out. He gets lost in a physical game. I don’t know what he thinks he’s proven other than my assessment of what I’ve seen. I did read a story that Kane loved Strome’s passion for hockey. He said he matched his with eating and breathing hockey 24/7. What happened?

  101. One thing Strome not signed opens up a spot in camp for one of the youngsters under contract who would’ve a casualty to numbers. So does Nylander, Dach and Toews for that matter, 43 skaters under contract and only 36 skaters allowed in camp per team. Also may alllow a youngster some game tome until Ahl season starts in early February. Hopefully by that time Toews is straightened out and getting ready yo return. Smith may still be on ir too, no indication he is ready yet.

  102. In the Strome negotiation the Hawks have 100% of the leverage. It’s not like we have a real shot at the cup and need to get out of the gate quickly (like the Isles need Barzal). If we are somehow worse without Strome it really doesn’t matter. If he thinks he is anywhere near the player Barzal or Dubois is then he needs a new agent and some meds to bring him back to reality. If his value is what he appears to believe then there should be multiple teams trying to acquire him. Unfortunately this is probably not the case.

  103. Players who opened season with Blackhawks last year who won’t be there this year are. Forwards: Toews, Nylander, Saad, Cagguila, Perlini, Strome?, Dach on ir to start last year too. Defense: Gus, Maatta & Koekkoek, plus Crawford and Lehner. Half the roster at least will different on opening night.

  104. I am fine with Strome staying or not staying this yr/next. Its about longterm and unless we have that many prospects that can play right now/this yr all at once with 3 and including him 4 FWs out that can? be enough spots for the prospects to get games. Donot want any prospect in over there heads/I mean in spots too high up the depth chart.

    Need to be playing 3rd line and maybe some shifts with top 6 here and there kind of thing. Same for D guys. You know what I mean.

    For Strome himself well he got to be with his best friend and if he wanst to be a sell out then go to the RAGs like that flatlander Hayes did. And I like Strome waaaaay more then him.

  105. Mo if Strome could become a effective top 6 winger who can provide top 6 center depth as nreeded, he could be a valuable piece for a number of years. Just don’t see that happening though.

  106. Friendly reminder to those who want Kane traded for first round picks…any pick they recieve in return will likely be no higher than 7th overall(meaning at best so 7-32) and that’s including some factor the team he is traded to misses the playoffs.

    At this point you’re hoping the Blackhawks are so much worse AND WIN THE LOTTERY and end up with a pick that is not Nail Yakupov or Dylan Strome or the long list of first round busts. Just my opinion but I dont get too thrilled about draft picks. I do understand the logic of not letting someone go for nothing, I understand that. Proven players or the mystery box…..

  107. Just like 2006 2007 3rd pick 1st pick. 2019 2021 I am going with another top 3 pick and that we get 2nd or 3rd.

  108. Simply put maybe Strome thinks hes never going going to be a star and wants alll he can get now because he himself thinks it will never be better. At this point hes probably afraid to sign. At he will be completely exposed without two centers above him in depth. At this point Strome seems to be going for big money/overpaid and to hide as a streaky second/third line center on some other team while sometimes on the powerplay. When he had a subpar year his agents new excuse will be he was adjusting to a new team and was adjusting to a new city during a pandemic and general life changes as an excuse for lack of performance, total speculation, my point is Strome has every opportunity in the world to show his worth right here,right now with this team. Only thing I see is a slow, unreliable defensively, overachiever graced with a supporting cast that built him who has accomplished nothing significant here and in fact most recently disappointed, ankle injury or not. Prove it and maybe get some more on your next contract buddy or are you convinced it’s your last shot at a big contract? Maybe just maybe Strome is looking to opt out of season with covid testing etc. Until I hear otherwise I think Toews just doesnt want to deal with the bs covid testing and evrything along with the odd circumstances including the team effectively developing and rebuilding this season, no complaints from me if such, he is doing the team a favor at this point. Wish him a full recovery hope to see him back, whenever that may be.

    Strome have Same agent as his brother I wonder? Do nylander brothers have the same agent? Maybe Chicago Nylander holds out on his next contract then blames the lack of production on the team not signing him earlier….that’s always funny….I’m not getting paid enough so when I do get signed and not produce it’s your fault for not paying me more sooner, good one….always love to see that excuse in sports, real cute.

    After waiting what seemed like forever to see Ruutu signed here with all the hype around Tuomo…..I can wait for Strome

  109. Honest guy the Nylanders are represented by same agent, Lewis is his name. Dylan Strome is represented by same agent as Cirelli is, Morris is his name. Ryan Strome is represented by a marketing firm.

    Disagree on your take on Toews. Sounds like he was playing through something in playoff bubble. Obviously his choice to try to keep playing or not, weighing pros and cons likely from all sides concerned knowing the team player he has been. The best for his health, future life first and all concerned is for him to get it dealt with right now. That doesn’t diminish how serious this could be or how long he is out because of it by any stretch.

  110. Honest Guy
    I am confused by what you mean in your last statement where you say:

    “Until I hear otherwise I think Toews just doesnt want to deal with the bs covid testing and evrything”…..

    Can you help me understand what you mean? I understand the rest of your statement from that point forward, but don’t see the covid point.


  111. I’m not familiar with their specific testing procedures, probably a nuisance. Going to a local store is.

  112. This. makes a lot of sense.

    December 31, 2020 at 2:22 pm
    Until I hear otherwise I think Toews just doesnt want to deal with the bs covid testing and evrything along with the odd circumstances including the team effectively developing and rebuilding this season, no complaints from me if such, he is doing the team a favor at this point. Wish him a full recovery hope to see him back, whenever that may be.

  113. What? They all were tested and retested in the bubble they were in for the playoffs. He doesn’t want to deal with the rebuild? Really cockamamie thoughts. He’s 100% hockey and 100% Blackhawk. The end.

  114. Proven player over draft pick anytime unless the return is ridiculous or the player is not part of near future.
    Karlsson is a great example…picked 15th over all (which btw was Nashville’s pick originally before trade) so a team that need only barely miss the playoffs (though I’m not sure of draft order rules either lottery for that year), it is a crap shoot and who thinks this draft class is worse for having less hockey to play (presumably)? Anyone care to weigh in? Draft picks theoretically should be cheaper to come by since teams will ne scouting lesss(probably). So yeah load up on picks seems like a cheaper time to do so but I’m just guessing.

    Yeah Shaw great player, 5th round…could have been selected 138 times over before he was picked. Exactly my point it’s tough to predict.

    Also regarding karllsonn how did the Blackhawks draft go that year…Kyle beach 11th overall, you see they COULD have drafted karllsson….

    how else did it go…..Ben Smith in the 7th round, that’s it…..yeah I’ll take Kane over a couple of draft picks thank you very much

  115. Hey folks. This was wholly predictable. Middling draft picks and a déjà vu experience like the early Islanders. The team got old at the same time. Trades made and not made, injuries and a lack of depth….here we are. I say the problem exists above the ice. Dale Talon is sitting on his couch waiting for the phone to ring. Just satin’

  116. I heard ALS. Someone saw a tweet by Sopel and since then it got deleted. I pray this is false

  117. Heard speculation from someone in the hockey community (just speculation) that it is ALS (Lou Geherig disease). Sure hope that is not the case

  118. Wow, I guess a little optimism is a lot to ask for. I know it’s only the quarter mark of the season, but because of injuries the kids are getting a huge chance to play and are killing it. Larkinen, Suter, Hagel etc, these guys wouldn’t be on the ice nearly as much, if at all had those spaces not opened up.

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