Lankinen Carries Blackhawks Past Hurricanes

The Blackhawks got an unusual 6:30 PM start in Chicago on Tuesday night. Wyatt Kalynuk got the call for Nicolas Beaudin on the blue line and Dylan Strome was spending time on the wing with Kirby Dach centering his line.

Chicago’s offense didn’t get the memo that the game started a half hour earlier than usual. The first period could have cured insomnia for Hawks fans; the Blackhawks went minutes without a shot multiple time in the opening period and finished the opening 20 minutes with only five shots on net. Carolina netminder Alex Nedeljkovic wasn’t tested much at all.

Kevin Lankinen showed up for work on time, thankfully. Lankinen stopped all 13 shots he faced in the first period to keep his teammates in a game that could have been blown open early by a Carolina team that attacked and a Blackhawks team that didn’t fight back much.

Whatever coach Jeremy Colliton said to his skaters during the first intermission worked.

Dach set up Strome for a 2-on-1 rush on the first shift of the second period and the new daddy finished to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead.

Dach and Connor Murphy picked up the assists. The helper is the first of the new year for Dach in his third game back. And it did appear someone grabbed the puck for a souvenir for Strome and family.

Dougie Hamilton took a penalty in the first period that didn’t hurt his team. When he went to the box three minutes into the second period, Chicago made it hurt.

Patrick Kane made a nifty play to lift a stick and Alex DeBrincat put the puck into the back of the net to extend the Blackhawks’ lead to two.

Kane was credited with the only assist on DeBrincat’s 19th goal of the season.

In the opening ten minutes of the second period the Blackhawks looked like a totally different team than they did in the first period. Chicago started the game completely flat, but came out of the room attacking with speed in the second. At the mid-point of the second period, shots were even at four for each side.

Then Carolina woke up. Or the Blackhawks took their foot off the gas. Or a combination of the two.

Nikita Zadorov took a bad tripping penalty behind the Blackhawks net at 10:33 into the second and the momentum shifted hard. The Canes didn’t score on the power play but they continued putting pressure on the Blackhawks.

At 15:41 into the second, Brady Skjei flipped a shot at the net that appeared to be redirected by Andrei Svechnikov. The shot slipped past Lankinen for Svechnikov’s tenth of the season. The Blackhawks’ lead was cut in half.

Carolina spent most of the final four minutes in the Hawks’ end but didn’t beat Lankinen again. When the second period ended, Chicago held a 2-1 lead. The shots that were 4-4 at ten minutes into the period now favored Carolina 12-7, giving the visitors a 25-12 shot advantage after 40 minutes.

Faceoffs have been an issue for the Blackhawks all season and Chicago was bad in the first two periods. Led by Jordan Staal, who won all 11 of his faceoffs, the Hurricanes won 29 of 44 faceoffs (65.9 percent) through two periods.

Staal won the opening faceoff of the third period to make him a perfect 12 for 12 at the dot.

At the television timeout with five minutes left in regulation, the Canes had a 4-2 shot advantage in the third period. Yes, six total shots in 15 minutes of hockey. The Hawks were clinging to a one-goal lead.

Carolina emptied their net with a little more than two minutes remaining for an offensive zone faceoff.

Zadorov and Connor Murphy were stuck on the ice for a two-minute shift with a couple icings inside the final minutes, including one bad decision to ice the puck by Zadorov. Lankinen eventually stopped a puck to get a change the Hawks were able to hang on for a big 2-1 victory.

The Blackhawks put 16 total shots on net in 60 minutes of hockey. Lankinen earned two significant points in the standings for his team.

Lankinen stopped 31 of 32 in the win. He was terrific.

Murphy had a big night. He skated a team-leading 26 minutes and was credited with two shots on net (tied for the team lead), a team-high five blocked shots and tied for the team lead with six hits.

Dach didn’t win any of his eight faceoffs. After going over 20 minutes in each of his first two games he was limited to 13:43 but did block two shots in the game.

On the other hand, new dad Strome won seven of eight faceoffs to go with his goal.

Kane skated more than four minutes more than any other forward (23:06) but was not credited with a shot on net.

32 thoughts on “Lankinen Carries Blackhawks Past Hurricanes

  • March 30, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    The boys finally closed one out. Good effort by all. Faceoffs still are a BIG problem. Time to fire th faceoff coach and find another. Glad to see Kalynuk get another shot. Question for the group. Is Mitchell missed right now? Really, will kampf ever score? 2 points important to get, but will we ever play 60 minutes?

  • March 30, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    Team defense over the last 40 minutes was very good, despite some head scratching plays from Zadorov. Boquist with a very solid game – his offensive upside is huge as he continues to physically mature. Janmark with another solid game – don’t think I would move him unless we get a 2nd for him. Thought Kalynuk earned himself another game. It’s nice that these rookies are competing for their ice time.

  • March 30, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Hung on in the 1st and stayed around. Made them pay for their mistakes in 2nd, got the important pp goal and killed a big penalty. Lankinen as article notes was huge again. Really shut them down nice in 3rd, couple of blips but not costly. Need a big effort again Thursday.

    Colliton said Hardman will be playing described him as big body who skates well that was a contributor on a line with skilled linemates. Interesting he mentioned his skating because that was biggest inock against him when passed over on the draft.

  • March 30, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Couple thoughts: Hagel is a joy to watch.
    Kane was pissed by the uncalled trip and his motor was on and on that back check, great play.
    Boq can be a generational offensive d man possibly.

  • March 30, 2021 at 10:16 pm

    The 1st period had that “oh no, here we go again” feeling to it – wave after wave of Canes buzzing around our d-zone winning races to the puck and what seemed like pert near every board battle.

    Wasn’t very pretty but they battled and got two points so it’s easier to focus on the positive things, of which there were many – starting with Kalynuk who I thought played pretty well even though he was on his off-hand. Dach seemed stronger on his skates tonight. Boqvist rang one off the iron – he’s getting some chances and he’s getting close – hopefully they start going in which would be huge to have him as an offensive weapon. And then of course Lankinen – wow!

    Rough start but lots to like and build on.

  • March 30, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    Murphy should have been one of the stars – he was a huge and so was Z

    Agree that Kalynuk showed well enough to merit more games – very fluid skater

    The first was so bad it was embarrassing yet they made adjustments and played possibly their best defensively the last two periods- I was absolutely convinced that they wouldn’t be able to hold a 2-1 lead in the third vs the Canes but they did and Lank wasn’t the reason why – pretty impressive from this young group

    So they can play well defensively if they manage the puck which was my point vs NSH – if the players manage the puck the system works

    Lankinen however was the reason they got out of the first tied – otherwise they would have been fighting from behind

    The formula of win special teams and get great goaltending held up again

  • March 30, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    How many turnovers did Hagel cause? He was a wrecking ball on the forecheck- love it
    Bad bounce for Kalynuk, glad it didn’t directly affect his ice time and he seemed to take it in stride
    A shoutout for Strome’s 88% on FOs, on top of the goal

  • March 30, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    It was very nice to hear about something other than “blah, blah, blah Hurricanes are awesome” from the broadcast team after the first goal
    and Pierre repeats himself a lot, but I’m sure I heard him praise JC several times once the bleeding stopped in the 2nd

  • March 31, 2021 at 12:29 am

    Iff the Hawks make the playoff I think Lank will be the rookie of the year in the NHL
    Murphy still the best Dman for the Hawks .Dach is slowly getting in the game .
    DCat is really playing like 2 years ago and should get 30 goals This season .
    Would love to see Toews back like when he use to love playing hockey.
    But probably not this year.

  • March 31, 2021 at 12:44 am

    A much needed Regulation Win,if were still focused on playoffs,but you gotta be harder on the puck and win some battles. You have to try and shove more than 16 shots on goal for a game. You can’t let an opposing Center win 13 faceoffs in a row. At some point you have to tie up his stick,get him thrown out,etc. And remember the Hawks were the home team with the faceoff advantage. Their play tonight on the whole is just not sustainable to win very often. You have to FINISH plays. They just are not dangerous enough with the highend skill that they have. Murphy was a defensive monster tonight. His best game of the year. Kalynuk is a keeper. I noticed that him and DeHaan flip flopped a few times so that he was on his strong side. My opinion is that he is going to keep getting better the more that he plays.Lankinen kept them in the game with his 1st period. I would imagine that the Canes will come out very physically Thursday night. Sounds like a Dach-Hagel-Hardman line is in our near future. Somebody sharpen Janmark,s skates. I lost count on how many times he blew a tire tonight,.

  • March 31, 2021 at 1:09 am

    Lankinen had to stand on his head to get the team a much needed win. That’s not acceptable. The FO%, as Tab mentioned, is ridiculously bad. Strome & Soderberg were THE ONLY bright spot. 7 of 8. Soderberg was 5 of 8. Then the BAD. Suter was 6 of 18. David Kampf was 3 of 10. Dach was 0 for 8. A goose egg. Not good. Perhaps Dach would be more effective on a wing. He’s a big guy. Just a thought.
    I listened to the game, so, even though Kalynuck had limited TOI and was a -1, how was his play? I’m glad he got a chance. I’d like to see Bowey also get some TOI. Kurashev has been playing invisible. Maybe we can see more of Entwistle?

    I have totally off the subject questions. What would be the asking price for Buffalo’s Eichel? Maybe some players like Kurashev and Suter? Another question is, if Eichel is not an option, what would it take for the Blackhawks to move up, in the draft, for Jack Hughes? Or does the team go for a guy like Carson Lambos?

    I’m just thinking out loud. Thanks for the feedback…good or bad.

  • March 31, 2021 at 1:21 am

    I see NSH beat DAL in OT so they jumped back into 4th place – Hawks were in 4th for about an hour. :-) Nashville is really rolling … unfortunately because I can’t stand that team. I’d much rather have Dallas or Columbus beat us out for the last playoff spot than the Hillrods from TN.

    Looking forward to Thursday. I’m sure the Canes will be full of piss and vinegar – hopefully so will the Hawks and lets have ourselves a battle.

  • March 31, 2021 at 2:15 am

    @edman68, the Hawks can’t afford Jack Eichel’s contract and cap hit, so the Hawks will never be in the running for him. If we did have the cap space, the Sabres would want Cat, Dach and a couple first round picks..maybe either way, I’m happy that the Hawks aren’t interested. Jack Hughes plays for the Devils, I’m assuming you meant Luke Hughes, his younger brother who is a defenseman. The Hawks may not have to move up for him at all..he recently sustained an injury that will keep him out of action for the rest of the year..he may fall in this year’s draft..probably not far enough for the Hawks to draft him, but I could easily see him slip out of the top five. As far as moving up, the Hawks aren’t going to trade picks or assets to move up this year. They’ll simply draft the best available player. Maybe it will be a defenseman like Lambos, or maybe they’ll take a shot at a player like Raty, who has a great skill set but is incredibly inconsistent.

    @49 years..yes, Hagel has really shown that he can bring a tenacious forecheck every single game..give him and Kubalik a center who doesn’t have stone hands(not really a knock on Kampf, he just doesn’t have the offensive skills to play above the fourth line) and they could be a dangerous second line for the Hawks next year.

    @hawks2010..I agree regarding Lankinen..he would be my Calder..but Kaprizov has it locked up..he may finish with 60 points in a shortened season..but Lankinen has been great this year..with all of the shots on goal the Hawks give up per game, we’re basically a more talented Detroit without him..

    As a couple others mentioned, I thought Boqvist had a solid game tonight..hopefully he begins to shot more..he’s one of the, if not the only, defenseman whose shots from the blueline get through traffic and find the net..and I thought with his minutes managed a bit better tonight, Dach was excellent. Hamilton had zero answer for him on multiple shifts. His faceoffs will come around. That’s usually the last skill to develop with young centers. He’ll be fine.

    I honestly didn’t notice Kalynuk much..which is fine for a defenseman..if you’re invisible, you’re doing your job..however, when you’re in the crease, follow the action and face the’s less likely to go off of you if you’re facing the action on the ice..besides that, he seemed fine tonight.

  • March 31, 2021 at 6:54 am

    From my view Kampf isn’t bringing much to the table. Maybe sit him in the press box for a few games and let some kids give it a go. Hands of stone is an understatement with this guy, gives no offense at all.

  • March 31, 2021 at 7:30 am

    Thank God for Hagel-he has given posters on this site something that e all agree on-and that’s a rarity.

    Hawks 2010-Lankinen certainly deserves consideration, especially if he finishes strong, but speaking of Finish he probably isn’t even in first place among rookie goaltenders from Finland.

    Kaapo Kahkonen–GP-17, 12-5-0, GAA 2.29, SP .921
    Now if you factor in how much he has played, on how the defense often leaves him out to dry perhaps Lankinen should be ahead. And again last night the only goal goes in off a Hawk d-man.

  • March 31, 2021 at 7:57 am

    1- Lankinen really is coming of age. He didn’t appear to face too many tuff shots? He’s still a little sloppy at times but he’s really competing which is big time. He’s horrible at playing the puck outside the net. if he can learn that Hawks D will be much better. Now opponents can dump to spot close to the net and chase hard, when a goalie can handle the puck, the game changes. Lankinen is coming so far out of the net to cut the angle way past the blue which is good but risky, hence his stick flying out of his hands, as a skilled forward moves sideways he needs to sweep with his stick, that first shot will never get by him but the rebound control needs to be perfect. Hawks d-men doing are good job of cleaning up lose pucks. Plus I see just a lot of luck, pucks rolling past, thru the crease, loose etc.

    2- Jeremy Colliton I think deserves a ton of credit, he made some minor adjustments last night and he really has the team playing as a unit, on all four line, not easy for this cut and paste team. He has a style and system that the current team is not built for but yet they get results.

    3- Hawks core four defense is playing really well. But the lone Carolina goal was a good example of questionable defensive positioning by the kid Kalynuk. Once you make contact with the forward in the blue paint -crease -you have to maintain contact, lean, lift the stick and continue to be physical, and turn your head. Kalynuk made light contact, eased off and let the forward still be in great position. Your head has to be on a swivel in the crease as coach said in 8th grade.

    4- Dach horrible at the dot, he needs to be better, much better. Hawks horrible at the Dot again like not rebounding in NBA, fatal flaw. Dach slowly coming along otherwise, seems his injury has decreased his desire to get more physical in the corners which is the reason he did so well last year, really stepped up, now seems a wee bit tentative. Should be driving the net big time as should Strome but NOOOOO

    5- Kurashev |time on the ice was limited but for some reason he was very noticeable from the coach he seemed to be playing more physical? Just seemed to be around the puck all night.

    Go Hawks

  • March 31, 2021 at 8:38 am

    @SLAYERSE7EN: I did mean Luke. Thanks. I figured Eichel was a pipe dream, even if Buffalo took on half the salary.
    Many of you have pointed to Kampf. Yes, he is a 4th line Center. But, if his FO% is going to dive below 60% he’s not worth paying. The Rockford Icehogs website does not include the players FO%’s. I’d like to see what they’re doing in that regard. I do agree with others, on here, about keeping Janmark. I’d like to see more of Kalynuk, Reese, and Entwistle. We’re not winning the Stanley Cup. Yes, I do enjoy winning, but I also want to see what assets we have in the system and who we can live without. I like Highmore, but, I think he can be replaced and, in fact, has been. He’ll catch on with another team. I would like to keep Carpenter. He’s a veteran, I know, but he’s a steady and intelligent player. A good role model for the players who are 3rd & 4th line guys. The team is building. I notice that SB is acquiring college kids with some size. Good. This team has too many small-ish players that need to be spread out. I know that the Debrincat, Suter, Kane line is productive, but, when Toews gets back and if Dach stays at Center, with Strome, the team can have their offense spread across those 3 lines. Ultimately, it’s just my opinion. There’s some keepers in this years line-up and some definite chips to be dealt for picks &/or prospects. Keep building for the future. It’s not right now.

  • March 31, 2021 at 8:40 am

    I love it when we can take 2 points and not play a very solid team game. Now, let’s not do it again! Luckily Lankinen stepped up when called upon, but let’s look at some other positives. The two Utes – Boqvist and Kalynuk showed well for themselves. I was particularly impressed with Kalynuk because he hasn’t had much of an opportunity with the big club. But, what I noticed quickly was that he is poised with the puck on his stick, is an excellent skater, and is a much better defensive player than I imagined. I really like our young kids on defense – Boqvist, Beaudin, Mitchell, Carlsson, and Kalynuk.

    Lankinen (8)
    Kane (8)
    DeBrincat (8)
    Strome (8)

    The rest of the team (7)

  • March 31, 2021 at 9:19 am

    Janmark is having a career year – I think the Hawks should definitely sell high with him if they get any respectable offer – no need to give him away but IMO it would be foolish to hang on to him if there’s real interest at the TDL – if the Hawks really want him back they can re-sign him in the summer but I think he’ll be too expensive then anyway

    Sounds like Hardman is going to see to some games – that’ll be interesting – maybe he can take Janmark’s spot in the line up if Janmark’s traded

    With Dach back and Highmore out at least the Hawks have NHL players at every position and that makes a big difference for rolling 4 lines – not one player was under 10 minutes TOI last night – it’s easier to be good defensively when everyone is a little fresher because you have 4 lines you can play

  • March 31, 2021 at 9:33 am

    How many times did Aho look to be a danger to score last night, not many. Now go back and look to see who was following him around most of the time on the ice. Kampf was, that’s the offense he brings, doubt any in Rfd. can fill that role right now, plus him and Soderberg only ones with better than 50/50 chance of winning a draw. Soderberg may be moved and considerably slower playing up the lineup. Yes when Toews returns Kampf is a 4C who can play up for a game if needed at best, for now though the choices are limited.

  • March 31, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Ian – perfect point on Kampf. Funny how ye ole blog struggles to measure a players current skill set, the players core abilities and players desire to improve or get better. Kampf is dragging around every single night the leagues best player, every night. His defense and back check is elite, he very good on the point – sweeper – on the penalty kills. He’s not too bad at the dot. Kampf offense is not his strength but his fore check is killer along with his speed it makes him a hard guy to replace. If he was a little more physical with his size he’d be a real difference maker.

    I was and still am a big fan of Marcus Krüger. 6 foot 180. His ability to fore check and use his body, his stick, the angle of his skates even and his hips in the corners was a “master class.” He’d hold the puck, take a big hit, and stay on his feet, antiicpate and beat guys to the puck who are light years faster than he’d every be. What a role player! Kruger has a particular skill and approach a la Dennis Rodman . . . he knew his role and did it every single night, every shift.

    Know the role a player is asked to check off his to do list every night. Don’t expect the unexpected from players? Hawks do have too many role players right now.

    go hawks

  • March 31, 2021 at 10:03 am

    Ian, you talk of “when Toews comes back” – I wish I had that optimism, but I don’t, at least not this season. I would love to see Toews in between Hagel and Kubalik – I think that line could be a wrecking crew.

    Just dreaming … Toews comes back last two weeks of season and leads team into the playoffs:


  • March 31, 2021 at 10:09 am

    Not sure how the Hawks won this game, but it was nice to see them to get the win.

    The thing that I notice the most about the Hawks roster is that it is unable to impose it’s will on the opposition. The Hawks do not influence how the game is going to be played as much as respond to how the opposition is going to play the game. If the opposition plays a wide open game, the Hawks can hang a bit, but if the opposition plays a tight game with a lot of checking, the Hawks rarely have a good response. The first half of the year, the Hawks did play a much tighter, high pressure game and it seemed to have success. But the Hawks don’t seem able to maintain that level of compete against the better teams, or at least this recent stretch against the FLA teams exposed the talent gap and proved that effort was not enough of an equalizer for this roster.

    That said, it was really nice to see the Hawks capitalize on some turnovers instead of being victimized by them. It was very gratifying to see Strome score, you could almost see the pressure released in his celebration Hope this is the beginning of the Dam bursting for him.

    Not going to complain too much about a regulation win, but this team did not look good doing it. A great game from Lankinen was the difference maker. The Hawks need to upgrade the roster around him to become legit. How much of that upgrade will happen internally is the question.

  • March 31, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Yes, take the points. That wasn’t a pretty game overall to watch, and the Hawks were fortunate to escape the 1st period unscathed. They had Lankinen once again to thank, otherwise Canes could have been up 3 easy. Hawks offensive output to start that game was woeful at best. Kane with a deft stick lift to steal puck and feed 12 was brilliant. I chuckled while reading on SB Nation Canes site that a Canes fan said Kane got away with hooking. Yikes…Nice shot by Strome after a clever feed from Dach. I like how the Hawks played better defense and closed out that game last night.

    We should see a more motivated Canes team tomorrow, and hopefully the boys will meet the challenge. I thought Kalynuk played well for a fresh call up. These young d men are getting some valuable experience. Keep on rotating them back and forth from Rockford. Same with the forwards corps especially Johnson and Entwistle.

    Weekend games against the Preds will tell us the character of this Hawks team considering the beat down Nashville put on the guys last weekend at the UC.
    ER, I too have no love for Preds either. Been that way with me for many years.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  • March 31, 2021 at 10:41 am

    Knuckle Head- great post on Kruger/Kampf. Masters of “gumming” up the game/other team’s best players. Kruger – loved how he would attach his forehead to the glass and eat 20-30 seconds of possession- with other team’s #1 line – trying to get puck back.

    very few guys in NHL – at his size- could be that dominant at it.

  • March 31, 2021 at 11:01 am

    A seesaw game yesterday. We see that they come out flat and saw that they can come out of an intermittion with a different attitude. A grind out a game that we weren’t mentally into. Now probably a shoot out on Thursday.

    Agree Janmark is good. Agree he can help. Agree we should sign him. But let’s sign him after we get something for him. UFAs could be signed by any team. Let someone else set his value. If we think it should be more offer more. Best case scenario is no one offers anything and we offer what we want to spend. After we get something for him at TDL after the season.

    Same goes for Soderberg. Heck I would even deal our RFAs Kampf Wallmark. Not Hagel or Zadorov. If someone needs Carpenter, see ya. Hopefully deHaan see ya.

    Different subject. Would like to trade with Van Cal possibly LA SJ NYR . Anyone taking a shot at the playoffs but on the short end. Erickson’s money and # 1 for Soderberg and or Janmark from Van would be great.

  • March 31, 2021 at 3:15 pm

    Yikes all this Janmark chatter, from the couch night in and night out he’s actually one of the best players the Hawks have right now, I call him the Mini-Hossa. What makes an hockey aficionado think that NOT signing him now, or trading him and then wishing to get him back on contract back to the Hawks is a valid scenario? Players like that don’t just drift in and out of organizations. What makes anyone think his value ( which is large) won’t be seen by the other 30 teams? SIGN HIM, KEEP HIM, PLAY HIM.

    Side Bar -This will sound Sacrilegious ( sorry in advance) but the captain Toews might be expendable in this rebuild. Not sure Toews is going to come back period, or will muscle up in front of the net, fore check harder and play along with the new system. I have a gut sense that Colliton might miss him but would not whine if he’s traded. 9.8 million is not that much he’s not even in the top 20 but it might not be all about money in the end. Anyway interesting to see who will stay or go . . . in 2022?

  • March 31, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    I would treat the Toews situation as he is not coming back. Time to move on and not factor him into any roster configurations for next season and beyond. Start grooming a #2 Center,let the search begin, and get to work on Dach to mold him as your top center. I would wager that Toews is not coming back at all but if he should attempt a return place him as the # 3 Center. Also formulate your acquisition plan for a top Defensive pairing,and yes you are going to have to acquire those 2 guys in free agency or draft 1 of them and hope for a Makar or Hughes type of rapid development. Obviously Kamph at the most would be the 4th line Center. Any higher and you are stunting the growth of talented forwards. Murphy,Mitchell,Boqvist,and Kalynuk should be the beginning of the pairings for next season. I see DeHaan and Zadorov both being moved. Wonder if the Kings would listen to a Panther pitch for Douhty?

  • March 31, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Okay, we’re getting a little out of hand. I like Janmark. He may be a 20+ goal scorer. He’s big and he can be used on the penalty kill. He’s a perfect 3rd line and PK player. He is not even close to a “poor man’s Hossa”. That’s a little too over the top.
    Will Toews come back? First and foremost, I pray for his health. We don’t know what he’s going through. I do want him back. Will he be a 1st line Center? Realistically, no. Is Dach? It’s way too early to tell. Yesterday’s performance at Center was not a good one, for him. He didn’t win a single FO. Strome? He’s inconsistent and definitely not a 1st line Center. I asked earlier, what would it take to get Jack Eichel. But, as SLAYERSE7EN pointed out, he’s out of the Blackhawks price range. The team is not in a position for a top 3 pick. So, the team is not looking able to get THAT generational talent like “Captain Serious”. Even Steve Yzerman dropped to the #2 spot. The team absolutely needs a #1 Center. Defensively? Cole Sillinger, in my opinion, may be there for the Blackhawks, in the 2021 Draft. Yes, he’s former NHLer, Mike Sillinger’s kid. He has an excellent offensive game and a very solid defensive game. If/when Jonathan Toews comes back, what better mentor for Cole Sillinger to have?
    Last thought, Lukas Reichel may be a viable option. A top line of Debrincat, Daze, Strome is not out of the question. Should the Blackhawks take Sillinger, he may also be that 1st line guy. Bottom line, I do want Toews back, but, more importantly, I want the kid to be healthy. With Centers Toews, Dach, Sillinger, Strome, and Kampf, the team would be well placed. If Kampf is not in the picture, perhaps someone from Rockford can fill that bill. Again, I do wish the Icehogs site would include FO% so we can get a better idea of who is strong at the dot.

  • March 31, 2021 at 7:47 pm

    Yes yes. Keep every one of the younger Defensemen. Only trade if its for an equally good FW/top 6.

  • March 31, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    Wrap, totally agree Janmark at tradeline and he can come back in summer. These are the kinds of moves that are bonus.

    Ian, also the checking line center/4th needs a very good wing man to have a complete roster. Krugs had Frozal/Dejon and Madden had Bolly/Ladd/Steeger? something like that.

    Got to have those checking line centers and wingman and 4 Hagels in 3rd/4th lines.

    Besides dynasty quality players it was having 4 lines rolling is why the 2010 team was able to do that/that kind of quality and rolling 4 lines.

    That was just sick.

  • March 31, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    Yes we still have holes. I mean we only had half a roster before these games with the greyhorns, Even when we have most of young wave established as NHL players were still adding an elite ufa top pair Defensemen/unless we get that this draft with a top 8.12 pick. And one or two more ufa players are coming/prob 23 season.

    INteresting Ian does kampf become the Frozal/Dejon wingman of a better center that we get.

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