New Blackhawks History DVDs FAN-tastic

On Tuesday, March 23, Warner Video released a greatest hits collection of dvds for a limited number of NHL teams; the Chicago Blackhawks were included. The box set sells for $29.99 and contains six discs.

Any Hawks fan should consider spending the money.

The first five discs in the set contain complete games that were selected by someone at Warner as the most memorable games in Hawks history. The grain of salt that fans have to take the game selections with is that there wasn’t very good film in the 1960s, so all five of the great games are from 1994 through last year.

Disc one is Jeremy Roenick’s legendary performance against the Winnepeg Jets on Feb. 24, 1994. Disc two is Tony Amonte’s great performance from Game 3 of the Conference Quarter-Finals against the Toronto Maple Leafs from April 23, 1994. Disc three is Denis Savard’s heroic performance in Game 4 of the Conference Finals against Detroit from June 8, 1995.

The fourth and fifth discs are from last year’s run to the Conference Finals. The first is Jonathan Toews’ breakout performance in Game 2 of the Calgary series. The fifth disc contains Patrick Kane’s hat trick performance from Game 6 against Vancouver.

The final disc in the set contains a number of memorable moments from Blackhawks history. The moments on the final disc are:

  • The final 14 minutes of the third period of Game 6 of the 1961 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Detroit with post-game interviews
  • Bobby Hull’s retirement ceremony
  • Glenn Hall and Tony Esposito’s retirement ceremony
  • The player introductions and anthems from the 1991 All Star Game (something Rob Otto won’t watch)
  • Closing ceremonies of the Chicago Stadium
  • Denis Savard’s retirement ceremony
  • Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita Night
  • Pierre Pilote and Keith Magnuson retirement ceremony

As a package, the discs are well produced and edited. There are over 700 minutes (almost 12 hours) of Blackhawks action in the set, and looking back and remembering the great performances from the mid-90s makes you wonder where Kane and Toews will eventually rank among the greats in franchise history when their careers come to an end.

Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

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