NHL CBA Update: 4 Days To Go And…?

It’s worth a few moments of your time to read this great piece from TSN’s Bob McKenzie this morning.

Meanwhile, the players have challenged the NHL’s ability to lock them out with the labour boards of two Canadian provinces.

Closer to home, season ticket holders have started receiving their 2012-13 tickets in Chicago. Whether or not those tickets are anything more than coasters to place under a bottle of beer while watching the Bears is still to be determined.

We are now 4 days from the CBA expiring.

One thought on “NHL CBA Update: 4 Days To Go And…?

  • September 12, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Great article from Bob McKenzie, it really does a good job of covering the basics and shows the flaws on both sides of the table. Hopefully, somebody wakes up on either side and realizes that what their doing is putting the league and it’s future in extreme jeopardy, as well as the futures of the players and owners. Unfortunately, the hubris of Bettman and Fehr probably don’t allow for that recognition to be made, so…see everyone in November.

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