Petition for the Blackhawks to Retire Steve Larmer’s #28

This page is to serve as a petition for the Chicago Blackhawks to retire sweater #28, permanently honoring Steve Larmer as one of the greatest players in franchise history.

Click here to read a great essay about Larmer by Chris Chelios on

Click here to view some great photos of Larmer that were posted on on Oct. 1, 2012.

Not only should his number hang in the rafters next to his linemate, Denis Savard, but Larmer should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. For the case for his Hall of Fame status, read here.

Here is why the Blackhawks should retire Larmer’s number:

He is the franchise’s all-time career leader in:

  • Plus-Minus (+182)
  • Game-Winning Goals (49)
  • Power Play Goals (153)

He also ranks in the organization’s Top Ten in the following (regular season):

  • Games Played: 7th (891)
  • Goals: 3rd (406)
  • Assists: 5th (517)
  • Points: 4th (923)
  • Shots: 2nd (2,541)

In the postseason, Larmer ranks:

  • 7th in games played (107)
  • 4th in goals scored (45)
  • 4th in assists (66)
  • 4th in points (111)
  • 2nd (tie) in game-winning goals (6, with D. Savard)
  • 2nd in power play goals (18)

He ranks 38th in team history in penalty minutes.

8 Chicago Blackhawks have won the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL rookie of the year since 1926. Larmer is one of them.

He didn’t miss a game for a decade. His 884 consecutive regular season games is an NHL record with a single franchise.

Only 5 Blackhawks averaged a full point per game in their Blackhawks career (min. 500 GP): Mikita, Hull, Savard, Larmer & Roenick

He played in the postseason after every season he was a member of the Blackhawks.

Named one of the right wings on the Blackhawks 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Awarded The Hockey News/Inside HockeyMan of the Year” after the 1990-91 season.

To voice your opinion, saying the Chicago Blackhawks should retire Steve Larmer’s #28, here’s what we want you to do:

  1. Comment on this page with your name. We’ll keep your email address confidential. Also, if you’re a season ticket holder, please tell us that, too!
  2. Encourage your friends to support the movement. The more names, the better.

When we get a strong enough number on this page, we’ll present it to the Blackhawks organization for their consideration. Let’s go!

426 thoughts on “Petition for the Blackhawks to Retire Steve Larmer’s #28

  1. Absolutely! Gramps has been my favorite all-time Blackhawk since he put on the sweater.

  2. He was my favorite Chicago athlete as a child while my friends was Ryne Sandberg. Sadly my first Blackhawks game my father finally took me to was January 16th, 1994 when he returned to the old barn as a Ranger. He got a massive ovation and scored on a penalty shot that caused us to blow the roof of the building. Best first game I ever went to and a moment I will hold dear to my heart forever.

  3. So as of right now, seems to me he’s the ron santo and jerry kramer of the ‘Hawks. Put me down for support!

  4. The man should be honored by the hall of fame but is not so let’s give him this one.

  5. Steve Larmer was a class act that brought his “A” game every night. Matched with Denis Savard they made the Chicago Stadium roar on countless occasions. “Gramps” ranks among the top in Hawks categories and ranks among the tops in the hearts of most Hawks fans. Savard is already in the rafters. There is no reason why Larmer should not be right on his side as he was back in the day on the ice giving his all. He was a great example of what it meant to be a Chicago Blackhawk.

  6. This is a NO BRAINER!!! This also explains how the NHL overlooked Larmer this yer!

  7. #28? You bet! Retire it & give him the credit and the honor he so richly deserves!

  8. Absolutely!!!!! Larmer was one of the best players in the whole league!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting this for long

  9. Retire his number – he brang it for us every game he wore the Indianhead!!!!!

  10. Larmer is a beauty and is one of the Hawks all time greats. Of course his #28 should be retired.

  11. I was pissed when Wirtz wouldn’t sign Larmer and ended the ironman streak. (I was so pissed I rooted for the Rangers when Larmer wound up there. I rooted for a team from New York, for God’s sake.) This is the least the organ-i-zation could do to make it up to him.

  12. Please retire Steve Larmer’s number. I can’t stand seeing anymore Blackhawk players wearing #28!!!

  13. Dear Rocky,
    Here’s hoping to one day see #28 hanging from the rafters, Steve Larmer was one of the greatest players to lace up skates in the old barn on Madison. Please consider this gesture for us fans, as well as for “Grandpa.”

  14. One of the most underrated players ever. I am happy and proud to sign my name for #28, Steve Larmer.

  15. Steve Larmer’s #28 deserves to be in the rafters of the United Center.

  16. any one who averages a point per game for 500 games for the hawks should have their number retired

  17. I’m a ranger fan and got to watch how great he was for three years. We don’t win the Cup without him. I’m in, consider the petition signed, send #28 to the rafters where it belongs

  18. Yes, I am a season ticket hlder, and yes Steve Larmer’s number deseves to be in the rafters with the other outstanding players who have worn the Indian Head and are memorialized up top!, next stop HOF

  19. I am a season ticket holder and I want the Hawks to retire Larmer’s number 28. Let it hang in the rafters with the other great Hawks forever.

  20. i was thinking about this awhile back during larmer night. 28 should be raised to the rafters.

  21. Look at the numbers and what this guy meant to Hawks fans… Retire that sucker.

  22. I’m a season ticket holder, and would love to his number hanging at every game.

  23. Steve Larmer is a class act! One of my favorite to wear the Indian head and he wore it proudly!He deserves to have #28 retired!!!!

  24. Thisnis a no brainer. Should have happened long ago. Savard doesn’t make hall of fame without Larmer on his wing. Retire 28 now.

  25. I agree on both counts – 28 should be in the rafters and Larmer should be in the HOF

  26. Signed, a lifelong Chicago Blackhawks fan who came of age in the 1980s and 90s with Savard, Larmer, and Roenick as my idols.

  27. Him and Chelios were my favorites growing up. Larmer has to be one of the most under rated players in the NHL. Let’s get his number up there!

  28. Gramps was the heart and sole of this team for more than a decade. For his number not to be honored is a travesty. Raise 28 to the rafters where is belongs.

  29. His number should be retired!! I plan on putting Larmer #28 on my Red Ultrafill Jersey!!!

  30. Retire the number and send him to the HOF. Loved watching Larmer, Savard & Secord together in the early 80’s!

  31. steve larmer coming up the wing, crosses the blueline and a wrister… HE SCORES!!!! need i say more.. hes a legend!!

  32. Steve Larmer should have his number retired and have a place in the HOF! Jeff Larmer should not!

  33. Let’s just say there’s not a Lake Larmer in Peterborough, ON for no reason…. Guy was an iron man… 28 and 27 should be hanging next to each other in the UC rafters forever…

  34. As a lifelong Hawks fan and as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks Standbys, I whole-heartedly believe that Larmer should have his #28 hanging from the rafters. End of story.

  35. Steve Larmer should definitely be in the HOF. He was one of my favorites to watch play.

  36. Steve Larmer was my favorite player for the Blackhawks in the 80’s and early 90’s. I always considered him the most underrated player in the league. He definitely has my support to retire his number AND be in the Hall of Fame!

  37. Larmer deserves his jersey in the rafters and a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Signed, sealed – now let’s deliver!

  38. Hey guys, thanks so much for signing this! He worked very hard and definitely deserves to be awarded for it! He would appreciate this very much :)

  39. Larmer was a big part of those early 90’s Blackhawks teams that got me into hockey when I was a little kid. Would love to see his number hang in the rafters!

  40. Mr. Larmer is a great man. I remember him coming to talk to the kids at my highschool. What an inspiration! HOF and retired number….no brainer. Do it!

  41. DIBS!!! growing up as a kid in chicago, larmer was a man who really shined on the ice, he made me love hockey and he was one my inspirations to start playing

  42. Absolutely Overdue! His number MUST be retired and he deserves to be in the HOF! Unquestionably one of the all-time great Blackhawks.

  43. I’ve been wanting Gramps’ number retired for a while now. He deserves it! Get it done, Rocky!

  44. Larmer (Gramps) #28 — Retire the Number- He was one of the many great players. I am so glad I got to see him play. So…… Put #28 up in the rafters!!!!

  45. After reading Larmer’s statistics, he ABSOLUTELY deserves to have his number retired!

    You have my signature AND my (HOF) vote!

  46. 2nd favorite player of all-time. His number deserves to be up there and I also think for the hall of fame also. Don’t forget he scored the game winning goal in the canada Cup final in 1991, shorthanded also. True class act.

  47. Right now we have to get rid of Ben Smith or make him change his number that use to be 57 and now 28. Unless he is bringing attention to the hawks by wearing this number or he’s hoping to have luck from the number otherwise the number on Smith’s back gotta go and go far up in the Rafters where they are supposed to be.


  48. Steve Larmer’s consecutive game streak ended because of a contract dispute with “Dollar Bill” Wirtz, and he (Larmer) never went to the press about it. Absolutely a class act! That alone should put Steve Larmer in the Hall of Fame (and Bill Wirtz in the hall of SHAME).

    His Blackhawk statistics make it a complete no-brainer to have his number retired immediately.

    Rocky Wirtz, you have righted a lot of wrongs from the previous Blackhawk regime. You need to do one more: RETIRE STEVE LARMER’S #28 NOW!

  49. 4th best in Chicago Blackhawks points. ever. Mikita’s retired, hulls, retired… Let’s honor him

  50. Rocky,
    You have righted so many wrongs, please right this one. Put #28 where it belongs…… in the rafters.

  51. What are they waiting for? Steve Larmer has always been one of my favorite players; gave it everything he had each night and always acknowledged Savard and Secord for his success.

  52. I knew he was good…didn’t realize how good until I started reading the stats. He definitely deserves the honor!!

  53. Quietly, one of the best Blackhawks to ever wear the Indian Head. Mr. consistent year after year. Hang the #28 from the rafters.

  54. I have been a Blackhawk fan since the days of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita and he is by far one of the best right wings in Blackhawk history. He not only deserves his number retired but, he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He could do it all one of the best all around wingers to ever play the game.

    Hey Rocky you have righted alot of wrongs it is time to hang 28 from the rafters nobody deserves it more. For those who vote on who goes to the Hall when you are looking for candidates you don’t have to look no farther than old number 28 he is your guy.

  55. No need to even read the whole article (although I did) SIGNED by me as well. Why has it taken us this long to recognize this? Perhaps, he pi**ed in Rocky’s (or Bill’s for that matter) oatmeal and they said “Fu** him forever”. With those ridiculous stats how can we even think about doing it. COME ON HAWKS!!!!!

  56. I had seasons for his whole Chicago career and hoisted my elixir when he raised the cup in his honor. One of the best one-timers from the off wing. Signed.

  57. I didn’t need any articles or videos to convince me that Larms belongs both in the rafters at 1901 W. Madison and in the HHOF in Toronto. One of the best two-way players to ever play the game, that is where he belongs. When Dirk Graham won the Selke Trophy, he said that if Larms didn’t score so many points, hew would win the Selke year after year.

    Let’s put SLarmer where he belongs, in the rafters of the Madhouse!

  58. There’s a reason why I wear a jersey with his name and number. My favorite Blackhawk of that time period. He deserve the Hall and his number to be retired.

  59. Steve Larmer was the quintissential power forward, and I have absolutely know idea why he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. There is no doubt in my mind that #28 should be up where he belongs, beside his linemate in the Madhouse. The fact that he wasn’t a first-ballot Hall of Famer is an absolute travesty.

    For my money, there has been no greater player to don the Indian head. Time to honour a great player and a heck of a guy.


  60. Being a season ticket holder in the old barn you can count on Larms or Grandpa playing both ways on the ice. On any important situation he was on the ice. Keenan knew that and that is the reason he was wanted in NY. If it wasn’t for Edmonton Larms would be in the Hall and not Kurri. Retire the 28 jersey.

  61. Since my BHawks license plates are “HOF 28”, I’m guessing you know where I stand on this issue.

  62. There is no amount of explanation that could do his service record with the Hawks justice, it speaks for itself…

  63. Send #28 to the rafters, please, thank you. -Signed, a proud longtime Section 302 season ticket holder

  64. the stats speak for themselves. not only SHOULD his jersey be retired as one of the all time BLACKHAWK greats , he should also be enterd into the hall of fame. Other players with less ability have had their numbers retired or been admitted to the hall. Not to mention that Mr. Larmers intestinal fortitude are beyond reproach. BLACKHAWK managment should have no qualms about retiring Mr. Larmers number and doing whatever they can to help him get to the hall. Thank you.

  65. Yes please retire Steve Larmer’s #28 !!! Steve was one of the best two way players in the league and an offensive marvel !!! I spent to many nights to count at Chicago Stadium watching Steve’s magic and i just cannot believe in 2013 that his number is not yet hanging in the rafters at the United center!!

    To Rocky Wirtz , Thank you for all you have done with my beloved Blackhawks , It was a long time coming !!! Please do right by Steve Larmer!! Thank You!!

  66. His numbers speak for themselves, there can’t be an argument against it.
    #28 to the rafters.

  67. Two sad days in Blackhawks history are when Larmer and JR took off their Hawk jersey for the last time. Rocky you’ve done wonders for us. But you cannot rest until #28 hangs from the rafters…I still remember the roar!

  68. I remember seeing a story on Hockey Night In Canada on Larmer, and Mike Keenan commented that Steve Larmer had no deficiencies in his game. I suspect there are only a handful of players that Iron Mike has spoken so glowingly of. High praise indeed. Absolutely retire #28!

  69. Fortunate enough to have played minor hockey against Steve in Peterborough ON, Canada. (a hockey mecca in Canada!) His grit and stamina are legendary and his consistent point production put him in the pantheon of all time great Black Hawks! Time to retire his sweater and honour his contributions to Chicago and the game of hockey.

  70. Gramps was one of the best two way players the Blackhawks have ever had and is the best ever Blackhawk shooting the one timer. I was a season ticket holder during his years with the hawks and am a season ticket holder now. I love hearing from other fans about how great he was when I wear his jersey to the games. Rocky, you have righted a lot of wrongs, this one is a no brainer. Retire #28.

  71. This should have been done a long time ago. I’m a season ticket holder (331…upstairs where the REAL fans are!)

  72. #28 is a big part of the reason #18 is up there. Let’s get 28 up there too.

  73. The Blackhawks organization should retire #28 now. One of the humblest players ever to play and one of the best two way forwards in NHL history – and an ironman. I wear his jersey with pride.

  74. Although I loved Savard, Doug Wilson, Roenick et al., during his Hawk career, Larmer was my favorite player and I thought he was under appreciated outside Chicago and way underrated. He played a lot like Jonathon Toews but did it for a long time for largely mediocre Hawks teams. He deserves his number up in the UC rafters!

  75. Do the right thing, Rocky! Let’s not forget the shoulders of giants that our boys currently stand on!

  76. With those number how could you even contemplate not retiring his number. He’s a Blackhawks legend retire his number.

  77. DEFINITELY!!! Wish he was more involved with Hawks, as an ambassador or something….maybe soon, as our current ambassadors are aging, he will get a chance!

  78. Retire Steve Larmer’s # 28, he most certainly deserves the recognition as one of the best Blackhawks ever.

  79. Please retire #28 he disagreed with your father just like you did, Rocky and paid the price. Now you can make it right for one of the Top 5 players who scored a full point in every game played. Right is Right………..RETIRE # 28

  80. Was at the stadium for Larmer’s whole Chicago career. It’s a no brainer. Retire his jersey

  81. Not doubt, Steve Larmer should get his number retired and should be in the Hall of Fame! The most complete two way player of his time after Mark Messier!

    You have my vote!

    And then, we should seriously speak about number 24, Doug Wilson. He is one of the all time Hawks on defense. Look at his accomplishments! Crazy!

  82. Larmer should be in the hall.
    28 is the only jersey I own. So sad that younger kids ask “who’s Larmer?” Of course I have to explain.

  83. He’s why I’ve worn #28 my whole hockey career. Put him in the rafters. He deserves it for everything he did and gave to the Blackhawks.

  84. Steve Larmer was a Blue Collar type of Player who gave it his all every shift he was on. One can only imagine how many injuries He kept to himself just to go out and compete for his Team and his Fans! He was not a Media favorite but, He was a definite Fan Favorite! Steve Larmers number should be Retire and proudly displayed for all Blackhawk Fans past, present and future to see. He deserves that Honor! The Highest Scoring Right Winger in Blackhawks History should have his Place amongst the other Blackhawk Greats!!!!!!

  85. i grew up in the days of hull and mikita, then savard and secord, saw roenick when he was a kid. But larms just always was the class of the game at least to me. born and raised in the chicago area lifelong Hawks fan, and the only autograph i ever wanted was larmers. finally got one on ebay for 5 bucks, the best money i ever spent. broke my heart to see him win a cup in a rangers jersey. but i must admit its the only time i ever rooted for a team other than the Hawks. thanks to all the Hawks, but especially Steve Larmer.

  86. Steve Larmer was not only one of the best Blackhawks of all time, he was one of the best the league has ever had. He was a great 2 way player and a model of consistency. He could do it all, score, kill penalties, defend and was durable. What he did for 11 seasons for the hawks was simply fantastic. No disrespect to Ben Smith, but I shake my head a little every time I see the # 28 on his back, when clearly is should be hanging from the rafters of the United Center. As a long time hawks fan, Rocky, do the right thing. Honor Steve the way he deserves.

  87. I’m surprised its not already done! Of course Steve Larmer’s #28 MUST be retired in Chicago.

  88. I must add that Keith Mittelstaedt is right on button about Larmer.

    One of if not my favorite player of all time. That’s coming from a Habs diehard fan.

    He was also a big part of the beautiful 1994 NY Stanley cup team. One of the best team ever built in my opinion. Too bad it didn’t last.

  89. Steve Larmer is exactly the type of player that should be celebrated. He played hard every shift, he played hurt and he played the game ‘the right way’. He was the type of player you could put on the ice in any situation, whether you needed a goal or to prevent a goal. He was the first player you would send out in the most critical situations during the game. He is a Hall Of Famer, no question about it, look at the stats, a point a game, excellent in the defensive end, tough, durable, excelled during the playoffs. It’s a shame he is not already included. Then again, I’m sure it means more to us than it does to him. The very least the Blackhawks can do to honor him would be to retire his number, and let it hang high above the game he once played with so much class.

  90. I started watching the Hawks, and he was my favorite player growing up and he still is my favorite, he deserves to be up in the rafter. As Foley used to say it, SHoots, he scores, LARMER. Grandpa for ever

  91. Only Hull and Mikita have more goals as a Blackhawk. Nuff Said. Maybe Larms was not as flashy as Savard or Roenick, but was just a steady constant scoring machine. 40+ goals 5 times. Kane and Toews have yet to do this once in a season. #Retire28

  92. He deserves it. Plus I am very confused when I see a $28 out there. Larms is one who led by doing and never by talking. Had a signed pic of him from back when you could hang out by the locker room at the Stadium. Wish I could find it….damn it

  93. Come on Rocky Wirtz, he may not be in the hall, but he deserves it. Not only that, retire Doug Wilson’s 24. Both excellent ex-Hawks from the Savard era. Roenick and Chelios are debatable but both of these legends deserve a their spot in the rafters. Plus, they here all but the last 2 seasons of their careers each.

  94. Steve Larmers contribution to the Blackhawks has been over shadowed for too long . He 100% deserves to have his number hanging in the rafters at the UC
    He was and still is a class act on and off the ice, he complimented anyone he skated with and is. True Hawk through and through. I wish he had. won his cup while playing for the Hawks 1992 was oh so close

  95. No one else should be wearing his number. He definitely was a stellar talent on many great teams and some not so great. He deserves to have his number retired now, honor him now while he is alive.

  96. Steady 2 way player…+206 career!
    Been a Blackhawk fan all my life.
    Larms still involved in our community.
    Put #28 were it should be – with the other GREAT Hawks.

    Robert Doucette
    Peterborough, Ontario

  97. He was a great player and a great leader. He is the epitome of the type of player who is a childhood idol and role model. Though he left the team on less than ideal terms, he represented the Blackhawks and the NHL with class and dignity.

  98. I watched him play as a kid for the OHL Niagara Falls Flyers. He is the reason why I’m a
    Hawks fan. Retire #28!

  99. #28 in my eyes is larmer and will always be larmer! Needs to be retired he was an amazing player! Had the opportunity to meet him 23 years ago he is still
    My hero! Alway amazing! Gramps all the way!

  100. His stats alone should be enough reason to retire his number. 884 consecutive games played, on top of that? C’mon?! He’s got some hardware to go along with it. Then there’s his personality and work ethic. Sure, he wasn’t the fastest player on the ice, but he was one of the most consistent.

    Not only should his number be retired, but he should be in the Hall of Fame as well.
    Damn good player, even better person!

  101. I’ve loved the Hawks since becoming a fan is 1969 and have loved many Blackhawks players since then, but Steve Larmer is my ALL TIME FAVORITE player!! He could do it all and was dependable and consistent. My only Blackhawks jersey that I bought in 2011 HAD to be one with Larmer’s name on the back. Time to retire the number 28, and invite him back to the stadium!!!

  102. #28 should be hanging up in the rafters and enshrined in the HHOF

    I sign this and re-sign it again because both of these things need to be done

  103. #28 shoud be retire. Sorry Ben Smith. Blackhawks fan since 1994 (I was 12 years old) from Czech republic. Lukas Bulin

  104. Without question, his number should be retired. The statistics speak for themselves.

    That being said, I think even if the number is retired, Ben Smith should be allowed to continue to wear it until his tenure with the Hawks comes to an end.

  105. Steve alarmed should absolutely have his number retired. As a kid growing up in the ’80’s watching and listening to the Hawks, to me the name Larmer was synonymous with Savard. Just as we always heard Hull with Mikita and we hears Toews with Kane, Steve Larmer meant as much to the Hawks as Savvy. 9, 21, and 18 all hang from the rafters and someday we all know 19 and 88 will as well. It is time for 28 to join them!

  106. His statistics speak for themselves. His line-mates and teammates speak for the rest.

  107. #28 was great. Larmer also played a critical role in Rangers winning Stanley Cup. That may not be that special to the Blackhawks, but it’s a testament to Larmer’s talent. I wonder how much better Larmer could have been if he hadn’t smoked cigarets during his years as a player.

  108. Steve Larmer played both offense & defense at very high levels. One of the best to ever put on a Blackhawk uniform and one of the best to play in the NHL. Retire #28 and get him into the HOF.

  109. I concur. Why hasn’t it been done already!!?? The #s sperak for themselves- for the hall of fame and permanent honor in the rafters of the Madhouse!!!

  110. As a season ticket holder in the 1980’s I proudly purchased a white home #28 and wore it in the upper deck of the Old Barn. Almost 30 years later, once again as a season ticket holder, I still proudly wear my white #28 Larmer (now signed!) in Section 310. My son knows who Larmer is, as well as Foley’s “LAAAAARMER,” although my son wears the red #50 or #88 of the new generation. Savard’s #18 hangs from the rafters. His linemate’s #28 should also.

  111. Born in the late 70’s, I grew up watching the 80’s Blackhawks. I proudly just purchased a custom #28 Larmer sweater, today. He, along with Savard and Doug Wilson were always my favorites as a kid. Larmer’s longevity and consistent production have EARNED him a spot in the hall of fame. I hope I see the day when I get to visit Toronto and see his name listed there in the hall. At the very least, his number 28 should hang in the rafters of the UC.

  112. Larmer was the all time player and noted as the ironman which not many have been there. Let’s retire his number and get him in the hockey hall of fame for sure

  113. Started my love affair with hockey. The announcers call of “Laaaarmerrrrrr!” or “Savaaaaaaard!” We did that at school incessantly. He is indisputably one of the greatest Blackhawks of all time.

  114. I cannot believe this mans Jersey has not been retired. WTF is going on!!!

  115. He played his heart out for the hawks, and the way he was treated by “Dollar Bill” at the end was a crime. Retiring his number will not make up for how his career ended in Chicago, but it would be a start.

  116. I believe Steve Larmer’s #28 jersey should be retired. One of the classy players of the Blackhawks truly deserving of this recognition and honour.

  117. Larmer’s #28 should be retired by the Chicago Blackhawks! Let’s get this done!

  118. #28 Greatest Hawk of all time! Number should be retired then idiot Bettman and his lacky’s have no choice but to put him in the HOF where he belongs. Way overdue and embarrassing. No other player to wear #28 for the Hawks should even be allowed to sharpen Larmer’s skates.

  119. class on and off the ice he also toke time for the fans I was waiting one night before the game and saw him and Al Secord walking into the stadium and asked for autographs both him and secord said no problem and after a 1/2 hour he was still there. Is one of the best players in the era never missed a game and I remember a couple of game where he should of the hawks played back to back games the first was against the Minnesota north stars and they had a big brawl during which had his head slammed on the ice luckily they had helmets but he also played the next game and the next 3 years without taking time off. he is 3rd or 4th in points and the states says it all

  120. He should have had his #28 retired and he should have been in the HOF a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Are you kidding me? Steve Larmer should have his number retired without question, He played full throttle every night. The Chicago Blackhawks should be ashamed of the way they treated Larmer in the end.

  122. Best 2 way right wing Hawks ever had. Went to N Y in 94 ala Keenan why because was best r.w. in league at the time. Meet him at Hawk convention in 15. Total class act and still in game shape.

  123. He seemed to be a very unassuming player but made a much bigger impact than realized until his departure. Impressive games played streak, especially during that era. I believe he should be in the Hall of Fame and his number deserves to retired as well.

  124. YES Definitely!

    Even living in Toronto, I am a Huge Blackhawks & Steve Larmer Fan.
    And when I decided to treat myself to an Authentic Blackhawks Jersey it was without a doubt #28 LARMER.

    Too bad Pulford didn’t understand Larmer’s true value as much as Mike Keenan did in NY. Result: Rangers Win a Cup – Blackhawks Lose a Class Player!

  125. You mad? certain nice points there. I did a s?arch o?n the subject m?tter and found mainly people will have th? same opinion wit? y?ur b?og.

  126. Favorite Hawk player growing up Still wear #28 playing beer league. He was awesome. He deserves his jersey hanging from the Rafters

  127. It’s an embarrassment that Larm’s number has not been retired yet. One of the greatest to ever wear the Indian Head.

    To see it on anyone else (Jokiharu, really?) makes me angry.

    He gave it all every night for this team.

    Give him the respect owed.

  128. Great player and person that exemplifies professionalism.

    Hey Blackhawks….retire #28.

  129. C’mon, kids, let’s get Larms up in the rafters!
    This is the first post since April ’19?
    Where is everybody and why is Larms not up there with Tony and Bobby??

  130. Should be in the Hall already as well. It’s utterly ridiculous his number is not retired by the Blackhawks. Right this wrong Blackhawks!

  131. pathetic that the wirtz family has not put his sweater in the rafters and used their considerable influence in the nhl to push his candidacy for the nhl hof.

    i went to my first hawks game in 1955. was a season ticket holder for 35 years. i have been a fan of mlb, the nfl, the nhl, the nba, college football and basketball, and the usmnt and uswnt in soccer. not only is steve larmer my favorite hawks player of all time, but my favorite athlete in any sport.

  132. #28 should be retired. Steve Larmer is my number 2 favorite player behind only “Maggie”. His stats are definaly worthy of the prestigious honor.

    It would good to see the Blackhawks bring Steve on board as an Ambassador as well

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