Report: Blackhawks To Sign KHL Goaltender

According to a Russian report, goaltender Ivan Nalimov plans to sign with the Blackhawks after his current KHL season ends.

Nalimov, who turns 21 on March 12, was the Hawks sixth round pick (179th overall) in the 2014 Draft. He has a 10-10-5 record with a .900 save percentage for Vladivostok this season.

14 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks To Sign KHL Goaltender

  1. Very Odd – considering the Anders Nilsson Kid playing goalie in KHL- is having Far better season and Is 6’6″…

    Could this mean they are lining up bodies for the “Move” of Crow’s contract this summer??? Or Rants is going to be moved sooner???

  2. Kid has good size, but everything I see, says AHL goalie, not NHL goalie.

    Maybe just more writting on the wall for Raanta? Darling backs up crow, this kid and Leignton in Rockford?

    And with the Kane injury, it will be interesting to see if we become buyers for a offensive player? Raanta would seem to be a good chip in a trade, but who knows…

  3. It makes perfect sense to sign this guy.

    1. Stats don’t mean a whole lot in the KHL

    2. The Blackhawks may think Nalimov might develop better state side, they may be concerned with the organization he’s playing for over there – could be many reasons.

    3. This kid is only 21, he is a maximum Rockford guy and may be an Indy guy.

    4. They have Mac Carruth in Indy who has played well and could play in Rockford next year – Leighton is only on a 1 yr. deal.

    5. Anders Nilsson is an RFA, the Islanders had trouble signing him which is why he was in the Leddy deal. He could fit to challenge Darling or be the #1 guy in Rockford if they sign him and if Nilsson thinks he has opportunity in this organization. It would be more telling if the Blackhawks signed him vs. a 21 year old.

  4. Goalies are nearly impossible to develop. They either make it or they don’t. The more you have, the better chance that you get a good one.

  5. Hofmeister: Stas don’t mean that much in the KHL? I would tend to agree if the stats were great, but for them to be bad is a red flag. I agree the record doesn’t matter, but the save % is a good indication of what’s going on.
    JS: Goalies are nearly impossible to develop? Crawford and Darling sat in the minors for years before they were good enough to make the NHL

  6. GravyTrain- I think discussing Darling makes my point. He was in the ECHL last year after being bounced around between a million different AHL teams. Apparently figured it out, and can now play in the NHL (maybe, 8 games isn’t much of a sample size). Darling may never play in the NHL after this season, or he may go on to be the next Patrick Roy.

    The point I was trying to make, is that you never know if a goalie is going to have what it takes to play in the NHL. They are hard to “develop” because there are so many wild cards. Therefore, if you acquire as much talent as you can, you have a better chance of finding a goalie that sticks.

  7. I agree with Gravy. Stats are like bikinis. They show a lot but not everything. It’s not a signing to really be excited about. However, it is possible scouts see this Russian has the skill and potential to be good in the NHL and can develop with good coaching. If you can’t develop goalies, why does every team have a goalie coach? They are constantly learning and developing. Tim Thomas was over 30 before he was playing consistently in the NHL.

  8. JS – You said “Goalies are nearly impossible to develop. They either make it or they don’t.”
    If Darling bounced around between a “million” different teams, wouldn’t that suggest he didn’t have it? Maybe he has “developed” over those years and now is good enough to make it to the NHL. Again the same with Crawford. He didn’t make it until he had “developed” +6 years in the minors.
    I agree we don’t know if Darling is good yet, but I think he is better now than when he was drafted.

  9. For a goalie that’s 20, stats in that league don’t mean a whole lot good or bad. What kind of defense does his team have, we don’t know, what kind of quality chances is he facing, we really don’t know. What kind of development coaching is he getting, we don’t know. Quite possibly they see something in this kid and think he’ll benefit from being over here as opposed to Russia. My point is there are all kinds of variables we’re not privy to beyond the basic info we know.

    I do know the Blackhawks have sent one of their staff over to get to know and work with this guy and they’ve determined it makes sense to bring him over. Frankly that’s good enough for me in this case

  10. I had a extremely limited sample size but when I saw him at the rookie camp I thought he looked awful. Lets hope I’m missing something. I thought the kid from Ohio state was the best looking goalie in camp, that was including Mac Caruth and Simpson.

  11. SSHM- I think I saw the same day of camp- and spoke with you…
    Did you have to leave in between sessions to PU your daughter or something like that?

  12. GravyTrain- the point I’m trying to make is that goalies are a crap shoot. This is why most NHL teams do not draft them in the first round. This is why the Hawks are stock piling goalies. Since they are so hard to develop, the more you have, the better chance that one comes out and is capable of playing in the NHL one day.

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