Report: NHL Salary Cap Going Up?

A new report on Wednesday from James Mirtle at The Athletic – Toronto indicates that the NHL salary cap will go up for the 2017-18 season.

According to Mirtle, the cap should up go around $2M for next season, which would put the cap around $75M. He indicated that the high end could be as high as $77.8M.

According to CapFriendly, the Blackhawks are already over $77.5M for next season, but expect to have roughly $4M shaved off of that number when Marcus Kruger and Trevor vanRiemsdyk head to Vegas. CapFriendly’s number for the Blackhawks does not include $925k for defenseman Jan Rutta, however.


22 thoughts on “Report: NHL Salary Cap Going Up?

  1. Takes off some pressure to get compliant, could be done now if this is accurate and LV deal for 57 &16 happens but more moves still likely needed.

  2. I wonder what changed from 3 days ago? HRR higher than believed? Exchange Rate Improved? (I don’t follow that.) Or a change of heart by the players on the accelerator?
    Either with or without cap problems, however, this team seems to have gotten into a mode where they are not a great playoff team the last 2 years and we likely should be tweaking the culture anyway. Not being CAP-strapped, however, takes away other teams’ GM’s leverage as they try to fleece Stan in order to take a bad contract.

  3. I believe Larry Brooks was the one that reported the players weren’t going to invoke their escalator clause. If the NHL revenue fails to meet expectations, the players have the right to raise the ceiling up to 5% from previous years. The players have done this every year except immediately after the 04/05 lockout. The caveat is the owners want 50% of revenue. So when actual revenue doesnt meet the expectations with the salary cap the owners would be out money. To combat this players pay escrow. Which they would get back when the revenue totals are in and if the revenue matched the cap.

    Players like Keith kind of get screwed because the cap going up has no effect on him…but escrow does keep going up because they keep invoking their escalator.

  4. Brooks was reporting as if they had taken the vote, which i dont believe was the case. They know what HRR is.

  5. Brooks did report that indications are that the players won’t invoke the escalator. What Mirtle is reporting is that $75M is the neighborhood for the cap w/out the escalator; $77.8 was the ceiling he’s reporting if the players do.

  6. Any wiggle room helps, but a $2M bump doesn’t get the Hawks out of the woods by itself. Still some work to do, even if the players invoke the escalator.

  7. So if the cap were to settle out at 75m and the players even invoked a 2% escalator it would mean a 76.5m cap, which woild be huge help.

  8. That’s about what I thought when the report was flat cap, then no chance player vote 0% but most likely not 5%. Which would mean 2-2.5r% escalator and something like 74.5-75m.

    People flip out everytime there is a report of estimate in winter for cap to be 75.5-76.6m with partial/full escalator. Then report cap going to be flat around finals to make teams/people feel better or worse depending on who you are. When everytime this goes back and forth and is always about the original estimate which was 75.5m.

    Fools gold for people who get mad/think its over or who get to happy think were in the clear. The maine reason why I think announcements should always be and only be allowed to be announced during off season only.

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  10. Mirtle and Brooks reports conflict. When can we get the real number? Hopefully soon so we can get past the speculation and GM’s can operate with certainty.

  11. The only thing I don’t get is that 5% on to 75m is 78.75m not 77.8m for a ceiling.

  12. @Tab

    Completely agree a small bump likely means that changes aren’t as drastic as originally planned. The expansion draft and annual draft will really tell the tale of the 2017-2018 roster not a small cap bump

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