Roberto Luongo Talks About Game 7, Shows No Confidence

Here’s video from the Canucks’ website of Roberto Luongo meeting with the media after practice on Monday. Of course, Luongo decided before the series that he wouldn’t meet with the media on off days or game days, but apparently he did yesterday.

Did Luongo actually walk away from the press to ask the team’s PR department for an appropriate response? Really?

This is a Vezina finalist and gold medal winner, and he has to ask whether or not he can claim the starting job in Game 7 of a first round series?

Later, he would compliment Cory Schneider and say “he’s just as good as me” and talk about how the team is ready to play in front of either goalie.

Nothing Luongo has done since Game 4 has indicated that he is a leader, or mentally ready to handle the business of winning a playoff series in the NHL. Based on his performances in the last three games (including the one he didn’t start because of a coach’s decision), he might want to spend more time looking himself in the mirror rather than soliciting public relations for answers to simple questions from the media.

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