Ryan Kesler Calls Andrew Ladd A “Coward”


Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler had some strong words to share with a Vancouver radio station on Monday morning, sending some shots at the Blackhawks’ Andrew Ladd.

”He’s a coward and that’s the way it is,” Kesler told TEAM 1040 radio following Saturday’s game.

”It started last year in the playoffs,” Kesler said. ”He hit me (and) cross-checked me in the face when I wasn’t looking. At least he was man enough to hit me when I was looking this time.”

Man enough? Looks a lot like someone was on the dance floor and just forgot the steps to me…

2 thoughts on “Ryan Kesler Calls Andrew Ladd A “Coward”

  • January 26, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    You totally missed this. The point is NOT the fight on Saturday — it is Ladd’s blind side shoulder to the head / face of Kesler — when he was no where near the puck yet — in the playoffs last year — THATS what Kesler is talking about. Seriously one of the chaepest shots — to the head yet — that you’ll see. I saw it live at the time and have seen many replays. It should have been a major penalty, attempt to injure and a suspension to Ladd. The lack of call was and is appalling. Either people have poor or short memories or just don’t get it. Have a look at the tape, its been replayed alot!! So its not about who got one punch in or who won a consentual fight — Kesler has never been a good fighter — but he continued in that game last playoffs after Ladd’s cheap and dangerous hit to the head — it bears repeating — when Kesler wasn’t even looking — so that to me seems like toughness and nothing to do with fighting ability. As for Ladd, that hit was as close to the definition of cowardly as you could get. If someone applied a heavy blow to your face and head when you were not looking, or expecting it b/c, say you weren’t near the puck in a hockey game — would you call that cowardly? Would you respect the person who applied the blow? I like the Hawks, but that was a world class cheap shout by Ladd, well, well outside of tough and physical play, so I understand Kesler’s comments.

  • January 26, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    No, Reader, I saw the context and that Kesler was complaining about the shot Ladd took in the playoffs last year. I’ve also seen video of the hit… and while it wasn’t completely clean, it wasn’t one of the dirtiest hits I’ve seen. There was no difference between that shot and the one Mitchell put on Toews in October. Both aimed, and finished, high through a check of a player not looking.

    Kesler is a BABY, spell it with me, B-A-B-Y, because this was the third time these two teams have played this year, and this was the first time Kesler made an issue about the hit. Reality is that Vancouver didn’t run away in either of the early season meetings, so Kesler thought he could take liberties with a big lead and throw down with Ladd to exact his revenge. What he didn’t gamble on was that Ladd would smack him in the face like a $4 whore and make him look stupid. Then, after he got his butt kicked WITH ONE PUNCH, he decided that the first was predicated by the incident in the playoffs. You’ll also note that, after the playoff game in question, Kesler didn’t complain about the hit.

    Kesler got his butt kicked, and cried like a baby. The context wasn’t lost on me. Sorry.

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