Scott Darling Attending Rockford Training Camp

On Monday morning the Rockford IceHogs announced their training camp roster. On it: veteran goaltender Scott Darling.

According to the roster, Darling will attend on a PTO contract. Rockford has four goaltenders on their training camp roster: Darling, Cale Morris (AHL contract), Tom Aubrun (AHL) and Matt Tomkins (NHL).

Rockford’s training camp roster includes 18 forwards and eight defensemen.

16 thoughts on “Scott Darling Attending Rockford Training Camp

  1. Game 1, 2015 vs Nashville. A goaltending performance that will never be forgotten.

    Good luck Big Man.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Darling can recover his game and maybe play on Hawks taxi squad or even back up Lankinen at some point in the future (this year?, next year?) assuming Lank holds onto #1 job – that would free up cap space going forward although admittedly a lot of if and maybes with that scenario for both Lank and Darling

  3. Hope this man makes it.
    One of the good men in this game.

    If not, at least he finishes his career back home, with a Cup on his resume.

    A Cup the team does not win without him.

  4. If you don’t think that this is just Bowman trying to make points with the fans, especially the season tickets holders that are abandoning ship, your kidding yourself…

  5. Especially if he regains his form and becomes Hawks parents teams #1 Goalie in a Steller performance…
    GO HAWKS !

  6. @Big Al or its because Rockford needed a goalie as the Blackhawks need to carry three. I was hoping the Blackhawks would find some diamond in the rough and let them work their way in through the next few years. This is a great opportunity for new goalies to enter the league since the Milan roster can carry three not sure about the ahl. Either way it is a safe bet Darling contacted the Blackhawks for the opportunity same as konitz did.

    Just the same I really wish stan would find some “nobody ” and give them the opportunity of a lifetime.

  7. I am pulling for Scott to “regain his form”: No better place than Chicago where he will likely get more love and support and structure than anywhere else: You can do it Scott, but only you can make it happen! I believe in you 100%

  8. I really like him a few years ago but I think it’s over and too late
    Wish him good luck in Rockford.

  9. Nice guy. Was at the Colorado game in Denver when he took on 50+ shots. Then met him at a bar afterwards and yes he was not drinking alcohol.

  10. Classy move. Hopefully he rebounds and finds another opportunity either here or elsewhere.

  11. This right here brought chills to an already dynasty team. Thats hard to do.

    January 25, 2021 at 12:06 pm
    Game 1, 2015 vs Nashville. A goaltending performance that will never be forgotten.

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