Seattle Kraken select John Quenneville from Blackhawks

Even with the Seattle Expansion Draft hours from taking place officially, the Kraken’s selections have been leaking across social media all day.

Many anticipated the Kraken would take RFA defenseman Nikita Zadorov, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, Seattle will take forward John Quenneville.

Quenneville, 25, was acquired from the Devils for John Hayden in 2019. He appeared in nine games with the Blackhawks in 2019-20 and spent the entire 2021 season in Rockford. He is an unrestricted free agent.

25 thoughts on “Seattle Kraken select John Quenneville from Blackhawks

  1. The Kraken do realize they are getting Quenneville the Player and NOT Coach Q- Right?

  2. Off course it’s not done yet …why would they pick Q ? Maybe to attract the coach..heheheh

  3. Will the Kraken even sign him since he’s UFA or just let him walk not that it matters to the Hawks anymore

    I’d be surprised if both CDH and Z are on the roster come opening night

  4. ER – they may walk away from him just so they don’t have to absorb his cap hit or couldn’t they have him in the minors – they can’t have 30 NHL players anyway

    But still a bit confounding although I’ll take it

    I guess Z scared them off with his asking price

  5. Surprised they wouldn’t wait and sign him when fa opens and take another player. Maybe looking at minors depth that can be put through waivers, likely have a pretty goid idea who will be on opening night roster.

  6. I have a theory as to why this was the pick-Seattle, for the most part, looks to not be doing any ”up against the cap” teams any favors by letting them keep their overpriced veterans and just picking a handful of players with any significant cap hit..well, that strategy also applies to the Hawks..they know that we’ve been creating cap space to either try and trade for Jones or to possibly sign another ufa defenseman like Hamilton..something tells me that Seattle is also looking to be a significant player in the trade why take a DeHaan or Zadorov off the Hawks hands and immediately help our cap situation any further? By taking Quenneville, they’re basically saying that they value their own cap space and the additional roster spot more vs a Gaudette, DeHaan, etc..and I can’t help but laugh because for months all of us as Hawks fans have been speculating as to who will be protected, who will be Selected by Seattle, etc. and in the end, Seattle basically ”passed” and skipped their turn when it came to our roster..I’ll take we can focus on the rest of our own offseason..

  7. @wrap..I think they’ll just let Quenneville walk..they kind of just skipped their turn when it came to our roster..that’s how I’m looking at it anyway..not much of a reason to select him otherwise, at least not one that I can think of..

  8. There’s got to be a side deal. I can understand passing on Z and De Hann with their CAP or potential CAP in Z’s case. Not even 24 y.o. Gaudette (RFA off a $950,000 contract) for potential?

    Q is 25 and can’t make the lowly Hawks team.

    Makes no sense. But I’m glad they did not take Gaudette.

  9. Slayer – I agree – if they wanted a cheap forward that could’ve taken Gaudette but I guess they didn’t want whatever Gaudette signs for on their books

    And if they let Q walk they’ve saved themselves $1 million or so

    Looking forward to seeing if Gaudette can realize his potential now that he supposedly has this health issue figured out and he’s still a Hawk

  10. It’s a pretty sad commentary on the quality of our exposed roster when there isn’t one guy on it that a team with a blank sheet of paper would say “hell yeah, I’ll take him!” In other words, not worthy of a game day roster spot. Hopefully we can make some moves down the line…

  11. Kraken were clear that if they didn’t really like anyone they took the cheapest option. Cap space was way more important than a marginal player. Q’s contract was $200k below Gaudette.

    I am no fan of Zadorov but his agent should be fired for leaking his insane salary demand. With the recent deals for Carlo and Larsson, Z’s max market value is probably $2m. Clearly no one wants him at $3m+.

  12. If true I’m going to go out on a limb and predict there was not 1 Blackhawk fan in the world that had Quenneville being selected.

  13. Wow it’s done ….Quenville is gone to Seattle.
    Very strange choice since the beginning of the expansion draft .
    Off course they will be big transaction in the next 2-4 weeks but so far it’s a ordinary draft .

  14. I was surprised to say the least. Watching this on tv, I’m surprised with a number of their picks.

  15. Gotta make you question Francis as a GM with this pick……..I guess you need players in your farm team ? Quenville is worth maybe a stick or 2….that’s about it.

  16. Think now a must sign at 4mil for 3yrs is Z. If he prices himself out then Montour and Tinordi for size.
    Two of my targets gone in Larsson and Oleksiak.
    Not a bad four adding Giordano and Suacy or Dunn.

  17. ok.

    The draft is what matters and we get rid of some of those FW and add more summer ufa tradeliners.

    Load young wave! with more top 10 draft quality.

    We get this 1st pick right again and thats teo very good players in Reichel and this 1st. Have to turn out very good players like this. Then just add good ufa players to fill out.

  18. 4m would be a little high right? What did he say 6.3m like 19 88 got there first contracts. Iiiii no.

    TIM W.
    July 21, 2021 at 1:48 pm
    Z should also be scaring the Hawks off with his ridiculous asking price.

  19. With Larsson Oleksiak Carlo Toews Marino all in the 4 mil an arbitrator gotta be nuts giving Z any more than 4 4.1mil.

  20. Z …2 years at 2.5millons / year …iff he refuses let him go
    Keep the money to sign Hagel for 4-5 years

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