WATCH: Alex DeBrincat Scores 100th Career Goal

In the first period of Friday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Blackhawks forward Alex DeBrincat sniped home a power play goal.

The goal is the 100th career regular season goal – and 200th career point – of DeBrincat’s career. He reached those benchmarks in 255 regular season games (0.78 points/gm).

For the sake of comparison, Patrick Kane reached his 100th goal in his 305th regular season game.

3 thoughts on “WATCH: Alex DeBrincat Scores 100th Career Goal

  1. Thought the comments might be light on this one-
    Congrats to the little Cat-keep proving the nay-sayers wrong.
    It was cool to see the ribbing ex-teammate Cirelli was giving 12. (What team wouldn’t take Cirelli, he is real good.)

  2. Pretty impressive for a sideshow, going to be great player for many years to come on this team.

  3. And some guru fan here want to trade him for a second round or third round draft…
    Haha …and the kid took 50 less then Kane to reach 100 goals.
    Many guys here knows he can get 50 goals in a season someday….I don’t say he will but it’s a strong possibility in the future. And the 40 goals will be reach a few time in the next years.

    Please sign Hagel for 4-5 years before he become to good and ask more .

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