7 thoughts on “WATCH: Philipp Kurashev’s First NHL Goal

  1. That’s ok. Sorry I was off by 1 each 4-4 not 3-3 . Plan working only 1 point. Ok play by Hawks. Penalties killed us.

  2. I think it is time to start sitting Keith…and play another kid…. out of position a lot, will not even attempt to move someone from the front of the net, 1 step slow, waits to shoot…. maybe Seattle next year, I can only hope.

  3. Happy for the kid. His skill was evident but I was skeptical he had the intestinal fortitude to play in the NHL. So far so good. Keep it going kid.

  4. Scouting Recap:
    I went to the Texas Stars v Rockford game last Feb-2020, and I had this to say about Kurashev and Hagel…

    Kurashev – Tough, lightning quick, strong on the boards, reminds me of a younger Martin St. Louis. Will be a top-6 forward on the Hawks in 2021.

    Hagel – Gritty with excellent speed and decent offensive skills. Reminds me of Andrew Shaw with better speed and a more polished offensive game. Will be an excellent 3rd line player for the Hawks.

    Fortin – Best forward and player on the team. Is an absolute weapon on counters and is the best PK in the system. He would be an ideal 3rd or 4th line forward….I guess the Coach genius would rather trot out Carpenter…imho – Fortin, who is now with Colorado will make his mark on that team and very soon.

    Beaudin – Great stick-handler and passer, but gets tossed like a rag doll, Until he puts on some serious muscle, he will be a liability defensively.

    Carlsson – He is ready for the NHL right now…why is this guy still in Rockford? Now I ask, why is this guy still on the bench…our defense sucks…play him!

    I also like Gabriel Gagne and Chad Krys!

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